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At Go Be More our philosophy is to be yourself, take small steps, and chase big dreams. Each week we interview inspiring guests and discuss strategies and mindsets to break out of your constraints, build positive momentum and pursue the life you were meant to be living.


Olympic Triathlete Katie Zaferes on Fueling the Pursuit (Ep 91) 51:16 07/31/2021
Running for Real Host Tina Muir on Creating Change Through Conversations (Ep 90) 47:11 05/27/2021
3-Time Olympian Shannon Rowbury on Performing, Maintaining Balance, and Staying Authentic (Ep 89) 48:14 05/20/2021
4 Beers, 4 Laps—Chris Robertson is Challenging His Limits and Trying New Things (Ep 88) 44:33 05/11/2021
Runnergrams' Kelli Hashimoto Blends Art and Running to Build Community (Ep 87) 42:22 05/04/2021
Matt Wolfe on Entrepreneurial Journeys, Skill-Building, and Prioritizing for Success (Ep 86) 56:46 04/27/2021
Fueling the Pursuit - Episode 1 with Olympian Meb Keflezighi 57:12 04/20/2021
How to Practice to Achieve Mastery (Ep 84) 48:33 04/13/2021
Rethinking Goal-Setting (and a Big Announcement) with Jon and Bryan (Ep 83) 50:17 04/06/2021
Turning Passions into a Career with Backcountry Splitboarder Dani Reyes-Acosta (Ep 82) 45:11 03/30/2021
Changing What People Think is Possible--Geoff Woods on The One Thing (Ep 81) 48:44 03/23/2021
Building Community One Beer Mile at a Time with Veteran Runner Nick MacFalls (Ep 80) 42:57 03/17/2021
Marathoner Peter Gilmore on Life-Lessons in Kenya and Excelling in "His Lane" (Ep 79) 51:11 03/09/2021
The Power of Perspective with Elite Runner Garrett Heath (Ep 78) 44:23 03/02/2021
Five-Time Olympian Amy Acuff on Living a Full, Balanced, and Multi-Faceted Life (Ep 77) 46:55 02/23/2021
Get More out of Goal-Setting with Self-Referenced Goals (Ep 76) 45:59 02/16/2021
Mindsets and Miracles with Olympic High Jumper Jamie Nieto (Ep 75) 64:42 02/09/2021
Make the Leap—The Stories and Strategies Behind Bryan’s New Book (Ep 74) 59:21 02/02/2021
A Look Back, and a Leap Ahead, for the Go Be More Brand (Ep 73) 54:01 01/26/2021
Best of: Kirk Kellerhals on Family and Identity (Ep 72) 78:27 01/05/2021
Best of: Tony Reed on Expanding our Comfort Zone (Ep 71) 81:07 01/01/2021
Best of: Ben Auerbach on Controlling What's Inside (Ep 70) 84:53 12/29/2020
Best Of: Kara Goucher talks Patience and Reforming the Sport (Ep 69) 68:24 12/22/2020
Triathlete Matthew Bach on Tragedy, Training, and Transitions (Ep 68) 71:36 12/18/2020
Running Legend Amby Burfoot Discusses His Two Obsessions: Running and Writing (Ep 67) 61:41 12/15/2020
Sleight of (No) Hands--Magician Mahdi Gilbert on Overcoming His Physical “Reality” (Ep 66) 63:58 12/11/2020
Reshaping the Sport of Running—George Hirsch’s Lifelong Career (Ep 65) 67:44 12/08/2020
Turning Scars Into a Superpower With Singer, Podcaster Audra Bryant (Ep 64) 64:19 12/04/2020
Living a Life of Impact—Sacramento Running Association’s Scott Abbott (Ep 63) 66:39 12/01/2020
Coach and Recording Artist Daniel Ozan's Emotional Return to Singing (Ep 62) 68:29 11/27/2020