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If you are ready to grow your confidence and be inspired and empowered, these real honest conversations about life, business, and relationships will help you be transformed. If you are ready to achieve more without the overwhelm, using tangible tools and resources to take action, this show is for you. If you want to be motivated, at peace, and full of happiness as you reach your goals, this podcast is here to help you in the journey and create the life you LOVE. Join #1 Bestselling Author Julie DeLucca-Collins and her #handsomehothusband Dan, the hosts of Casa De Confidence share stories of individuals from all walks of life who are of different ages and stages and have unique stories. The one common thread between our guests is that they have embarked on the path to go after their dreams. These dreamers have failed, learned, and ultimately triumphed to walk confidently and live their imagined lives. Take a journey to learn what it takes to Go Confidently and reach your dreams.


From Fine to Fabulous: Lori Seitz's Journey
In this podcast episode, Julie interviews Lori Seitz, founder of Zen Rabbit, about her journey and her work in transforming chaos into peace. They discuss the importance of building relationships in business and how to approach networking for introverts. The conversation also touches on personal experiences of grief and loss. They also discuss the concept of gratitude, the importance of seeking joy and fulfillment in life, and the importance of recharging one's battery. Lori recommends books for personal growth, talks about her program, the F Being Fine program, and shares the origin of the name Zen Rabbit. Transforming Chaos to Peace [00:00:03 - 00:01:24]Lori's Story [00:01:24 - 00:03:51]Lori Seitz shares her personal story of losing her business and her mother, and how she moved forward.Networking Strategies for Introverts [00:05:02 - 00:09:24]Lori Seitz discusses the importance of building relationships in business and how to approach networking for introverts.Building Authentic Relationships [00:09:25]Julie and Lori discuss the importance of building authentic relationships in business and how to approach networking for introverts.Gratitude Practice [00:12:19]Lori shares her experience of struggling with gratitude and how committing to reading chapter seven of "The Science of Getting Rich" twice a day for 30 days helped her develop a gratitude practice.Gratitude Jar [00:16:07]Lori talks about her gratitude jar and how it helps her relive the feeling of gratitude for past experiences, even when she's feeling down.Kindness and Lent [00:17:32]Julie and Lori discuss the importance of kindness and how it can impact people's lives during Lent.F Being Fine [00:19:13 - 00:21:10]Lori talks about her journey of leaving a marriage that was "fine" and how she started a program to help people find joy and purpose in their lives.Rediscovering Joy [00:24:31]Julie and Lori talk about the importance of finding joy and how to discover it by looking back at what brought joy as a child and being open to new experiences. They also mention the book "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes.Living a Sabbatical Life [00:31:13]Lori talks about her experience of taking a sabbatical road trip and how it inspired her to help others live a sabbatical life every day.The Trilogy for Success [00:30:02]Lori explains the three components of her program: gratitude, connection (with oneself), and courage.The Year of Yes [00:26:55]Julie and Lori discuss the book "The Year of Yes" and how it inspired them to open themselves up to new experiences and opportunities.Zen Rabbit [00:36:19]Lori Seitz explains the origin of the name Zen Rabbit, which comes from her childhood stuffed animal that brought her comfort.Thanking Lori [00:38:03]Julie thanks Lori Seitz for being a guest on the show and expresses her admiration for Lori's work in helping people find ways to recharge their batteries and be the best version of themselves.Find Lori here: personal: the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 5/29/23
Breaking Barriers: The Importance of Representation in the Beauty Industry with Melissa Polanco
Hey there, it's Julie DeLucca-Collins, and I'm excited to share with you today's episode of the podcast. In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Polanco, the founder of Ring of Color, a Latina-owned makeup brand. Melissa shares her inspiring journey as an entrepreneur, starting with her background in higher education and counseling. She talks about the lack of representation in the beauty industry and how she wanted to create a brand that others could relate to. We dive deep into the challenges of starting a business, the importance of inclusivity and affordability in the beauty industry, and the power of color to boost confidence. Melissa also shares her plans for expanding her product line and the importance of being mindful and conscious of the mission and products at Ring of Color. I was truly inspired by Melissa's passion for creating a brand that celebrates diversity and empowers women. Her story is a testament to the power of following your dreams and making a positive impact in the world. So, tune in to this episode and get ready to be inspired by Melissa's journey and the amazing work she's doing at Ring of Color.Starting the business [00:08:54]Melissa talks about how she and her sister started the business, including researching how to start a business and figuring things out through trial and error.Starting a Business [00:09:27]The host and Melissa discuss the importance of taking action and not waiting for perfection when starting a business.Being the Face of the Brand [00:11:34]Melissa talks about the importance of being the face of the brand and her experience being featured on Uni.Cruelty-Free Makeup [00:17:15]Melissa explains why it was important for her to create a cruelty-free makeup brand and how she ensured her manufacturing companies followed the same values.Adding New Products [00:19:59]Melissa discusses her plans to add new products to her makeup brand, including blushes and lip care while maintaining inclusivity and quality.Influencers and Honesty [00:21:15]Melissa discusses her love-hate relationship with influencers and the importance of honesty in the beauty industry.Skincare and Growth [00:24:46]Melissa shares her skincare routine and discusses her goals for growing her brand, Ring of Color, while balancing a full-time job. She also talks about how consumers can support small businesses like hers.Creating Awareness [00:29:18]The importance of creating awareness for a brand and attracting people to it is discussed. The host emphasizes the need to engage with customers and nurture relationships.Connecting with Ring of Color [00:31:19]Melissa Polanco talks about how to connect with Ring of Color through their social media platforms, website, and online apps like Super Great and Flip.The Inspiration Behind the Lipstick Names [00:35:59]Melissa Polanco explains the inspiration behind the names of two of her lipstick colors, "Mommy" and "Margarita," which are both personal to her family history.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 5/21/23
Celebrating Mother's Day and Honoring Mom: A Special Reading from "Confident You"
Happy Mother's day to all moms this year. In this episode of the Casa de Confidence podcast, host Julie pays tribute to Mother's Day by sharing a special reading from her book, "Confident You: Simple Habits to Live the Life You Have Imagined." In the book's epilogue, Julie reflects on the profound impact her mom has had on her life, and how her mom's unwavering love and support have helped her to become the confident and empowered woman she is today.Despite her mom being in the hospital, Julie takes this opportunity to celebrate her mom's strength and resilience, and to honor her on this special day. Listeners will be inspired by the heartfelt words in the epilogue, which offer a powerful reminder of the importance of cherishing the relationships we have with the special women in our lives.Tune in to this episode to hear the moving reading from "Confident You," and join Julie in celebrating the amazing moms everywhere.This episode is a replay from last year Julie. Today, Julie's mom MT is in the hospital. She has been three since Friday. Earlier in the week she had been discharged and unfortunately she had to return due to some complications. Julie wanted to replay this episode to share how much she loves and admires her mom. Enjoy. Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
21:25 5/14/23
Navigating the World of Supplements: Expert Advice and Tips with Kate Mahoney
In this episode of "Casa de Confidence," I welcomed supplement expert Kate Mahoney back to the podcast to discuss the confusing world of supplements. Kate shared her qualifications and expertise in the field and advised against buying supplements from Amazon due to the risks involved. She emphasized the importance of choosing trustworthy and reliable supplement brands, especially those only available through a practitioner or health professional.We also discussed the importance of understanding the synergistic and antagonist relationships between minerals and taking a low dose of a balanced multimineral supplement to counteract any nutritional imbalances. Kate recommended Nordic Naturals' Multi Minerals Ironed and Copper Free as her favorite supplement product.Kate cautioned against taking melatonin supplements unless over the age of 45, as it can lead to dependence and negative feedback loops. Instead, she suggested natural alternatives like tart cherry juice and l-tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin and then melatonin.We also talked about the importance of being mindful when it comes to choosing supplements and food and incorporating healthy habits into daily life. Kate emphasized the power of positive reinforcement in behavior change and celebrating small victories.Lastly, we discussed the importance of honoring our natural circadian rhythms and surrounding ourselves with the right people, comparing it to taking the right supplements. Kate's one piece of advice for listeners was to drink enough clean water every day and pair the habit with an existing behavior or habit to make it easier to fulfill the goal.Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the complex world of supplements and improving overall health. So, tune in to the podcast and join us in empowering people to achieve their dreams.Find our friend Kate below: the showThank you for listening to our podcast.Visit our websiteJoin our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTokWe love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
78:02 5/7/23
Paving a New Path to Wellness with Katie Bramlett, Founder of WeShape
On this episode of the Casa De Confidence Podcast, host Julie DeLucca-Collins sits down with Katie Bramlett, the founder of This wellness platform promotes a healthy and holistic approach to fitness.Katie shares her personal journey with disordered eating and body dysmorphia and how it inspired her to create WeShape with the intention of advocating for people to prioritize movement, rest, and a deeper connection with self rather than solely focusing on the number on the scale. She emphasizes the importance of building a community that promotes self-acceptance, care, and kindness and how this can pave the way for a new path to wellness.Throughout the episode, Katie and Julie discuss the toxic expectations placed on people in the fitness industry and the benefits of shifting our mindset towards a more holistic approach to wellness. They also touch on the role of mindfulness and meditation in self-care, the challenges of social media, and the power of vulnerability in building confidence.This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to prioritize their well-being and embrace a more compassionate and intentional approach to fitness and self-care. Tune in to learn how you can pave a new path to wellness with Katie Bramlett and WeShape.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 4/30/23
Empowering Women's Health with Dr. Noor Ali
Do you want to learn more about women's health and the challenges that women face in the healthcare system? This week's Casa De Confidence podcast with Dr. Noor Ali, an award-winning researcher, and stage 4 endometriosis patient, as she shares her personal and professional insights on women's health. Dr. Noor Ali is an integrative health and wellness expert, author, speaker, and founder of Dr. Noor Health. With a deep background in medicine and healthcare, she has a unique skill for breaking down complex concepts and making them easily digestible. Dr. Ali has applied this skill to the health insurance industry, helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions about their healthcare options. She is passionate about empowering people to leverage their unique positions in life and business to gain access to health insurance plans that truly serve them. In addition to her work in healthcare and insurance, Dr. Ali remains an active medical and surgical practitioner, volunteering her time and services whenever possible. Overall, Dr. Noor Ali's expertise, passion, and commitment to health and wellness make her an inspiring and knowledgeable resource for anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.  Ali's Background [00:01:20] Dr. No shares her background story, from her childhood dream of becoming a doctor to her experience studying medicine in Bangladesh.Transition to Health Insurance [00:07:17] Dr. Ali discusses her move to Florida and how she transitioned from being a practicing surgeon to becoming a health insurance expert.Staying True to the Light [00:09:20] Dr. Ali shares her experience of holding on to the light inside her during dark times and encourages listeners to reconnect with their own light.Entering the Insurance World [00:13:04] Dr. Ali explains her role as a healthcare concierge and how she helps individuals and families navigate the public and private healthcare markets.Choosing a Health Insurance Plan [00:16:39] Dr. Ali emphasizes the importance of individual choice when it comes to health insurance and encourages listeners to prioritize what is important to them, such as access to high-quality providers and a comfortable premium.Enrollment Periods [00:19:59] The importance of enrollment periods for health insurance plans, the consequences of missing them, and how to navigate them.Shopping for Plans Based on Income [00:18:10] How to decide whether to shop for health insurance plans on the public or private market based on income.Meeting Her Husband [00:37:29] Dr. Ali shares how she met her husband on a dance floor at his sister's wedding and how they reconnected years later online.Long-Distance Marriage [00:42:05] Dr. Alil discusses the challenges of maintaining a long-distance marriage with her husband, who lived in New York while she was in Bangladesh for medical school.Dr. No's grandfather would be proud [00:44:02] Julie reassures Dr. Ali that her grandfather would be proud of her work in health insurance consulting.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 4/24/23
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Ashley Ford from Pretty Penny Accounting
Welcome to the Casa De Confidence podcast!It's true that becoming an entrepreneur requires taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone, but the rewards can be immense. Being able to define your own version of success and build a life that aligns with your values and passions is truly beautiful. In today's episode, we're joined by Ashley Ford from Pretty Penny Accounting. Ashley is a small business accounting expert and Quickbooks guru with almost ten years of experience helping women make better decisions in their businesses.Discussion:Ashley shares her journey growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and how her childhood dream of running her own business led her to become a small business accounting expert. She discusses the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and how trading stability for possibility can lead to defining your own version of success and building a life you love.Ashley also talks about her passion for empowering women entrepreneurs with clear financials and how she helps her clients make informed decisions based on their financial data. She shares valuable insights on the importance of tracking your expenses, setting financial goals, and investing in yourself and your business.Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the Casa De Confidence podcast! We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Ashley Ford from Pretty Penny Accounting. To learn more about Ashley and her services, visit her website at Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast for more inspiring conversations with experts in personal and professional development.Thanks for listening!Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:54 4/16/23
Walking the Camino De Santiago: A Spiritual Journey with Wine and Wisdom Featuring Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs
In the latest episode of Casa De Confidence, #handsomehothusband Dan and I share our experiences walking a segment of the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. We share some exciting and memorable experiences from the trip, including meeting people from all over the world and seeing beautiful landscapes. The Camino De Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for over a thousand years. People walk the Camino for various reasons, including spiritual, cultural, and personal growth. We also discussed visiting the Wine Fountain from Bodegas de Irache, where we tasted wine from a fountain. During today's interview, I am joined by Pastor Jeremiah Gibbs, the creator of the YouTube channel Camino Guide, to discuss his experience of walking the Camino De Santiago and how it relates to his ministry.Jeremiah's YouTube channel, Camino Guide, is a resource for people planning to walk the Camino and those who want to learn more about the spiritual and cultural aspects of the pilgrimage. Jeremiah also discusses the logistical aspect of the Camino De Santiago, explaining key components of the experience from equipment, spirituality, and making the most of your Camino.I loved sharing Camino stories with our Jeremiah today. I am hoping that things work out and I am able to join Jeremiah's group heading out to walk the Camino on May 20th of this year. If not, I know his support in planning my upcoming experience will be invaluable. Overall, this episode of Casa De Confidence is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage route. We provide an insider's perspective making this episode a must-listen for those planning to walk the Camino or simply curious about the experience. If you are interested in learning more, make sure you connect with Jeremiah. Follow him on  social media Subscribe to his channel Camino Guide HERECheck out his Camino planning services HERESupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
76:41 4/6/23
The single fastest way to create confidence is wealth -with Amanda Neely
This week on the podcast, Dan, I shared about the wealth of goodness we are grateful for. What is the difference between security and wealth? Is having an abundance of money give you wealth and security? These are some of the questions we explore in today's podcast episode.  During our With too many options, we can become paralyzed and not take action in our life. Our guest, Amanda, encourages people who have done dreaming of what they want in life, but she helps them chart the course and plan for a financial future. Amanda strives to be a part of diverse communities and has found that financial planners are crucial to help everyday Americans with sound financial advice. She is also very clear on the abundance life has offered her and wants others to have the same. Amanda's mission is to help individuals in a community work together to build confidence and wealth. Amanda says that we need to think like millionaires and learn to manage our cash flow. Reviewing how you spend your money and finding what brings us joy with spending can be a great exercise for shifting and learning to budget more effectively.  Amanda Neely is a CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) professional and CEO of Wealth Wisdom Financial. She makes financial planning more accessible through podcasting, developing personalized financial strategies for individuals and couples, and profitability strategies for small businesses. She works virtually to help everyday Americans all over the United States to create smart, stable financial futures.Connect with Amanda here: - Youtube: - Instagram: - TikTok- Facebook- LinkedInSupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
60:00 4/3/23
5 ways to find your flow and a conversations with the Ladies from Beyond the GPA
In this week's episode, Dan and I discussed being in the ZONE or finding my FLOW.  Have you found yourself in "The Zone," where everything clicks, and you effortlessly focus on your task at hand or something you love to do, like a hobby or project? This state of total involvement and absorption in activity is known as the "flow" state, and it's a powerful tool for boosting creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. If you've ever struggled to get into the Flow, don't worry--you're not alone. It can feel like a mystical state that only happens when the stars align. However, here are a few strategies that I use to get into the Flow and stay there.Identify Your Ideal Flow Activities: Remove Distractions: Set Clear Goals:Practice Mindfulness: Embrace the Challenge:  Finding your Flow takes practice and patience. Tiny Habits can also help you find and practice being in your Flow. If you want to find your Sweet Spot, Your Flow, The Zone... sign up for Tiny Habits 5-Day Free Challenge. This week's guests, I speak to Maura Mulligan and Annamaria Wenner from Beyond the GPA. This interview first aired on our Confident You Radio Show. I love the work their company is doing to help parents and students. I wanted to share their wisdom and hope you get to love them as much as I do.  With nearly 50 years of combined higher education experience, these amazing ladies have worked with thousands of college students and understand what it takes to succeed both in and out of the classroom and make it to graduation. The most important step is recognizing preparation goes far BEYOND THE GPA.Connect with these ladies here: you often get in the zone or flow... take a picture and tag me on social media... I would love to cheer you on.  Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:58 3/26/23
How gratitude and confidence is the key to happiness with Courtney McKenna
In this Casa De Confidence Podcast episode, I speak with Courtney McKenna, who joined us live from her childhood bedroom. She is a musician and singer-songwriter. During our conversation, she shared how incredible it is to see how far she has come from her days of singing at church. Courtney went to school for marketing, and after college, she went to New York and soon realized that although she enjoyed the different creatives she held, she was most passionate about her music. It took some time for Courtney to find the belief in herself fully. One of the main things she has learned is that the more confidence she has in herself, her music career and business grow exponentially. Courtney spoke candidly about her relationship with her alcoholic dad. Her dad has played a big part in her life and music. As the oldest of two kids, she blamed herself for her dad's addiction. She wrote her song "Save Yourself" for her dad, which helped her release many of the emotions she has dealt with.  Courtney learned the power of Music can be healing, and she can impact others through her art.The power of community is essential for all of us.Celebrating life and wins at all times is a good reminder that we are making progress. Courtney shares that confidence comes from showing up for yourself and giving yourself space to do the things you love and enjoy. We also speak about becoming an expert at anything; we must have over 10K hours of practice (from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell). More about our guest: Courtney McKenna is a Los Angeles-based Artist and Marketer on a mission to help society shift into a healthier and happier collective. Courtney found music as a tool to help her cope with an unstable alcoholic father.Courtney's focus is on building her music business. Courtney is a new member of the Recording Academy. Joined by her backing band Sweet Myths, Courtney has been producing a new southwest-inspired rock EP due summer of 2023. In 2022 Courtney released three new rock singles and two music videos surrounding the topic of addiction and mental health.Connect with Courtney here the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:58 3/19/23
How to embrace your dream and take charge with Christina Kaye
Lately, it feels like many people are forgoing their dreams because they are too busy with everyday life. This past week, I have also experienced how easily things can change from everyday mundane routines to a new normal. No matter the circumstance, I want to encourage you not to lose sight of your dreams, hopes, and desires. It is easy to have these things get lost in the shuffle of life. For many years, I fell into the trap of losing sight of my dreams. I kept saying that when the time was right when the right things fell into place, I would write my book, start a business, chase becoming a speaker...  The truth is that we can only guarantee our next best moment. The proverbial present moment is the only thing we can count on. Today on the podcast, I interviewed Christina Kaye. She is committed to helping people realize their dream of becoming authors. Take it from me; writing a book is a challenging process. It is a humbling experience but totally worth it. As I sit here in the common area of the rehab facility where I am visiting my mom, I cannot help to be reminded of how fragile life can be. I wonder if this place is where we can find aspiring authors, world travelers, or phenomenal entrepreneurs. If so, my message to them is the same one I have for you today. It is never too late to make your dream a reality. Be a dream getter... don't let life get in the way... Be willing to believe that what you want to accomplish is possible. In today's podcast episode of Casa De Confidence, you will hear my conversations with an incredible woman helping those who dream of writing a book a reality. I want to challenge you to dream about the possibilities. I want to encourage you to ask yourself, "how can I?" instead of saying, "I can't do that because..."You can and you will...I was hoping you could reply to this message and let me know what dream you want to come to life. Sometimes, sharing secrets helps to put the wheels in motion to make it happen. I am also here to cheer you on in your journey. Don't forget my favorite saying: "Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams." About our guest: With well over a decade working in the publishing industry and as an award-winning author, Christina Kaye uses her cache of knowledge and experience to help those who want to become authors improve their writing skills, write more compelling stories, and launch successful self-publishing careers. She does this one-on-one through her author coaching and mentoring services, public speaking engagements, blog, and social media content, including her popular Tik Tok account. As the Founder & CEO of Book Boss Academy, Christina also creates valuable but affordable digital resources,.To learn more about Book Boss Academy and how Christina Kaye can help you achieve your dreams of writing and publishing your best possible book, visit You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok: @bookbossacademy If you are looking to get the best tools to help you in your journey the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:57 3/12/23
How to take action to find clarity and confidence with Dr. Melissa Bird
In this podcast episode, we discuss how life can turn on a dime—Sunday afternoon, I got a call from my sister that my elderly mom had fallen and was found after several hours on the floor. She was taken to the hospital, where they found she had suffered a broken pelvis in multiple places. I flew down to the Georgia area to be with her. The road has not been easy during this last week. As I sat for countless hours at her bedside, I realized there was a long road ahead, and all I could do was be present. This reminded me of the parallel of being by the side of my coaching clients. As a coach, we can support, give direction, and reflect on them what is going on. It is up to them to do the hard work of stepping out of their comfort zone. As we celebrate Women’s History Month this week, I want to celebrate the tenacity I have witnessed my mom have amid incredible physical pain. I also want to remind you that to accomplish the difficult hard stuff; the NEXT best step is always the best option for all of us. Focusing on the long road ahead is not easy and can discourage you. Instead, focus on the small wins, the little wins that add up to the progress you desire. Today our guest is Dr. Melissa Bird. In this timely conversation, we speak about a lot of what I have been experiencing this week. I could not have timed the release any better. The range of emotions as humans.  Part of our experience in the world requires loss, healing, and helping people realize that our need for perfection is our need to heal from grief and loss. When we give ourselves permission to feel the range of emotions, we can surrender to the knowledge we are not perfect, yet we are wonderfully made just as we are. The book by Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watters - Mary Magdalene Revealed. In this book, she talks about how the body is the vessel for the soul, and we are here to have a human experience. We need to disrupt the narratives that this world creates for us. We need to be willing to step out of our comfort zone and change the living dynamic. Action leads to clarity and confidence. When we tap into our intuition and take inspired, intentional action, our clarity becomes inspired and intuitive, and our confidence can become inspired and intuitive.  This helps us to live in our divine purpose.Lastly, Dr. Melissa and I will participate in the International Women’s Day celebration on the TalkShopLive Network. The show is on March 8 at 3:30 PM EST!If you want to watch the prompt for the show, go HEREDr. Melissa Bird is a descendant of the Shivwits Band of Paiutes. She is a nationally recognized lay preacher, author, life coach, and social worker. Past audience members have described her as “fierce,” “revelatory,” “life-changing,” “enthusiastic,” and “inspirational.”  When she’s not working, she can be found reading trashy novels while drinking Earl Gray tea with heavy cream. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband, three children, two dogs, and one three-legged cat. Awaken your own graceful revolution and connect with Dr. Bird at www.drmelissabird.comSupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:57 3/5/23
How to Engineer Success and Feel Like you are Enough with Michael Bauman
There was a time in my life when from an outsider's perspective, I had it all. I had an awesome job traveling around the country, I had a circle of hugely successful friends, and I did not seem to have a care in the world. The reality is that, like many overachievers, I was drowning. I felt I was not good enough. My energy was zapped daily with the stress of life, career, and relationships. The truth is that I was disconnected from my real values and beliefs and doing everything I could not to be aware of the dissatisfaction and pain I was feeling inside. Today's guest is the master of engineering the life you desire. After living on three different continents and experiencing distinct cultures, Michael Bauman has learned the key to transitions.In this episode, Michael and I discuss how we can engineer the life we want and are meant to live. Here are three takeaways from our conversation: First, we speak about starting with WHY (we learned this from Simon Sinek).  May of us have outer success but don't feel like we are successful in all areas of life. Starting with why helps you identify what drives you and define success for yourself. Two, research says we have saboteurs that keep us in negative emotions instead. of the positive emotions that can help us reach happiness. People who achieve happiness also have been found to have a higher level of happiness. Three, radical acceptance is a great way to deal with emotion. The acronym RAIN is an easy-to-remember tool for practicing mindfulness and compassion using the following four steps:Recognize what is happening;Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;Investigate with interest and care;Nurture with self-compassion.You can take your time and explore RAIN as a stand-alone meditation or move through the steps whenever challenging feelings arise.Here is a bit more about Michael:  A moment that changed his life, receiving the news of his first child, led him to decide to move to China with his wife. His decision has led him to grow professionally without knowing the language or the culture. Michael was born and raised on the balmy tropical island of Papua New Guinea and has traveled worldwide, witnessing and participating in numerous cultures, perspectives, and fundamental values and belief systems. Currently, he lives with his family in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Chinad. Michael is launching a phenomenal mastermind. If you want to find out more, you can do so hereConnect with Michael here: WebsiteIGLinked-InPodcastIf you want to find out what sabotaging behaviors you have that keep you from living your best life, feeling happy, and engineering your success, take the quiz here to find out how you sabotage and how you can TAKE the Saboteur quiz hereSupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:57 2/26/23
Overcoming Fear and Finding our inner Sheroe with Lauren Nelson
How many times has fear paralyzed you into not taking action? In March 2020, I was paralyzed with fear, and this was before the Covid lockdown. At the same time, I still worked for a company in NYC. Although it seemed, I was hugely successful from the outside; I was terrified that my life did not mean anything beyond my fancy title of Chief Innovation Officer and my work. It was during that time I was reading the book Get Out of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis. When I read this quote, "I am responsible for finding fulfillment in my job, for being happy with what I do, for knowing my value regardless of my title, the company I work for, the salary I make, or the way anyone looks at all of it." I found myself catastrophizing and being all in my feeling. Over the next year, I was laid off and began to redefine my life. I participated in coaching with Dave Hollis and got to learn from him how he redefined his life and its meaning after leaving a successful career with Disney Studios. I have often heard it said, "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." I will forever be grateful to Dave Hollis for helping me navigate my story and learn how to deal with my fear and internal dialogue that was not serving me. In this episode, Dan and I begin paying tribute to Dave Hollis, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 11th.  Here are other key points from this episode: What did Dave Hollis say to me regarding what legacy he wanted to leave in this world and what I think about the legacy I want to leave behind. How fear fuels our cognitive distortions or the internal mental filters or biases that increase our misery, fuel our anxiety, and make us feel bad about ourselves. We met our guest Lauren Nelson. Lauren wrote a children's book entitled "SHEROES of the Bible," which tells the stories of 26 heroic women from the Bible who pushed past their fears and watched God do miraculous things because of their faith.Lauren says that fear has always been her greatest foe. She was sexually abused as a child, which left her with pronounced fear in her life. Because of her childhood trauma, Lauren has a deep passion and desire to minister to children and women who have been abused. Her book, SHEROES of the Bible, will help women and children conquer their fears and learn to intimately trust God, who loves them and who alone can heal their hearts.You can find Lauren HERE: you want to learn how to overcome fear and the cognitive distortions that prevent us from living fully, download my mindful CEO Journal here: the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 2/19/23
How to be memorable and have a lasting legacy with Patty Dominguez
Today I have a juicy conversation with one of the women I have grown to admire, Patty Dominguez. I was so lucky that Patty asked me to be a part of her show, the Positioning to Profit Podcast.  Her show is about setting yourself up uniquely in the marketplace because, let's face it, whatever marketplace you're in, there's a very high probability that it's super competitive. After getting to know her, I knew I wanted her to come to hang out at Casa De Confidence.Patty Dominguez,  is the founder of Positioning to Profit, is a best-selling author, advisor, and contributing marketing expert. Her work has been featured on Smart Business, Investor’s Business Daily, NY Daily News, and American Express Open Forum to name a few. Prior to 2013, she worked in Fortune 50 and management consulting as head of Global Agency Strategy. She now helps service-based entrepreneurs claim their “Category of One” status based on their unique abilities.   As I hear this conversation, I am reminded of a critical lesson I learned some years ago. We are never going to be everyone's cup of tea. As the CEOs of our life and business, we must learn this key lesson to help us create a more significant impact and transformation for ourselves and others. Patty reminds us of how to stand out in a crowded world. We need to have a clear brand promise, the thing that you promise, the transformation that you can stand behind, and to know that in good faith, you can lead people by being the person who really cares and is invested.Our interactions with others should be more than just transactional. It's about being transformational in this world. When you position it that way, you're not going to be for everybody. But you can help make someone's life better. In this episode, we discuss how when you create expansion for someone and stand behind what you do, work from a place of integrity. You will have money but, most importantly, an immeasurable impact beyond what you can see. There is a ripple effect in the actual impact we create. Lastly, in your journey, remember to stop "picking up nickles" and focus on the long term. Work with a coach that can help you generate and implement a plan that is not just for a quick win but for the vision you desire to achieve. Find Patty on her website the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
29:47 2/12/23
How to love and accept ourselves first with Mayi Lenz
Today I am mad...I am angry at what is happening in classrooms all over Florida. As a former educator, I have been disheartened to hear that teachers can face felony charges and even jail time for having books that feature LGBTQ themes and prominently feature people of different races and colors. Developing a sense of identity is a crucial part of growing up. At every age, children learn about themselves. If these children don't see themselves in books, in art, or on television, they begin to form a negative perception of who they are and where they come from.  Of most books banned, 41% had LGBTQ themes or main characters, while 40% featured main characters of color. As a woman of color and Hispanic descent, I want my nieces and nephews to be represented. I hope you know I will use my platform to speak out against banned books and people being treated poorly. LOVE WINS always. Hate and fear do not have a home in my heart. If you are in a state where books are being banned, you can join the Books Unbanned program from the Brooklyn Public Library and get a digital library card to access books you may not be able to read in your hometown. Our interview today is with Mayi Lenz, a Personal Branding & Fine Art Photographer, Speaker, Podcaster, and Philanthropist passionate about helping women lead unapologetically. Her photoshoots are a personal and transformational experience.  While many people may know her as a photographer, they may not know that she’s also been on a journey to deeply understand how we, as women, perceive ourselves and our bodies and how we can learn to shift our mindset from negative emotions to positive ones. Photography has allowed her to have deeper conversations with women of all ages, body types, and sizes. This inspired her to host a weekly podcast delivered every Wednesday. She believes that we can all learn from each other’s experiences. The goal is to inspire and help women develop confidence and become unapologetically the best version of themselves.  Every woman deserves to be seen, heard, and appreciated. And it all starts when we learn to love and accept ourselves first. Connect with Mayi on her website, Facebook or check out her podcast here.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
60:00 2/5/23
What does it take to manifest your dreams with spiritual business coach Yolanda Boyarin
 As we close out January, we have discussed goals, habits, and intentionality for the new year.One thing we have yet to talk about is Manifestation.Like many, the word manifestation made me uncomfortable. This was mainly because it felt like it was too New Age and pseudo-psychology for me. When I first read the book Mindset by renowned Stanford University physiologist Carol Dweck Ph.D., I began to uncover how my mindset's power can dramatically influence my success at work and in almost every area of my life.For the first time, I learned Manifestation has real science and evidence behind it. In some ways, like many people, I was brought up to believe that my abilities and talents were things I was born with and that I was incapable of changing over time.I viewed failures as terrible things that defined me and that I should be ashamed of. In my personal development journey, I have grown to understand that my ability to do something can be improved with effort and learned behavior that we automate into habits.Research suggests that if we genuinely believe we can achieve something and are willing to do the hard work, we can achieve it. Manifestation can also help us achieve our dreams because it helps us in reprogramming our brains. As humans, our brain is set to have a negativity bias. In other words, if we go for a nice date with our sweetie, our brain will focus not on the over-positive events of the night but perhaps the one rude waiter we encountered that evening. This science-based approach shows us that if we truly believe we can achieve something, we are willing to work to achieve it.Consistent habits, work, and belief that we can do it. Perseverance is critical because creating new habits takes time, commitment, and willingness to be uncomfortable and fail before we can see success and the desired outcomes we dream of having. In other words, Manifestation is not about the woo but about the work. In this week's episode, I share my interview with Yolanda Boyrin, a money mindset and business coach for the driven entrepreneur ready to quantum leap. She is a certified coach, hypnotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner. She helps entrepreneurs make and manifest more money, sales, and massive success that leads them to be completely fulfilled and live within their purpose. Yolanda helps us learn more about manifestation, what it is and how to do it. This interview is part of our Confident You Radio show, where we talk weekly with incredible individuals about what it takes to live in your purpose and how to help others do the same. You can connect with Yolanda hereIf you want to listen to the Confident You Radio show, you can do so here.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:58 1/29/23
Can having the right support and friends help me be more confident
Want to know how having a support system can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel more capable of achieving your goals?You are in luck. Not only is this episode full of tips for you to gain confidence, but you can learn how self-care, community, and intentionality can help support you and your 2023 goals. Today my friend and clients Pearl Chiarenza and friend Annmarie Eatner are visiting the Casa DeConfidence LIVE!Join us as we talk about how life can be full of challenges and things that can trip us up on the journey to live our best life. In this candid conversation, our guest shared how losing a son and caring for an elderly parent could be, for some reason, to get unmotivated and lose steam toward showing up for oneself. We also share how creating a plan and surrounding yourself with friends and a community can be the secret weapon to success. Enjoy this happy, fun, and uncensored conversation full of vulnerability. Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 1/23/23
How to become the CEO of your life right now!
In this week's episode, I shared how we hosted my annual Confident YouCEO Retreat. I had over 40 people register, and over 25 attendees took the time to invest in their businesses. If you did not attend, go to to grab your CEO mindset workbook. After the event was over, I got to thinking becoming the CEO of your life means taking control of your own destiny and making the most of the opportunities that come your way. Here are a few tips to help you take charge of your life:Set clear goals: Identify what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life, and create a plan to make it happen.Take responsibility: Take ownership of your actions and decisions, and don't blame others for your mistakes. Learn from them and move on.Build a strong support system: Surround yourself with people who are positive, supportive, and who will help you achieve your goals.Learn from others: Seek out mentors who have the experience and knowledge you need to succeed.Be adaptable: Life is unpredictable, so be prepared to adapt to changes and unexpected events.Prioritize self-care: Take care of your physical and mental health, so you can be at your best when opportunities arise.Take action: Don't wait for opportunities to come to you, go out and create them.Stay positive: Believe in yourself and your abilities, and maintain a positive attitude even when things get tough.By following these tips, you can take control of your life and become the CEO of your own destiny. Remember, it's never too late to start making changes and taking steps towards the life you want to live. In this week's episode of the show, we chat with  Melody Chadamoyo. She is a personal coach and speaker who helps women discover their Feminine Elegance, a tender strength that harnesses grace and radiance, vulnerability and courage. Melody inspires women to pursue individual growth through her special training and personal experience and empowers her clients to build rich personal and professional relationships and to live their life to their maximum potential. Connect with Melody here: WebsiteSupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
60:00 1/15/23
Finding your spark in 2023 and a conversation with
In this episode, we have a great conversation with sleep and postpartum doula Patricia Grenseman.  Virtual postpartum doula cares for families who want a more calm and confident fourth trimester.Before we start the conversation, Dan and I discuss creating a spark for the new year. We also shared the principles of the book "Think and Grow Rich" from Napoleon Hill. As a couple and business owners, we plan to adopt these principles to make this the best year yet. The 13 steps to riches, as outlined in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, are:1. Desire: Start with a strong desire or burning ambition to achieve a specific goal or outcome.2. Faith: Have unwavering faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goal.3. Autosuggestion: Use positive self-talk and affirmations to reinforce your beliefs and goals.4. Specialized knowledge: Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your goal.5. Imagination: Use your imagination to visualize your goal and see yourself achieving it.6. Organized planning: Develop a detailed plan of action to achieve your goal.7. Decision: Make a firm decision to follow through on your plan and never give up.8. Persistence: Keep working towards your goal, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks.9. Power of the Master Mind: Surround yourself with like-minded people who support and encourage you.10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation: Use the power of your sexual energy to fuel your desire and drive.11. The Subconscious Mind: Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.12. The Brain: Use your brain to analyze and plan, and to make decisions and take action.13. The Sixth Sense: Trust your intuition and inner guidance to help you make the right decisions and achieve your goals.In my conversation with our guest Patricia, I learned much about how she is helping couples enjoy new parenthood and how she supports them in navigating the critical few weeks after bringing a new life into the world. Through virtual doula care, she's helped people waiting to meet their babies make plans and prepare for their upcoming birth and postpartum.She helps new parents work out the basics of newborn care: when and how much to feed, how to bathe a baby, use a baby carrier, and learn sleep cues.She's also helped new parents better reflect on their experiences, their expectations, and their goals so that they can take steps to look after themselves and meet those goals. Connect with Patricia here for her Instagram. If you want to build a spark for your business in 2023, the time is now! Sign up for the Confident You CEO Retreat hereSupport the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:59 1/8/23
How to Find your Stride in 2023 with my friends from the Fit Mess Podcast Jeremy and Zach
Finding your stride can be challenging on most days. As a new year begins, we sometimes feel the pressure to change our lives and be a new and improved version of who we are. In this week's show, I have two cool dudes who speak my language when it comes to shifting and evolving to take small steps every week toward a better, more fulfilling life.  I also share how to find your word for the year in this episode.The first step is to reflect.  I want you to reflect on this past year and ask yourself these questions. Write down anything and everything that pops into your mind without self-editing.What could I use more of in my life?What could I use less of in my life?What characteristics would I like to have?By the end of the day, I feel (fill in the blank).How do I want to feel?Review your answers, and you’ll have a clearer vision of the direction you’d like to go or what you feel may be missing in your life.Next, visualize what the perfect or ideal day would feel like. Pay attention here to the “Feel.” Think about how you want your morning routine to feel, how you want to feel at work or throughout the day, and how you want to feel right before you go to bed.I personally use meditation or sitting in silence for a couple of minutes and asking myself, “What word do I want to focus on in 2023?”. This has been the framework that has worked for me.Lastly, spend 10 minutes creating a list of the words that come to mind. No self-editing! Need some help? Check out my post on social media for some awesome works to choose from. If you want help creating the right habits to help, you be more confident and amazing in 2023. Join me for learning Tiny Habits. Go here to learn more. Don't forget my CEO retreat is also coming up. Go here to register.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:51 1/1/23
How to be happy during the holidays and beyond!
Welcome to a special edition of the show. Today, Dan and Julie talk about happiness! In this holiday edition, we share our views on happiness. We talk about what we found out about the science of happiness.  Did you know that happiness is a science? Friend of the show Katie Jefcoat also has a podcast that we highly recommend you check out. Every day happiness In this episode, we also announced something new that we are bringing you in 2023. Stay tuned for this and grab a drink of choice to enjoy it. Lastly, we shared 17 Interesting Facts and Findings about happiness. You can find the article where we found our information here. Thank you for continuing to be a friend and listener to our show. We appreciate your support and from our home to yours. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza, and we pray you have all the joy and happiness in the world. Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
51:28 12/24/22
How to empower and celebrate growth while learning with Caroline Sumners
Did you know that executive function skills can help us thrive and succeed? Sadly, these are not skills we are not born with and taught in school.  These skills are crucial for success in school and our overall life. Executive functioning skills are mental skills that enable us to manage every area of our daily lives. Attention, problem-solving, flexible thinking, working memory, self-control, and even emotional control are executive functioning skills that allow us to manage day-to-day tasks, stay safe, and get things done. When executive functioning skills are lacking, we can have challenges with planning, prioritization, organization, and staying on task. Behavioral inhibition or emotional inhibition is part of executive functioning too. In this week's episode, our guest Caroline Sumner firmly believes empowerment isn't a one-time event but a continuous process. She is the founder of Empower Academic Coaching, an online ADHD and academic coaching for kids and adults. Caroline Sumners is the Founder & President of Empower Academic Coaching, where she helps middle and high school students and their families with customized strategies for learning and peacefully achieving their academic goals. Caroline is a former teacher with over 11 years of education experience, and she and her team members have supported over 170 families in their journey toward educational empowerment. Caroline lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her wife and 2 dogs.Caroline finds that students aren't learning about these skills just one time; instead, she and her team reiterate these lessons again each time a student is ready to learn something new, explore a concept more deeply, or need a refresher on how that skill applies to a new situation.Caroline, a former teacher, saw parents were frustrated because their child's school differed from their own experience. Most parents also found it tough for them and their children to juggle all assignments posted on different websites and platforms. Parents and students alike were finding the system difficult and frustrating. "All students deserve to feel confident about their abilities, and all families deserve a stress-free dinner together -- without arguments over homework. Empower Academic help the students and adults they support believe that all students can succeed on their terms, both academically and personally. They use the coaching process to help students set goals, build confidence, apply strategies to their learning, and help families experience peace of mind. They aim to help students have richer, more rewarding learning experiences through their commitment to empowerment, peace, and thoughtfulness. You can connect with Caroline and Empower Academic Coaching here.InstagramFacebook Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:42 12/18/22
How to Support Women and Follow your Passions with Amy and Nancy Harrington
In this week's episode of the show, I am happy to host again my friends Nancy and Amy Harrington have been inspired by the thriving women’s movement and are now building on that dialogue. Through The Passionistas Project Podcast, we share the positive stories of strong, empowered, and passionate women from all disciplines and walks of life. Our mission is to inspire women of all ages to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles and take charge of their own destinies.OWN handpicked Nancy and Amy to be part of the VIP digital press corps covering Oprah’s Lifeclass during Winfrey’s tour of the U.S. and Toronto. We have produced interviews for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Rock and Politics, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Rock on TV exhibits.The Passionistas also offer the subscription box that Buzzfeed added to their list of The Best Subscription Box from Women-Owned Businesses. This subscription box is filled with products created by female artisans and women-owned businesses. Every item is hand selected by us at The Passionistas Project. Many will be sourced from women we interview on our podcast, and all will be included to inspire you to follow your passions.If you are looking for a thoughtful well-curated gift, the gift box can be the answer you have been looking for. Order the Box here​Check out the Passionistas here: the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
58:47 12/12/22
How to Raise Strong Girls and Be a Strong Woman in the Process with Carmelita Tiu
Over the course of my life, I have been so lucky to have incredibly strong women as examples for my life. If you have read my book Confident You, Simple Habits to live the life you have imagined, you have learned a lot about these influential women. This podcast and my new Radio show have also allowed me to meet incredible women I love and admire. Carmelita Tiu and I first recorded for the radio show, and I knew our conversation needed to also live here on this podcast. Service, creativity, relationships, and human potential inspire Carmelita (Cat) Tiu as an attorney, coach, podcaster, philanthropist, parent & partner.  After receiving her art and law degree, she worked for several years as an attorney at Harpo Productions, creator of The Oprah Winfrey Show and several OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network programs then pivoted to the design and advertising world. She's been an adjunct professor at DePaul University and Columbia College Chicago and serves on the boards of various cultural and community service organizations.   As a curious and committed mom to two daughters, Cat launched the podcast "Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them," a show that helps mindful moms be and raise strong women. So they can show up powerfully and intentionally for themselves and their daughters. She also helps high-achieving moms live authentically and parent intentionally so they can move confidently towards meaningful goals, find more fulfillment in their lives, and have faith in the legacy they are creating.  As a business and life strategy coach, I want to make sure we, as women, find the best way to support each other and create the kind of tomorrow our girls today can grow up into with confidence. The more work we do for ourselves to grow and become stronger and better, the more they will see what is possible and become that as well. Follow Cat on Instagram Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:05 12/4/22
How giving back can increase your happiness and success (Giving Tuesday Episode) with Eric Harrison
For as long as I can remember, giving back has been a part of what is important to me. Throughout my life, I have volunteered many hours to help in my community with organizations that are doing phenomenal work. The truth is that I volunteer, not because I am a good person. I do it for very selfish reasons. Giving back reminds me how blessed I am and makes me feel good.When I have been too focused on myself and not giving to others, I begin to focus on my empty cup and a life lacking the shine we sometimes feel it should have. In other words, I am living in the gap of life instead of the gain.You don't have to look far to find someone who needs a friend, advice, or shelter. Whether you're donating money or time, giving promotes happiness, increases our connection to others, and strengthens empathy. Wealth is a concept that, for me, starts inside of us. Being empathetic and sharing our blessings can help us feel good and increase our mental well-being. As entrepreneurs, we tend to prioritize long-term goals. We also want to impact the world through our work alone. Giving back can remind us that what we are doing is also impacting outside our inner circle and keeping us on track to our goals. However, chances are good that we'd never have the world-changing impact I hoped for. In today's episode, I interview Eric Harrison, the United Way of Central and Eastern Connecticut's new President and CEO.Eric is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Event Management, Volunteer Management, and Public Speaking. Strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Business Administration and Management, General from the Minnesota School of Business. I had a lot of fun getting to know him and learning more about what drives him to lead an organization like the United Way. I am so happy that we have an incredible visionary committed to helping create more robust, more prosperous communities. In the last couple of years alone, United Way has stepped up to answer the call of those in need. Their mission is to engage and bring together people and resources committed to the well-being of children and families in our community. They have ensured that people's immediate needs are met while finding long-term solutions to challenges in our community.In this episode, I share more about ALICE households. Find more info here: (Asset Limited Income Constraint, Employed) Please join me in creating a ripple effect in our communities and giving back to those who need it most.Here is the link to the United Way in CTHere is Eric's Linked-In ProfileIf you want to attend Red and White and Chocolate, get your tickets here.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:23 11/27/22
How to Become a Changemaker in the World with Laura Hartley
As changemakers, we need to not just navigate the world as it is, but the world as it could be.This isn’t easy though when we’re filled with self-doubt or shame, crippled by perfectionism or distrusting of power.  It’s hard to make change when we’re exhausted with burnout, stressed in overwork or frozen with indecision.You could read another book, get another degree, join another course.Or you could choose to work one-on-one to get free.To detox from culture so you can listen to your inner knowing and navigate to a more just, regenerative and equitable world.Because changemaking requires inner work. We need to know not just how to dismantle systems ‘out there’, but how to dismantle their tendrils from within us.We need to claim our power and learn to read a room for it.To understand power dynamics, as well as how to steward, shift and share power.We need to know how to navigate systems that were not designed for us.How to vision and seed a new world even when others say it can’t be done.Because this is what we’re here for – to remake the world.Laura Hartley is an activist, coach, and founder of Public Love Enterprises, an online school empowering changemakers to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing and collective thriving.  Laura is fascinated by the space between inner and outer change, and her work empowers changemakers to get free, dismantling capitalism & patriarchy from the inside out.   She runs programs in healing burnout culture, regenerative leadership & feminist business. She is also the host of the Public Love Project, a podcast interviewing activists & thought leaders on remaking the world.   Laura lives and works on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia but can frequently be found with her gluten-free snacks somewhere in the wild. Visit Laura's website hereHer InstagramHer Facebook Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:05 11/19/22
How to Steer Yourself in The Right Direction During Crisis with Lynn McLaughlin
Lynn McLaughlin’s mission is to lead and empower people to make conscious and positive choices. Lynn allows people to share their voices through her podcast Taking the Helm, her writing, or by helping aspiring authors publish their books.As the host of her inspirational podcast, Taking the Helm, she introduces us to a new, courageous guest on Wednesdays. Every episode is archived and searchable on her website by keyword or topic. One of her guests might be the change agent you need in your life! As a best-selling and award-winning author, Lynn has now teamed up with her niece, Amber Raymond, to co-author a children’s book series titled, “The Power of Thought”. Both are passionate about being proactive regarding children’s mental health. When children learn to manage their emotions at a young age, they learn to problem-solve and find positive solutions to everyday situations.Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
58:19 11/13/22
How to Go Behind the Ballot during Election Times with Claire Campos O'Neal
Have you ever felt frustrated with what is happening around your town? Have you ever felt powerless to create change and have your voice heard?This coming Tuesday, November 8th, is the midterm election here in the US. For many, politics seems to be the one topic we all want to escape, yet we are surrounded by it. Perhaps like the majority, you are a reluctant spectator in the past. However, there is so much at stake lately that I could not open up a discussion on this topic. Over the course of the years, I have been fortunate enough to get a first-hand look at our governmental system.  During my career, I was asked to collaborate with Capital Hill Staffers to draft education policies and share a first-hand account of how these policies impacted our schools and students. I have had the opportunity to watch individuals from both sides of the aisle work together successfully to make a difference in the lives of the people they represent.If you believe politics are "dirty," "don't matter," or "why should I care?" This show is for you today.I think that, at times, our limited understanding and knowledge of a topic keeps us from taking action or, in some cases taking the right action that can benefit us. I know that we can often feel powerless and ineffective in creating change.  For this reason, I am sharing this interview with you today. This week's guest is Claire Campos-O’Neal, mother to two young boys, daughter of a first-generation Mexican-American, and co-host of Go Behind the Ballot Podcast. In November 2021, she put her name on the ballot and ran for office for the first time. She hoped to be the next State Representative for House District-51, which covers much of southeast Austin and Travis County.  What pushed her to throw her hat in the ring was the regret I was sure I would feel if I stood back on the sidelines.Before running for office, she worked as a real estate agent focusing on residential sales. While Claire didn’t love the grind of working real estate transactions, she was always eager to learn more about the trajectory of her city, the demographic trends, and what makes a place desirable. After the race for HD-51, she took stock of that surreal experience and felt compelled to create a place for communal learning and growth. Claire and her co-host of the podcast Nichole Ab hope that ‘Go Behind the Ballot’ is that home for the curious, the courageous, the compassionate, and the kind. There is so much at stake in this election. Perhaps our beliefs may not be fully aligned, but my goal is to inspire you to vote for your values, what matters, and what type of future you want. I also want you to do your own research, don't take information at face value from any candidate, party, or news organization.To find Non-partisan info on the issues and candidates, you can visit: You can also find Claire here:@gobehindtheballot on FB, Insta, TikTok. Support the showThank you for listening to our podcast. Visit our website Join our Facebook GroupInstagram, TikTok We love reviews! Please leave us a review.Contact us if you want to Launch, restart, grow your podcast.
59:40 11/6/22