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The podcast for people who want to go freelance or are already doing it. Hosted by freelance writer and author of 'Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss' - Fiona Thomas. Whether you're starting a side hustle or looking for a career change, tune in to learn how to make self-employment work for you.


Pricing and chronic illness with Ruth Poundwhite 45:45 11/17/2021
Patriarchy stress disorder with Dr Valerie Rein 38:09 11/10/2021
Follow your passions with Alison Powell from Write Club 45:38 10/13/2021
Therapy is magic with Jo Love 43:33 10/06/2021
Mental health at work with Lorna Scully from Digital Discussions Unflitered 50:25 09/15/2021
Make money blogging with Jenna Farmer AKA The Bloglancer 22:21 09/08/2021
Self-promotion tips for when you're feeling low 21:33 08/25/2021
Strategies for dealing with imposter syndrome 17:35 08/18/2021
Are these corporate habits ruining your freelance life? 34:04 08/11/2021
Burnout and boundaries with Jo Hooper 57:59 08/04/2021
How to make the leap with Jess Berry from The Coworking Club 47:36 07/28/2021
Pitching to publications (Part 2) 27:59 07/21/2021
Pitching to publications (Part 1) 29:02 07/14/2021
My 3 biggest business fears 35:50 07/07/2021
How to make time for your passion project 30:25 06/30/2021
Using IG reels to sell your services 25:58 06/23/2021
Is it ever OK to work for free? 23:44 06/16/2021
How to manage your schedule when you have depression 29:51 06/08/2021
How to overcome self-doubt in business 25:01 06/02/2021
How to host an online event 47:19 05/26/2021
Are you financially ready to go freelance? 22:37 05/19/2021
How I used Instagram to sell out my writing program in 36 hours 41:49 05/12/2021
Sharing the launch strategy for my sold-out writing program 43:03 05/05/2021
Growing your online platform 18:44 04/28/2021
Using your blog to get more clients 26:23 04/21/2021
Falling in love with freelancing again 42:48 04/14/2021
Strategies for coping with stress, depression and anxiety 32:23 04/07/2021
4 monthly habits to boost your business 18:31 03/31/2021
Managing loneliness when working from home 18:32 03/24/2021
Free tools that make freelancing easier 27:08 03/17/2021