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Welcome to Ciao Bella, where travel writer Erica Firpo is joined by artists, designers, chefs, experts and aficionados who are defining, redefining and evolving Italy, and beyond. Fashion. Food. Art. Travel. Hotels. Galleries. Pizza. Aperitivi. Coffee. And more. Cocktail conversations and behind-the-scenes visits that will make you want to pack your bags and go!


Lorenzo Lisi Dreams In Cabernet 25:48 07/25/2022
Laudemio, Frescobaldi's Prestige Olive Oil 25:06 07/19/2022
On the road again with Chef Valentino Cassanelli 49:08 07/11/2022
Debbie Travis on Joy and living in Italy 58:46 07/04/2022
Back to the Earth with Venice' Osti in Orto 26:38 06/20/2022
Spritz O'Clock in Venice with Select 29:02 06/13/2022
21st century La Serenissima with Inside Venice 36:34 06/06/2022
Doing Italy with Thea Duncan 28:42 05/30/2022
The Bella behind Ciao Bella 33:38 05/24/2022
Bottling Green in Montepulciano with Salcheto 42:46 12/20/2021
Loving Lago di Como with Bianca Passera 38:00 12/20/2021
H Farm innovates the future in Treviso 30:31 12/06/2021
Exploring the Gallerie d'Italia with Michele Coppola 32:09 11/29/2021
Fast motorcycles, sustainable energy and Energica's Livia Cevolini 15:58 11/22/2021
NFTs, Art and Alexander Van Glitch 34:57 11/15/2021
Tod's Walter Chiapponi and clothes with culture 31:48 11/01/2021
Making good and sustainable fashion with Goooders 31:36 10/25/2021
Susan Van Allen writes Italy 43:02 10/18/2021
Getting under Rome with Darius Arya and Adriano Morabito 38:38 10/11/2021
Revving it up in Italy's Motor Valley 27:30 10/04/2021
Ashiko's Anotherland 49:04 09/27/2021
The New Cucina Italiana 42:17 09/27/2021
Pasta-tively amazing with Julia Ficara 35:48 04/26/2021
Bagels in Rome, believe it 51:19 04/19/2021
Sant'Eustachio, Rome's historic caffe 45:28 04/12/2021
Inside The Uffizi with Director Eike Schmidt 24:57 03/15/2021
Designing La Dolce Vita with Arlene Gibbs 39:03 03/08/2021
Feasting on the Cilento with Danielle Oteri 35:13 03/01/2021
Curves and colours with Olimpia Zagnoli 42:56 02/15/2021
In the kitchen with Karime Lopez, Gucci Osteria 42:26 02/08/2021