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About SoundBalming with LaMarr D. Shields: Inviting you into his basement Balm shelter once weekly for emergency relief from the rays of negative reinforcement bombarding us throughout our daily living experiences, LaMarr D. Shields drops balms made up of inspiration, information, uplift, and edutainment on shelter dwellers in the form of amazing stories about innovative individuals--artists, activists, social entrepreneurs, social impact practitioners, educators, soldiers of our civic systems, everyday people/courageous everyday doers--committed to creating positive progressive social change in our world today, often doing so via unique, unusual, and surprisingly unexpected methods and approaches.Hosted by the Baltimore based and Chi-town south side raised, Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields, SoundBalming brings its listeners social change ideas through audio lectures, audio interviews and roundtable discussions. With the intention to help you rise and thrive, Dr. Shields chronicles the journeys of his special guests creating their own paths, enlightening and illuminating the way forward for you on your own special road to restoration, healing, progressive change and positive action.


Promoting mental health through storytelling with LaMonika Video
In this episode, Dr. LaMarr D. Shields is joined by LaMonika Hill, the author of Liv & Gabby. LaMonika shares her personal challenges with mental illness and decided to write a book entitled  Liv and Gabby: Brighter Days Ahead to help children understand the effects and causes of mental illness, and to learn the importance of being supportive and never losing sight of brighter days, no matter how dark things may seem.LaMonika's advocacy work is centered on increasing awareness to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. She emphasizes that seeking help for mental illness is a sign of strength, not weakness. Her experience and understanding of mental illness have profoundly affected others, allowing them to see that they are not alone in their struggles.www.thehelpingheal.comSupport the show
51:52 5/30/23
Rediscover the Joy of Play with Drew Vernon
Research shows that there is real power in play. Through play, children develop the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills they need to thrive both now and into their futures. In this episode, Dr. Shields is joined by Drew Vernon, Founder, and CEO of tonies. Drew Vernon is the marketing director for tonies, a dad, podcaster, and childhood advocate, who understands that their is purpose in play.The Toniebox is an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience that plays stories, songs, and more.Designed for little listeners ages 3+, it’s the perfect storytime companion for tiny hands and active imaginations.Support the show
40:44 5/17/23
Living In The Present with Yoga Instructor Kim Tang
What’s the value of living in the present?This is the question Dr. Shields posed to Kim Tang, an internationally recognized yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator.  In this episode, Kim shares strategies to eliminate distracting and staying   Support the show
43:26 4/24/23
How To Be A More Intentional Leader with Karan Ferrell- Rhodes
On this episode of SoundBalming, Intentional Leader Karan Ferrell- Rhodes explains that leadership is a verb.  Not unlike a high-performing athlete that mitigates injury and reaches performance goals by being intentional in every move they make, if we lead our teams with intentionality we can achieve better and more predictable outcomes.  Karan Rhodes is a leadership speaker who shares how to grow from being a high potential leader to one who “leads at the top of their game” the show
42:55 4/17/23
Social Media and Your Mental Health with Dr. Margaret Cochran
In this episode, we discuss the social media platforms like Instagram, which made headlines last year for suppressing likes to curb the comparisons and hurt feelings associated with attaching popularity to sharing content. But do these efforts combat mental health issues, or are they simply applying a band-aid to a wound? We discuss the excessive use of Social Media with Dr. Margaret Cochran and how it fuels feelings of addiction, anxiety, depression, isolation, and FOMO.Dr. C  is a transpersonal psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, educator, life coach, and author with over 25 years of clinical experience. She seamlessly interweaves traditional ego psychology, transpersonal psychology, and energy psychology Affording her patients every tool possible to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.www.drcochran.netJimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Mountain Made Clear Crystal CBD Enhance your active lifestyle with natural blends and formulas...crush life with Mountain Made CBD!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
44:05 3/15/23
How I Beat the Odds with Dr. Salvatore Forcina, M.D.
Born in Italy during World War II, Salvatore Forcina was a young boy who survived all odds by living through his young childhood without any real or proper shelter. Like many Italians during this time, a month after turning eight years old his parents followed this migration to Argentina, a developing country at the time rich with natural resources and hope for a more stable life. Sent away to live with Redemptorist priests for seven long years as the only available option to study, this young boy struggled emotionally and psychologically with no social outlets and little emotional development. Salvatore’s dream to study medicine and help people propelled him to carry on and continue his education, eventually being educated and living on three different continents, each with a new language to learn and master. Despite his meager beginnings which provided no social and little educational opportunity and despite the many years and setbacks it took him to accomplish this, his goal was ultimately accomplished because of his sheer determination. This true-life story is motivating, uplifting, and based on what genuine love of family can provide to someone. Support the show
36:36 2/20/23
The Intersection of Art and Activism with GaKnew Roxwel
Communicating new perspectives, questioning the status quo, speaking out about beliefs, and inspiring others to take action—art and activism often share some of the same underlying motivations. This interview looks at  the art and activism of Hip-Hop  Artist and Social Worker, GaKnew Roxwell, across time and cultures to examine how art can activate ideas for both the maker and the audience, and asks you to think critically about different approaches to activism and how you can use your own voice.Jimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Mountain Made Clear Crystal CBD Enhance your active lifestyle with natural blends and formulas...crush life with Mountain Made CBD!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
54:38 2/14/23
Overcoming Generational Trauma in the Latinx Community with Priscilla Maria
The conversation about first-generation trauma is emerging in the Latino community, specifically in social media spaces focused on improving mental health. For this reason, Priscilla Maria joins Dr. LaMarr D. Shields to discuss generational (or intergenerational) trauma, which differs from first-generation trauma because it is passed down through generations.She offers listeners compassion, empathy, and patience because she is a trauma survivor.  She knows how challenging it is to replace negative behaviors and thought patterns with healthy coping mechanisms. She understands the obstacles of breaking generational trauma and self-advocacy cycles, especially as a first-generation Latina.  Support the show
46:28 1/23/23
How I Survived Domestic Violence with Amanda E. Lee
Author Amanda E. Lee joins us on this episode to talk about her eye-opening account that details her experience with domestic violence and how she managed to survive. Jimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Mountain Made Clear Crystal CBD Enhance your active lifestyle with natural blends and formulas...crush life with Mountain Made CBD!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
35:07 1/16/23
How to Rebuild and Rebrand Your Marriage with Laura Doyle
My guest today is Laura Doyle,  New York Times Bestselling author of “The Surrendered Wife,” and her newest work is “The Empowered Wife.” She also starred in the Empowered Wives series on Amazon Prime.Do you feel like he doesn’t love you anymore, and you don’t know why? If you wonder why you even married him? If you afraid of losing him? If you feel rejected and heartbroken and want to fix your relationship, this interview is for you.Jimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
64:22 1/9/23
How Clean Is Your Drinking Water with Victor Sagalovsky
In this episode, Dr. Shields talks  with Victor Sagalovsky about all things Deuterium-Depleted Water (DDW) and its effects on our biology. Victor Sagalovsky is Co-Founder and CEO of Litewater Scientific, the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water, where he has dedicated himself to the research, development, and production of this rare water.https://www.drinklitewater.comSupport the show
42:39 1/2/23
Love and Yoga with Troy Hadeed
Troy Hadeed was worn on the island of Trinidad & Tobago, and teaches, practices, and lives yoga to the best of his ability on his home island.In this episode, Troy gives practical tools to aid the listeners  on their journey of self-realization and empowerment through breath, alignment, and funny.  Troy believes, " that our practice on the mat is a direct representation of our daily lives in every way."Whether a simple beginners practice, foundations, or intense advanced transitions, this interview aims to offer an avenue to connect with mindfulness, your body, the GOD of your own understanding, & LOVE.Support the show
62:26 12/26/22
From DJ to Dr.: Peace Over Pain with Dr. Kevin Reese
Kevin W. Reese, PhD has guided and inspired thousands to reclaim their health through his books, seminars, and exclusive programs In this episode, he sits down with Dr. Shields to discuss his book Peace Over Pain and how to live a wholistic and healthy life.  Support the show
52:22 12/19/22
Searching for Hope in a Hopeless World with Lauren Abrams
It’s pretty hard to remain hopeful these days. It can seem as if the world has gone mad — violence, cruelty, and inhumanity are everywhere and not just in Ukraine. The United States, once a beacon of personal freedom and security, is waging war on women, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ, and anyone deemed different from the majority. In this episode,  Attorney Lauren Abrams shares the wisdom and insights from the people she has interviewed through firsthand stories that helped them find hope.For more information about Lauren, please visit the show
37:44 12/13/22
How to Manifest Anything You Desire with Victoria M. Gallagher
Victoria M. Gallagher is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the Law of Attraction.  She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, aligned with their dreams through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. Through her podcast, The Power of Your Mind and her many books, she exudes her passion for inspiring listeners with influential guests in the areas of self development, mindset, discipline & habits, entrepreneurship, wealth and relationships.Jimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
48:25 11/28/22
Life After Abuse: Healing After Emotional, Physical, and Financial Abuse
Identifying and escaping domestic abuse is only a first step for survivors of abuse, especially when your husband is living a secret double life. An FBI investigation. $94 million stolen and hidden abuse and control. A story made for the movies. That's the story of today's guest, Kimberly Blackburn, author of Dirty Love.Support the show
64:48 11/21/22
Stuntman Kevin Cassidy Discusses Black Panther
If you saw Black Panther 1 and 2, you know both films had some fantastic stunts. And since I was a kid, I've always been intrigued by how actors perform such amazing stunts. To help me, I sat down with Kevin Cassidy to share some behind-the-scenes stories from Black Panther. Kevin Cassidy was a utility stunts performer in Captain America: Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and a stunt performer in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. The following Monday on SoundBalming, Kevin will share some personal stories from his new book, Falling to Find Myself. For now, listen to him talk about Black Panther. If you like what you hear, please share and subscribe. Wakanda Forever!Support the show
18:05 11/17/22
How to Embrace Disappointment and Learn From It with Stuntman Kevin Cassidy
Born with a facial birth defect, he battled a speech impediment and bullying throughout his youth but he was able to conquer one of life’s hardest challenges,  a former Hollywood stuntman who has appeared in some of my favorite movies. Kevin Cassidy stunted in numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including Spiderman: Far From Home, Avengers Endgame, Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War, plus The Dark Knight Rises, Salt, and Sons of AnarchyHis new book, Falling Down to Find Myself: How a Hollywood Stuntman Conquered Life’s Bumps and Bruises to Cultivate a Philosophy for True Happiness. In it, he offers a rarefied glimpse into his life as a Hollywood performer and how he overcame personal hardships to reach success both professionally and personally. Cassidy shares not only exciting details from behind-the-scenes on some of the biggest movie sets in recent memory-such as The Dark Knight Rises and multiple Spider-Man films-but also a compelling depiction of the real ups and downs of a career full of physically demanding, contract-based work.Support the show
43:51 11/16/22
Healing Your Body from the Inside Out with Sara Banta
Today's guest is Sara Banta, a busy mom of three and Accelerated Health Radio and TV host. She joins me today to share her health strategies for optimizing body, mind, and spirit to help individuals increase their frequency and live their best lives. For more information about Sara, please visit her website at the show
44:51 10/24/22
Finding True Freedom with Steve Vincent
If you've ever felt the pain of disconnect, from yourself, from those closest to you or from the world in general, then Steve Vincent's raw and authentic interview with Dr. Shields will help you rethink life's challenges. If you want to find true freedom, to 'find you', then you're invited to take the journey into your Shadow Self.Support the show
55:10 10/17/22
Breaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers with Doris Whitaker
At the age of 33, author Doris Whitaker founder her father. She revealed an emotional story about how she met her father for the first time on SoundBalming.Jimmy&Mary's Authentic Body Care Jimmy&Mary's take pride in creating quality handcrafted products for the entire family.Mountain Made Clear Crystal CBD Enhance your active lifestyle with natural blends and formulas...crush life with Mountain Made CBD!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
62:53 10/3/22
Turning Adversity Into Advantage with Fatima Oliver
In this episode, author, Fatima Oliver shares strategies on healing wounds from the past to break generational habits for the future.Fatima is a walking inspiration. She knows what it takes to crawl through decades of untruths, hurt, and victimization to the other side where freedom lives. Fatima is unafraid to share her journey in transparent accounts. She believes it is the only true way to lift others up out of their pain. Her honest and clever approach to life is challenging, yet can quickly be applied to every day events. Support the show
56:06 9/26/22
Helping People Tell Their Stories with Rebecca L. Weber
In this episode, Dr. Shields sits down with freelance journalist, Rebecca Webber, who lives  in Cape Town, South Africa,  and covers social justice, the environment, the arts, travel, and more for CNN, USA Today, the New York Times, Dwell, and many other publications.She shares personal stories of being a journalist, and how she coaches  writers  by helping them improve their skills, break into new markets, and increase confidence. www.rebeccalweber.comSupport the show
45:27 9/19/22
The Keys to Overcoming Anxiety, Panic & Worry with Brian Sachetta
Many of us have a tendency to worry unnecessarily about our health. For some the anxiety becomes chronic, and they may spend many hours checking for symptoms, seeking reassurance from others, surfing the internet for information about different diseases, or repeatedly visiting the doctor. By trade, Brian Sachetta is a software developer. He combines his experiences in the tech world with previous mental health battles to draw parallels between computer systems and the human mind and give readers practical strategies for evading their own psychological demons.He currently has two books on the market, “Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety” and “Get Out of Your Head Vol. 2: Navigating the Abyss of Depression.” His mission is to help as many sufferers as possible through not only those books but also his blog and podcast appearances.Support the show
74:24 9/15/22
How to breathe better and why it matters with Karese Laguerre
How to breathe better and why it matters with Karese LaguerreThere's a good chance you're not breathing effectively, which may be impacting your health, according to Karese Laguerre, the author of Accomplished: How to Sleep Better, Eliminate Burnout, and Execute Goals.Karese, like many parents, suffered in silence while her children struggled with the symptoms of undiagnosed sleep and breathing issues. One visit to a pediatric dentist changed the trajectory of their lives. Already a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), Karese, trained with Sandra Holtzman, Lois Laynee, and Sarah Hornsby to establish her orofacial myology knowledge. With this initial training and numerous others, in a few short years, she has not only resolved all her children's issues but helped hundreds of patients, children and adults alike, discover how great life can be fully functioning. Her private practice, The Myo Spot, is now a leader in the quest for myofunctional therapy awareness and public education. She joins Dr. Shields on SoundfBalming to talk about how to sleep better, eliminate Burnout, and execute goals. Karese's mission is to transform and positively impact as many households as possible through dynamic breath, brain, and bodywork.Support the show
55:08 8/26/22
In Search of Inner Freedom with Oluwafemi Oladeji
Americans got their first big exposure to the Shaolin monks with the 1970s TV series Kung Fu starring David Carradine. In the intro, we see him as a young monk completing a rite of passage ceremony where he had to lift and move a heavy cauldron filled with glowing cinders, and in doing so his arms were branded with a dragon and a tiger. For all his quiet wisdom and serenity, this monk had fighting skills that were unsurpassed. It was a combination that was deeply attractive to Western audiences of the seventies obsessed with the superiority of Eastern enlightenment over Western materialism.Oluwafemi Oladeji shares his personal  journey from being an actor, singer, model, yoga teacher, to becoming a Shaolin Monk, and how it has shaped in personal and professional life.Support the show
59:30 6/29/22
Empower U 2022 International Women's Summit
Empower U 2022 is a platform that connects and inspires women. Attendees meet and network with other talented, like-minded women while developing tips and tricks from some of the best minds of our time. You get access to a highly curated, impactful program and much more! AndEmpower U 2022  focuses on women driving change and being in control of their path. It gathers the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and tastemakers to spark conversations around topics they are passionate about. It is a platform that connects and inspires women. I hope you will join us on Saturday. Your admission is free, just make sure you sign up and feel free to invite a friend.  Support the show
98:53 5/10/22
In Search of Creativity with Costa Michailidis
Costa began life as a creative misfit, using his imagination to spur havoc, laughter, and the occasional unintended success. Come to think of it, he hasn’t changed much over the years.Some of his adventures include working with NASA scientists to reimagine the search for life beyond Earth, designing innovation tournaments inside of Fortune 500 companies to seed innovation projects, speaking at the United Nations in New York as part of the first TEDx event there, working with a group of cyber security experts (including one of the original creators of the internet—not Al Gore) to make recommendations to the Obama Administration, and that’s just the compulsory who’s who. Some of the most impactful and beautiful work he’s done has been with college students, young entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations.Support the show
48:22 5/2/22
How to Heal Your Emotional Trauma & Past Wounds with Pastor Gregory Dickow
Too often we put all our energy into maintaining a healthy body that we end up neglecting our mind. Stress, anxiety, past traumas and more can all put a huge strain on our lives, yet rather than stopping to take the time to deal with these feelings head-on we choose instead to suppress or put up with them, discounting the importance of our emotional wellbeing.In this episode, Pastor Gregory Dicksow shares strategies to help improve your emotional and spiritual  health.  Pastor Dicksow's  personal story of addiction and perseverance, will help  you to become unstuck in your life so you can find your own healing path to rebalance your life so you may achieve whole health and wellness in all areas.Gregory Dickow, one of America’s leading Bible teachers, is motivated by an unstoppable passion to dismantle the barriers and limitations holding people back from their God-given destiny.His revolutionary “Fast from Wrong Thinking” has become a global phenomenon that has transformed countless lives around the world from the inside out.He hosts the international television ministry, The Power to Change Today—reaching millions of households weekly, here and around the world, and helping people find healing, hope, and transformation through Jesus   Support the show
49:57 4/18/22
Creating a Culture of Self-Care in the Workplace for Educators with Dr. Gwendolyn Martin
Teaching is an all-consuming career often characterized as emotional labor. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It’s also a job that’s almost impossible to “leave at work,” whether in the form of a stack of papers to grade or persistent thoughts about how to help a struggling student. Practicing self-care, for teachers, is both vital and challenging.Dr. Gwen shares some essential practices to help teachers  avoid chronic stress, burnout, and limited productivity.Support the show
54:53 3/21/22

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