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The Digital Supply Chain podcast

The Digital Supply Chain podcast is a show hosted by SAP Innovation Evangelist Tom Raftery, discussing thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a resilient, sustainable supply chain. The show publishes a new episode every Monday and Friday, and features interviews with luminaries in the world of supply chain and Industry 4.0. All aspects of supply chains, and how to optimise them are discussed - everything from the design, planning, manufacturing, production, delivery, all the way through to product operation.


Short break - back Friday 02:58 12/06/2021
How Online Retail Has Changed Supply Chains Irreversibly - A Chat With Sanchoy Das 25:11 12/03/2021
Digitisation In The Automotive Supply Chain - A Chat With ZF's Matthias Haberstroh, And Infosys' Nikhil Balkundi 26:17 11/29/2021
Empowering Smaller Businesses To Trade Online - A Chat With RedCloud CEO Justin Floyd 28:08 11/26/2021
Supply Chain Visibility And Sustainability - A Chat With Sony's Erik Lund 28:38 11/22/2021
BlockChain Applications In The Supply Chain - A Chat With BlockApps Sid Siefken 35:03 11/19/2021
Battery Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell? The Electrification Of Fleets - A Chat With James Carter 44:42 11/17/2021
More On The Siemens-SAP Teamcenter-S/4HANA Integration - A Chat With Siemens' Mathias Mond And SAP's Arend Weil 35:58 11/15/2021
Disruption In The Ocean Carrier Industry - What Can We Do? A Chat With Ralf Hierzegger 25:47 11/12/2021
Procurement With Purpose - A Chat With Peter Smith And Mark Perera 35:48 11/08/2021
Data Driven And Connected Supply Chains - A Chat With NTT DATA Services Baskar Radhakrishnan 21:48 11/05/2021
The Role Of Platforms, Cloud, And Data In Industry 4.0 - A Chat With Ronald Van Loon 29:24 11/01/2021
Will Our Christmas Presents Arrive On Time? A Supply Chain Disruption Chat With Richard Howells 19:56 10/29/2021
Can Warehouses Help With Supply Chain Disruption? A Chat With Richard Kirker 19:29 10/25/2021
Crean Inc's Co-Founder And CTO James Crean Talks Smart Factories And Making The Complex Seem Simple 34:14 10/22/2021
SAP And Siemens Teamcenter Integration...What's That All About? A Chat With Gareth Webb 20:58 10/18/2021
Location Intelligence In Supply Chains - A Chat With ESP Logistics Technology CEO Jonathan Rosenthal 39:43 10/15/2021
Enabling Industry 4.0 With Smart Sensing - A Chat With Dominik Metzger 17:36 10/11/2021
Transportation CO2 Measurement In A Sustainable Supply Chain - A Chat With Tracks And Novigo 29:49 10/08/2021
Autonomous Vehicles And Lidar - A Chat With Innoviz Technologies Co-Founder Oren Buskila 35:39 10/04/2021
How To Reach The Next Generation Of Supply Chain Professionals - A Chat With Megan Preston Meyer 15:55 10/01/2021
Scalable, Affordable, Supply Chain Visibility - A Chat With Wirepas CEO Teppo HemiƤ 31:26 09/27/2021
Moving Manufacturing Out Of China - A Chat With The Reshoring Institute's Rosemary Coates 28:38 09/24/2021
Digitising South East Asian Supply Chains - A Chat With Hatio Co-Founder Bernard Hor 34:59 09/20/2021
Industry 4.0 And Smart Factories - A Chat With Ray Russ And Vanessa Molina 14:46 09/17/2021
Building a Sustainable Supply Chain For The High Tech Industry - A Chat With Joe Mulligan 26:45 09/15/2021
Eliminating Waste In The Fresh Produce Supply Chain - A Chat With Clarifruit CEO Elad Mardix 37:59 09/13/2021
AI And Emerging Technologies In Supply Chain - A Chat With Tony Flath 29:20 09/10/2021
Refurbishment, Recycling, And Data Analytics In Supply Chain - A Chat With Sagent CEO Gordon Smith 26:18 09/06/2021
Supplychain, Industry 4.0, And Accenture - A Chat with Max Brandl 25:21 09/03/2021