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Join author, speaker, and leadership expert Zack Hudson on the Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast for topics including personal development, time management, leading well, entrepreneurship, relational leadership, work life balance and other relevant and timely topics. Have fun with Host Mike Floyd as he and Zack cover leadership topics in this commuter style radio show so that you can listen to and finish the episode during your normal commute to work, school or while running errands. For more information, visit our website! There, you can read weekly posts on leadership and life lessons that coincide with the show and subscribe to have the newsletters delivered straight to your inbox. Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast also features interviews with world-renowned leaders and authors to hear their perspective on leadership. This is a great show for leaders looking to expand their influence, parents looking to lead their children well and students that are looking to become the next great leader. Send in your questions to be featured in an upcoming episode with author, speaker, and leadership expert Zack Hudson by visiting


PTB 273: Be more wrong: How Failure makes you an outstanding leader with Colin Hunter 24:05 06/16/2021
PTB 272: Tips to manage stress 20:12 06/09/2021
PTB 271: Improving through competition 23:49 06/02/2021
PTB 270: 3 tips to be more persuasive 19:52 05/26/2021
PTB 269: Frontline leadership DOs & DONT's with David Wheatley 22:02 05/19/2021
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PTB 271: Improving through competition 23:49 05/05/2021
PTB 267: Prove me right: Positive motivation 16:51 05/05/2021
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PTB 265: Be the magnifying glass 14:51 04/21/2021
PTB 264: Be a poker player 20:28 04/14/2021
PTB 263: Be the thread 16:56 04/07/2021
PTB 262: How to be a leader worth following with Tim Spiker 20:24 03/31/2021
PTB 261: Empathy, sympathy and pity 18:35 03/24/2021
PTB 260: The problem with seagull managers 14:46 03/17/2021
PTB 259: Chasing success off a cliff 21:10 03/10/2021
PTB 258: Emotional Intelligence in a remote world 15:28 03/03/2021
PTB 257: Addicted to being right & the seven deadly sins of leadership w/ Jennifer Thornton 21:35 02/24/2021
PTB 256: How to deal with aggressive people 24:33 02/17/2021
PTB 255: Thrive in a virtual workplace 22:58 02/10/2021
PTB 254: Communicating the technical to non-technical people w/ Aman Agarwal 23:19 02/03/2021
PTB 253: The habits that close the gap in remote work 18:17 01/27/2021
PTB 252: The mentality that closes the gap in remote work 18:43 01/20/2021
PTB 251: Why honor matters in leadership 27:42 01/13/2021
PTB 250: Aspirations vs ambitions 17:13 01/06/2021
PTB 249: Include others to gain their commitment 17:04 12/30/2020
PTB 248: Tips to strengthen your attention 22:52 12/23/2020
PTB 247: The roadblocks to empathy 20:55 12/16/2020
PTB 246: Tips to grow your empathy 18:47 12/09/2020
PTB 245: Understanding empathy 17:49 12/02/2020