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This is the writing and marketing show with Wendy H. Jones, It does what it says on the tin. Everything you need to find your way around the business of being a writer.


Crafting Captivating Settings: How Locale Shapes a Novel's Soul with Best-Selling Author Danny Petrie
Discover the magic that unfolds when setting takes center stage in a novel, transforming lifeless backdrops into dynamic entities with a soul of their own. This week, best-selling author Danny Petrie joins me, Wendy H Jones, to unravel the secrets behind crafting settings that captivate and characters who resonate with readers like old friends. Amidst the rugged Alaskan wilderness and the vibrant streets of Santa Fe, we delve into the art of choosing the perfect locale to reflect the essence of our stories, and how these choices impact every twist and turn of the narrative.As an author who loves to sketch out the bones of dialogue and action, I share my unique process of dressing these bare frameworks with the flesh of immersive settings. Danny and I discuss the balance required to maintain narrative momentum without sacrificing the rich tapestry of descriptive detail that brings a world to life—especially crucial in genres where the stakes are high, and the suspense is thicker than fog. Our talk is a celebration of storytelling, marked by the release of "One Wrong Move," a novel that epitomizes the harmony of setting and plot in a thrilling dance of intrigue.To all fellow writers and fervent readers, our conversation is a tribute to the craft that unites us. I offer gratitude for your unwavering support and invite you to join the community that fosters these insightful dialogues. Your patronage on Patreon ensures the continuity of this creative exchange, and for that, I thank you. Remember, the journey continues next week with another inspiring guest, and I eagerly anticipate sharing more wisdom that lights the path for your literary adventures.
28:51 2/14/24
Bringing Characters to Life: Mastering Characterisation in Writing
Have you ever faced a character in a book so flat they seem to fall off the page? Fear not, fellow wordsmiths, for I, Wendy H Jones, am here to share the secret sauce to spicing up your characters! This episode of the Writing and Marketing Show is a treasure trove of insights into the subtle art of characterisation. From the lush setting of Wester Wootatelle and Spa to the vibrant aisles of the London Book Fair, I take you on a whirlwind tour of a writer's life, replete with the unexpected twists that demand a nimble mind and a flexible pen.Characterisation isn't just about crafting a biography; it's about breathing life into your protagonists and antagonists with a finesse that makes them leap off the page and into readers' hearts. I delve into the nuances of showing emotions, why a tapping finger can speak volumes more than an exclaimed "I'm frustrated!", and how varying word choices can transform a mere description into an experience. Danny Petrie may not join us this time around, but the conversation doesn't lack for depth, exploring everything from evocative verbs to avoiding the pitfalls of emotional repetition.Finally, I pull back the curtain on what's ahead and where you can join this literary journey with me. Humor mingles with earnest advice as I navigate the everyday chaos of a husky's treat-time amidst musings on character flaws and dialogue pauses. The promise of next week's special guest lingers enticingly as I bid you adieu, inviting you to stay connected and continue fostering your love for the written word. Remember, the stories we craft are as alive as we make them, so let's keep the pages turning and the ink flowing.
30:06 2/6/24
Nature's Narrative The Impact of Setting on Story
Fate threw a curveball that had us scrambling from the flames of my cousin's house fire to the tranquil embrace of a dense woodland retreat. As I share the harrowing details and our impromptu relocation, you'll feel the weight of the narrative's backdrop—the enigmatic allure of the woods—taking center stage. It's in this unexpected haven where I ponder the profound influence of setting on storytelling, drawing parallels between the haunting whispers of the forest and the tapestry of genres it can paint, from spine-chilling horror to gritty survival epics. Battling against the odds, with the local bar's lively chatter as my makeshift studio, my dedication to keeping our community connected and inspired endures. Venture with me beyond the airwaves as I lay out the avenues to stay updated on my latest escapades and literary musings. From my personal website to the rich tapestry of social media, your support breathes life into our creative journey. The vibrant community on Patreon rises as an emblem of this solidarity, much like a hearth in our digital woodland. As the anticipation for the next episode's guest bubbles, rest assured, the conversations we foster will continue to bring light to the craft we cherish and the shared experiences that shape us.
11:37 1/17/24
Embracing the Unfamiliar: A Journey of Resilience and Creative Exploration with Wendy H Jones
Life has a way of tossing curveballs that can either strike us out or propel us to new heights. When my home was devastated by a flood, it felt like a heart-wrenching setback, but that experience became a catalyst for growth and new opportunities in my writing and work. Embrace change with me, Wendy H Jones, as I recount the resilience it took to rebuild and how this unexpected twist led to inspiring roles like managing a crime anthology and pioneering the Sisters in Crime presence on TikTok.This episode isn't just about overcoming personal adversity; it's a testament to the power of venturing into uncharted territories. I take you along on my journey into historical fiction, sharing the trepidation and anticipation of awaiting feedback from my agent. Discover the joys of fostering creative spirits through a writing retreat in Scotland and leading a vibrant Facebook group for women writers. Together, we'll explore the importance of extending beyond familiar confines, whether it's trying your hand at flash fiction or supporting fellow authors to flourish in their craft. Join me as I reveal how embracing the unknown can unlock a world of exhilarating possibilities for any writer willing to step out and seize them.
17:44 1/3/24
Exploring Dystopian Fiction and Publishing Insights with Debut Author Marty M. McNair
Get ready for a thrilling journey as we sit down with Marty McNair, debut author of the riveting dystopian novel, Island of Ruin. McNair's fascination with dystopian fiction, her inspirations, and the journey of her protagonist, Jasmine, are laid bare in this intriguing conversation. The struggle against oppression, the power of resilience and the art of creating an immersive world, are just a handful of the topics we'll be sinking our teeth into.Turning the tables in the second half, we delve into the fascinating process of publishing. From her experiences with publishing "Island of Ruin", to the significance of crafting a captivating title and cover design, there's a wealth of information for voracious readers and budding authors alike. McNair also gives us a glimpse into her writing process, her debut author challenges, and invaluable tips for those embarking on their own writing journey. Tune in for this vibrant exploration of dystopian fiction and publishing!
31:10 10/18/23
Surviving the Writing Lifestyle: Personal Strategies for Health and Productivity
When COVID-19 left me, Wendy H Jones, wiped out, it was a wake-up call to the importance of self-care. Fellow authors, this episode is an intimate reflection on that experience and a stark reminder of how crucial looking after ourselves is. We're diving deep into the strategies that have seen me through - quality sleep, avoiding late-night exposure to blue screens, and staying well hydrated. We're not stopping at simple self-care though. The latter half of our discussion is all about embracing habits that foster a robust lifestyle as a writer. From stretch exercises to social connections, I'll share my personal tips and tricks for physical and mental health. Let's stimulate our brains, get out in the sun, and even explore different cultures to enrich our creativity. So, are you ready to join me on this journey to improved self-care and productivity as an author? Just grab your earbuds and let's get started!
16:32 10/11/23
Mastering the Art of Crime Story Writing with Author Claire A Murray
Summoning all mystery enthusiasts and budding crime writers! Get ready for an engrossing conversation with Phoenix-based author, Claire A Murray. Armed with a suite of compelling short stories and novels, she'll reveal the secret behind crafting narratives that have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.Ever wondered how to create dialogue that resonates with reality? Claire's insights will provide you the answer. Together, we venture into the art of developing realistic and persuasive conversations that only enrich your characters, but also drive your plot forward. We also examine the role of settings and atmosphere in amplifying the tension in crime short stories. But that's not all! Claire also drops valuable nuggets on writing compelling crime stories while managing brevity, the significance of thorough research, and the pitfalls of relying on mainstream media for facts. We also touch upon common cliches to avoid, drafting engaging investigation processes, and even share some exclusive tips for publishing mysteries. Get set for a masterclass that promises to elevate your craft to a whole new level. Don't miss out!
54:32 9/6/23
Turning Lockdown Walks into a Career: Writing for Nature Magazines with Linda Brown
Imagine strolling through the lush greens of nature, absorbing tranquility, and penning down your observations to engage readers worldwide. Our guest Linda Brown has done just that! She’s turned her lockdown walks into a successful career, writing for Nature magazines. Linda's experiences and writings bring nature to life, painting vivid imagery with her words. She starts by sharing her journey, beginning with how her nature rambles during lockdown led her to write for Ayrshire magazine.Linda further unpacks the uniqueness of nature articles in local magazines. She reveals how to select engaging topics, source accurate information, and embed the spirit of the seasons in your writings. Safety is paramount in her advice, and she's got some fantastic app recommendations for identifying birds and plants. Linda's tips are not just about writing; they include embracing the community and the importance of place in your pieces to make them resonate with readers.Capturing nature's beauty isn't just about words. Linda discusses how patience, silence and a good camera are vital in capturing breathtaking photographs that complement her articles. She gives us a peek into her strategies to keep her work locally relevant while retaining her unique authorial voice. As she wraps up, Linda points our listeners to where they can find more of her work. For our part, we conclude this enlightening episode by expressing gratitude to our listeners and sharing various ways to connect with us online. This episode is a goldmine for anyone looking to explore the world of writing for Nature magazines, so don't miss out.Ayrshire Magazine' Narrative Publishing and Retreats
28:27 8/23/23
Crafting Captivating Series Characters with Linda Mather: Techniques, Diversity, and Maintaining Continuity
Ever wondered how to make your series characters captivating, engaging, and real? The key is layering their personalities, their stories, their motivations, and their unresolved issues in just the right way. Today, we're honored to have Linda Mather, author of a murder mystery series starring an astrologer-private investigator, on the show. As a seasoned writer, she takes us behind the scenes, sharing how she crafts her characters and their world with depth and intrigue.The galaxy of characters in a book series are the lifeblood of your narrative. Linda uses her unique blend of experiences, along with a strong sense of place, to breathe life into her characters. We discuss her sixth book, which is based on Virgo themes, and how she makes her characters relatable and dynamic to a diverse audience. We also delve into the importance of maintaining a clear arc for the characters, balancing their traits, and drawing upon real-life experiences to breathe authenticity into their personas.Lastly, Linda offers an in-depth look into how to develop characters and storylines, bringing a fresh perspective to the storytelling techniques. We discuss methods of slowly revealing backstories, using conflict to enhance character depth, and how to create a diverse and interesting world that keeps readers hooked. Listen in as we uncover the power of meaningful challenges, engaging editing, and the importance of continuity in a series. With inspiration from series like the BBC Four’s Swedish detective Beck or Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series, we hope to give you the tools to weave captivating narratives and compelling characters that your audience won't be able to forget.
49:12 8/23/23
Exploring the Fascinating World of Mortuary Archaeology with Sarah N. Rubin
A  fascinating glimpse into the world of mortuary archaeology with our expert guest, Sarah N Rubin. Sarah, a seasoned archaeologist, takes us on an enlightening journey through the lens of time, sharing her rich experiences from excavations all over the world, from Ohio to Jerusalem. Promising a wealth of intriguing insights, we traverse the boundaries of science, history, culture, and literature in this captivating episode. Eager to decode the mysteries of the past through the study of burials and bones? You're in for a treat. We discuss how the whisperings of the long-departed, from royalty like Tutankhamun to the common man, can unveil a treasure trove of knowledge about ancient cultures. Sarah sheds light on how bones offer clues about age, sex, pathology, and cultural practices. But it's not all smooth sailing - we also delve into the ethical dilemmas and unique hurdles faced in mortuary archaeology. Finally, we turn the spotlight onto literature and how mortuary archaeology has been masterfully woven into the narrative by authors such as Aaron Alkins and Elizabeth Peters. Sarah, who is also an accomplished writer, candidly shares how she incorporates her expertise into her work. For all budding writers out there, we offer a list of valuable resources to help you bring authenticity to your novels through this unique perspective. So sit back, tune in, and let the secrets of the past unfold before you.You can find out more about Sarah and her books at out more about Writers' Narrative my brand new free magazine for writers everywhere. Sign up to get it delivered to your inbox monthly.Find out more about Mists and Manuscripts, a writing retreat in the heartland of Scotland, surrounded by lochs and mountains. 
51:17 8/16/23
Unveiling the Secrets of Pocket Novels with Sue Cook
Ready to venture into the world of pocket novels? Let's uncover the secrets together with Sue Cook, the acclaimed pocket novelist. Our chat goes beyond the size, length, and style as we understand what it takes to craft a captivating narrative within the constraints of a pocket novel. We reveal why staying slightly under the word count is crucial and how the word count requirement varies between People's Friend and My Weekly. Dive in with us as we discuss the significance of detailed research and meticulous plotting in bringing your story to life.In the next leg of our conversation, we tackle the essentials of a clear structure and the art of creating impactful dialogue. Master how to inject action within dialogues that keep the readers gripped. Sue shares her journey, the genres she's experimented with, and tips to keep your story focused and irresistible. As we wrap up, we touch upon the avenues of self-publishing and where to find more about Sue and her fascinating books. Don't miss this insightful episode packed with tips, techniques, and a peek into Sue's world of pocket novels.
32:29 8/9/23
Exploring Search and Rescue: Insights from Expert Lynn Random
Join Wendy H Jones as she engages in a fascinating conversation with Lynn Random, a seasoned volunteer and expert in the field of search and rescue. With a rich background in advertising, marketing, and public relations, Lynn brings a unique perspective to this critical area of community service. Her stories are riveting; from volunteering with local canine search and rescue to gracing writers' conferences as a guest speaker, Lynn inspires as she shares her wealth of knowledge.This episode covers more than you could ever imagine about search and rescue. Lynn unravels the world of search and rescue operations, detailing the specific roles of dogs, providing insights into their training, and even unveiling the need for articles like clothing or a hairbrush in operations. What's more? You'll hear intriguing stories about search and rescue dogs, including a captivating account of how eight dog teams were instrumental in a water search for a deceased person.But this episode isn't just about search and rescue; it's about community service, it's about writing gripping narratives, and it's about understanding the significance of these aspects in crime stories. As Lynn shares her journey from being an advertising professional to being involved in search and rescue, we gain insights into the importance of giving back to the community. She also provides valuable advice for those interested in this field and authors seeking to write compelling search and rescue storylines. So, whether you're an author, an enthusiast, or someone simply intrigued by the world of search and rescue, sit back and take in an hour of captivating insights from an industry expert.
36:18 8/2/23
Exploring the Intricate World of Children's Magazine Writing with Rebekah McVey
Ever wondered how a seasoned journalist crafts fascinating stories for children's magazines? Join us as we unravel this intriguing world with our guest, Rebekah, a content producer for Children's Magazine at DC Thompson. Rebecca gives us an insider's view on the unique aspects of writing for children, emphasizing the need for interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles, and even coloring designs to engage young minds. We take a deep dive into the visual aspect of children's magazine writing, where Rebecca shares her experience of sourcing images first and building stories around them. Listen in as we grapple with the challenges of editing and proofreading, with Rebecca pointing out common mistakes and offering tips on crafting relatable characters and dialogues. In the final segment, Rebekah shares valuable advice for aspiring writers, discussing how to choose appropriate topics and themes that captivate children's interest. Furthermore, she reveals her strategies for staying abreast of current trends and the importance of creativity when writing for children. Did we mention that she also has experience as a video game reviewer? Whether you're an aspiring writer, a seasoned scribe, or just curious about the world of children's magazines, this episode is packed with insights and advice to enlighten and inspire. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and let's explore the magical world of children's magazines!
34:10 7/26/23
Inspiring Young Minds: A Deep Dive into Children's Literature with Pauline Tate
What if you could captivate young minds and inspire a love for reading? Join me and children's picture book author, Pauline Tate, as we navigate this enchanting world. We dive into the art of crafting engaging characters and compelling narratives, exploring the vital role of illustrations and the delicate balance between simplicity and captivating storytelling. Our lively conversation also delves into the business side of things, shedding light on the intricacies of the children's book publishing industry. We serve up invaluable advice on finding the right publishers, researching age brackets, and the importance of networking. Whether you're an aspiring author or a seasoned professional, Pauline's insights are sure to enrich your understanding and approach to children's literature.We also share our experiences from recent book signings and my upcoming US book tour, emphasizing the importance of reader engagement. Plus, we look at how to foster a love for reading, inspiring young minds to become lifelong learners. So, ready to step into the whimsical world of children's literature? Come along as we journey through this exciting landscape with Pauline Tate!
51:04 7/19/23
Mastering the Art of Self-Editing: Enhance Your Writing and Hire the Right Editor
Ever wondered how to transform your manuscript from good to brilliant? Today, we’re demystifying the art of self-editing and sharing coveted tricks to enhance your writing style. Home in on sentence structure, narrative flow, and the fine details of spelling and grammar to shape your narrative into an engaging masterpiece. Discover the power of potent verbs, the subtle art of punctuation, and why reading your manuscript aloud could be your secret weapon in the battle against run-on sentences.Have you been grappling with tenses, gratuitous L-words, and knowing when to be ruthlessly decisive with your edits? Let us illuminate the way. In this episode, we peel back the layers of tenses and discuss the importance of being conscious of your language choices, especially those pesky L-words. We also delve into the importance of objectivity, and why knowing when to step away from the editing process is just as crucial. And remember, editing doesn't have to be a chore; it's your golden ticket to making your manuscript shine for readers.But wait, there's more! Beyond self-editing, we're guiding you through the labyrinth of hiring the right editor. Get the low-down on the different types of editing, from structural to line to proofreading, and why each one should fall into place at just the right moment in your editing journey. Involve other discerning readers in your process and understand why it's essential to engage a professional editor to catch those elusive mistakes. Plus, learn why building an online presence and using platforms like Patreon can lend a helping hand in supporting your work. As a bonus, stay tuned until the end for a teaser of our upcoming guests!
33:02 7/12/23
Unlocking the Power of The Arts in Historical Fiction Research
Discover the power of art and music in historical fiction research with award-winning author, Sheena MacLeod. Infuse your writing with the emotional depth and rich dimensionality that these two mediums offer. Our conversation journeys through Sheena's fascinating approach to research, touching on areas such as the emotional turmoil of Scots during the clearances as depicted in Thomas Faed's painting, 'The Last of the Clan,' and how broadsheets of Restoration London used music and poetry to pass on messages. It's a splendid mix of academia and artistry that's bound to enrich your understanding of historical fiction writing.We then tread the path of symbolism in art - a path riddled with enigmas and packed with profound meanings. We'll decode symbols in works like Mary Queen of Scott's dropped glove and Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel, and explore how they're used in story and plot development. Sheena's insights on the matter are a treasure trove for any writer looking to add layers of meaning and resonance to their work. No stone is left unturned as we examine everything from the significance of jewellery like the Clan Brooch to the hidden dissatisfaction in Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings.Our final discussion wraps up this enlightening journey. We talk about how art and music can evoke emotion, inspire stories, and bring meaning to your work. The power of these mediums in research is truly extraordinary, and Sheena's unique perspective on it is sure to inspire. So, ready to unlock new depths in your writing with the charm of art and music? Come, join us on this remarkable journey and discover the magic yourself.Amazon Author Page
29:52 7/5/23
Chasing Inspiration: Practical Tips and Strategies to Reignite Your Writing Motivation
Ever felt like you're chasing inspiration with a club, only to watch it flutter away just out of reach? You're not alone. We've been there, and in this podcast episode, we share how we overcame it and how you can too. We offer practical tips to keep your motivation and inspiration alive, drawing from the wisdom of writing giants like Jack London and Ray Bradbury. We also delve into my personal experience of writing in a scriptorium in Arbroath Abbey, proving that a change of environment can do wonders for your creativity. But what if the creative well runs dry? Fret not, we've got you covered. We explore a variety of strategies to reignite your creative spark, from diversifying your reading list to experimenting with new writing forms. Connecting with other authors and readers is also crucial. That's where platforms like Patreon come in. We discuss how to leverage such platforms to showcase your work, connect with like-minded individuals, and create a supportive community around your work. All these and more, await your eager ears. So, buckle in for an enriching ride filled with inspiration, motivation, practical advice, and real-world experiences. Keep writing and enjoy the journey!
21:24 6/28/23
Podcasting as a Book Marketing Tool
I am sure I don't need to convince anyone of the value of podcasts as you are listening to one. However, have you ever thought about how you can use it to help market your books? In today's solo episode I talk about effective use of podcasts as part of your marketing portfolio.
20:49 6/21/23
Using AI in your Writing and Author Business
AI or artificial intelligence, is the hot topic for discussion in writers' circles at the moment. However, love it or hate it, it is not going away. Today's episode is a balanced discussion about AI outlining both sides of the argument, so you, the writer, can make your own informed choice regarding the topic. 
24:58 6/14/23
Journey of a Debut Novelist With Marti M. McNair
Today I talk to debut novelist  Marti M. McNair About her journey and what she is doing to promote her book. Her inspirational journey is choc full of information that will help anyone wherever they re in their writing journey.
22:10 6/7/23
Writing Dystopian Fiction
Today I am talking to Dystopian Fiction author L. G. Jenkins about writing dystopian fiction. She gives us hints and tips about the genre and reasons why it is so popular. From secreting to character and everything in between this is your chance to find out everything you need to know about the genre.  You can find out more about Lydia on her website 
30:19 5/31/23
The Business of Being a Writer: A Candid View
As writers we often have this vision of what our life will be like - sitting in our writing cave doing nothing but writing. Then reality sets in. Today's episode is taking a look at everything an author is often doing other than writing. If you would like to submit an article to Writers' Narrative the email address is
25:42 5/24/23
Writing a Long Running Series
Today I am talking to Leigh Russell, author of the DI Geraldine Steele Mysteries, about writing a long running series. Leigh is now writing the 21st book in the series. We chat about developing story and character arcs, keeping the series fresh and so much more.
47:19 5/3/23
Decluttering Your Life to Boost Creativity
Today, I talk to Jane Brocklehurst, a professional declutterer and author of Home Freed: The Theology of Decluttering about how to declutter your life in order to boost your creativity. 
35:40 4/26/23
From Actress to Author: A Life in Creativity
Today I am chatting to Actress and Author Sophie Neville about her creative career from starring as Kitty in the original Swallows and Amazons to a ward winning author via artist and cartographer. We talk about writing for the BBC, writing novels and memoirs and sketching and how this can all combine for a fascinating and diverse author career
48:04 4/19/23
The Value of Conferences and Reader Events
Today I am talking to Award Winning Author Dani Pettrey about the value of attending Conferences, Events and trade fairs and how they can help boost your author career. With hints tips and advice to help you navigate the conference circuit and make the most of your attendance at such events. 
38:33 4/12/23
Writing Fan Fiction
In today's episode I talk to author Ruth Leigh about writing fan fiction based on the novels of Jane Austen. We talk about how fan fiction can be commercial and the ways it can be written to engage the modern reader. 
23:37 4/5/23
Working with a Virtual Assistant
Have you ever thought about employing a Virtual Assistant, particularly for marketing your books? How would that work? How can they help you? What are the benefits. Find out in today's interview with Virtual Assistant Jessy Workman.If you want to find out more about how Jessy can help you, contact her below. Her website is currently being restructured, so I will add that here when it is up and running.Instagram handles - jessyworkmanFacebook - Jess Workman Email-
20:16 3/22/23
Writing a Travel Memoir
Today I am chatting to Judith Gallium Pex, the author of Walk the Land: A journey on Foot Through Israel, about writing travel memoirs. Judith gives us hints and tips about how to get started, the importance of travel memoirs and how to write one which entertains and informs. WebsiteAmazon Author Page Shelter Hostel, Eilat 
25:59 3/15/23
Ghostwriting Children's Books
Today I am chatting to Serena Tate about ghostwriting children's books. This is another income stream that you can think about adding to your portfolio. Well worth listening and checking out the ideas. 
16:02 3/8/23

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