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Let's K12 Better

Join Amber (@MomOfAllCapes) and her kids at their kitchen table where family discussions are fun and informative! Learn from experts and explore innovative ideas that push K12 education to be more meaningful, more equitable, and more compassionate for kids, parents, and educators.


We The Gamers… Civics and Gaming with Dr. Kat Schrier 47:04 10/17/2021
Valuing Early Childhood Education with Annette Serwanga M.A.Ed 33:16 09/23/2021
Black Teachers Matter with Hiewet Senghor 55:44 09/09/2021
Raising Digital Natives with Dr. Devorah Heitner 51:44 09/03/2021
Building and Nurturing Supportive Communities with Camille Robinson 33:08 08/18/2021
School Librarians Matter with K.C. Boyd 41:44 08/04/2021
Narratives: Moving From Empathy to Action with Lee Keylock 57:40 07/21/2021
Reclaiming Our Collective History with Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu 48:36 07/07/2021
Engaging The Expert Effect with Grayson McKinney and Zach Rondot 48:14 06/22/2021
Creation, Connection, and Collective Healing 28:38 06/03/2021
Centering Community with Civics and Social-Emotional Learning 55:18 05/14/2021
Cultivating A Justice Mindset In Kids 46:46 04/22/2021
School Librarians… The Honeybees of the School Community 38:04 04/07/2021
Hate, Hurt, Healing & Hope: AAPI Educators Teaching for Justice 61:44 03/31/2021
Teaching with the HEART in Mind with Dr. Lorea Martinez 47:18 03/24/2021
Let's Talk About... Intersectional Tech 71:20 03/09/2021
Let's Talk About... Blackface 47:48 02/11/2021
Let’s Talk About… Black History Month 52:14 02/04/2021
What’s Your Why? Digital Media Storytelling with Clement Townsend 34:12 01/27/2021
What’s Your Why? Accessible Knowledge with Dr. Lindsay Portnoy 35:36 01/21/2021
What’s Your Why? Authenticity. Accountability. with Yaritza Villalba 51:40 01/14/2021
What’s Your Why? Build Your Tribe. Find Your Sparkle. with Gail Clanton 38:38 01/06/2021
LIVE Episode: Gratitude and Reflections, Goodbye 2020! 62:18 12/31/2020
Let's Talk About... Supercooperators 35:36 12/09/2020
Let's Talk About... Gratitude 23:38 11/26/2020
Recovering... From The Election 48:30 11/11/2020
Let’s Talk About… The Election And The Debates 40:14 10/09/2020
Family Homework: National Voter Education Week 04:28 10/02/2020
#SayHerName... Connecting the Dots 34:46 09/25/2020
Let's Talk About... District-Level Parent Advocacy 43:26 09/18/2020