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The Casa DeConfidence Podcast highlights individuals who are Confident Dreamers. These amazing guests come from all walks of life, are of different ages, and have unique stories. The one common thread between them is that they have embarked on the path to go after their dreams. These dreamers have failed, learned, and ultimately triumphed to walk confidently and live the life they have imagined. Take a journey to learn about what it takes to Go Confidently and reach your dreams.


The Awakening Motherhood Project 64:52 09/19/2021
Sparkly, spunky attitude and incredible country singing with Maddye Trew 59:50 09/12/2021
Jeff McMahon- Playing the Keyboard for Tim McGraw, Songwriter and Piano-playin’, storytellin’, stuff-maker for dreamers 88:11 09/06/2021
Falling Forward with Molly Dare, Founder of HillenBRAND Media 48:22 08/29/2021
Elizabeth DiCristifano -The Root of Our Health - Functional Health Coach 50:33 08/22/2021
Kerry Barrett - Emmy Award Anchor, Helping others build confidence and overcome fears 66:53 08/15/2021
Lynn Louise Larson - Co-creating a powerful future 70:14 08/08/2021
Justin Guarini - Unshakable Confidence from American Idol to Broadway and Beyond 79:54 08/01/2021
Learner of all things Leadership - Sara Greco 54:50 07/24/2021
Saving Stuyvesant Town: Daniel Garodnick 58:29 07/18/2021
Connecting within and the world around you - Nayo Shell from EcoWellco 73:23 07/11/2021
Autoimmune Warrior and RN, Lauren Sutley is Helping others Manage Autoimmune Issues 62:48 07/05/2021
Living Her Second Chance - JoD Livingston Liver Transplant Recipient 58:24 06/27/2021
Patti Hano - Finding Mindfulness and Fearlessness in the Infertility Journey 62:04 06/19/2021
Celebrating 10 years of supporting women 56:50 06/11/2021
Kelly Gunther - Olympic Comeback Kid - Speed Skater 72:11 06/06/2021
Mindy Cohn - From childhood actor to Brilliant Woman, Podcaster and Los-Yorker 67:01 05/31/2021
Nancy Burger -Fear Strategist - Start Choosing courageous living 54:53 05/23/2021
Suzanne Orlando - Anxiety Alchemist 70:23 05/16/2021
Tracy Kessler One Life Can Make a Difference 78:02 05/09/2021
Dan and Julie Conversation - Looking ahead to our second year 40:30 05/02/2021
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASA! Listen to our year in review 57:20 04/25/2021
Adrian Boysel - From at risk youth to a successful thriving life. 74:04 04/18/2021
Isidro Salas from 10K Tacos Visit Our Casa 91:30 04/11/2021
Scott Mason - My NYC neighbor and resilient, persevering friend! 75:12 04/03/2021
Jennifer Jane Young, Intuitive Business strategist, Mindful Entrepreneur 72:49 03/28/2021
The Sex Conversation with Dr. Nazanin Moali 72:47 03/21/2021
Mariann Aalda - How she is growing older and inspiring others to age shamelessly 82:22 03/14/2021
Kate Volman - Lessons in becoming a DREAM MANAGER 82:48 03/07/2021
Jodi Martino - How to become a caregiver with confidence 75:45 02/28/2021