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On The Gold with Kevin Hoagland

Welcome to On The Gold, a podcast created around education and practical application of gold prospecting and small-scale mining. I am your host Kevin Hoagland, I invite you to join me as I share with you, my 50+ years of prospecting and mining experience. The goal of my guest and I is to help you become a better prospector and Miner. We will cover, in detail the basics and the true art of prospecting and recovering gold. On The Gold offers you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from industry leaders. I know that we can help you find more gold. I invite you to subscribe to the On The Gold podcast. And as always, I invite you to join me out there, On the Gold.


In the Kit 20:24 07/06/2021
QT #3 Specfic or X-Over Detectors, Good idea or not the best of both worlds. 15:23 05/09/2021
Quick Tips #2 Factory preset or create custom programs 07:59 05/09/2021
Heading back to Alaska - This time with great friends 85:03 02/26/2021
OTG Quick Tips #1 - Eliusive Detector Signals Audio and VDI 07:10 01/09/2021
Compartmentalizing & Confidence = Gold measured by, $ per yard over specks in a pan. 46:43 07/04/2020
But the golds supposed to be here, right here. 22:33 05/09/2020
Paydirt Payoff with Prospecting 28:49 05/03/2020
Thank you for NOT Prospecting 44:35 04/14/2020
The other side of 300, Prospecting outside of California’s buffer zone. 24:52 03/31/2020
Covid-19 Distance, not Isolation. A positive mental outlook is as important as washing your hands. 33:22 03/23/2020
New equipment and some old friends at the GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows. 44:35 03/18/2020
We're BACK 25:25 03/17/2020
This new Detector is a piece of %#*@ - Listener questions and comments 24:51 12/28/2019
Thank you to everyone for tuning into the On The Gold Podcast! 17:58 12/20/2019
Conversation with Dominic Ricci - LDMA 2020 31:17 12/13/2019
5N5 Production Panning 20:58 12/06/2019
California Gold - Yes, you can still prospect and recover gold in California 14:50 12/05/2019
Old vs. New ground, confidence, tenacity, research & willingness to do more. 22:03 11/30/2019
5N5 - OK 3N30 Rules of Thumb 27:57 11/23/2019
5N5 ALMOST Kevin & Chris talk about using discrimination while detecting. 22:23 11/15/2019
5N5 Friday - KB's in charge this week and turned the mic on me, again. 31:54 11/09/2019
When to put down the Detector with Professional Prospector Chris Ralph. 18:03 11/06/2019
5in5 Friday - Fluid Dynamics with Kevin Bell 29:33 11/02/2019
On the Gold With Guest Chris Ralph Professional Prospector 62:55 10/25/2019
5 in 5 Black Sands- Keep, Work or Feed the Roses? 16:21 10/19/2019
5 in 5 - Metal Detecting 27:13 10/10/2019
On The Gold - Long A's to Great Q's from GPAA Members 44:51 10/02/2019
"On The Gold" There's a lot to be proud of when you're a Pick & Shovel Miner. 05:16 09/29/2019
"On The Gold" - PAPER HANGERS... SHAME ON YOU 31:36 09/29/2019