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Talks with Petri -podcast helps startup founders and entrepreneurs to build their business by inspiring and sharing knowledge from other founders, thought leaders and people who are building the future. The show explores personal stories and experiences with lessons learned. The international guests are building the future in culture, arts, business, economics, technology or they are having big ideas. The real talk conversations go deep but the tone is entertaining. The purpose is always to learn more and share the know-how with others. Visit for episode notes.


The golden right of first refusal 97:31 03/14/2021
Bootstrapping your way to success 68:05 02/15/2021
Embrace negotiations with a creative mindset without compromises 68:08 12/06/2020
Value-based selling with sales cowboys and the dark side of customer relationships 105:13 11/22/2020
Average Joe - the tech genius could be you 60:47 11/08/2020
Success through failure, innovation and imitation 72:52 10/25/2020
Building communities with the standard you walk past 69:01 10/11/2020
From products to an experience mindset 73:11 09/27/2020
Curators are the new creators 67:21 09/12/2020
Personalised learning with service design thinking 70:31 08/30/2020
Finder, minder, grinder and a marmot advocate 54:12 08/23/2020
How to succeed in content marketing 77:51 08/16/2020
Nail it before you scale it 69:09 08/09/2020
The long run is here 48:53 08/02/2020
Consumer is sovereign 103:00 07/26/2020
Mixing startups and VC with French seasoning 48:40 07/19/2020
Context brings content to audio 59:18 07/12/2020
Serendipitous journey through geopolitical storms 97:23 07/05/2020
Branded water with a square meter of art 59:40 06/28/2020
Passionate people build products 66:40 06/21/2020
Check your odds while playing games and delivering food 98:59 06/14/2020
Hai and thank you says it all 55:21 06/07/2020
Curious angel seeks happiness by learning 85:32 05/31/2020
Pragmatic anarchist surfs the waves of impact 59:32 05/24/2020
Make your work visible 60:04 05/17/2020
Watching TV pays off 59:05 05/10/2020
There is no Control-Z 60:47 05/03/2020
City-hopping between trail runs 48:07 04/26/2020
That is so rude 23:47 04/26/2020
Futurist thinks it is your choice 51:51 04/26/2020