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PowerPlatform Podcast is focused on people using the Power Platform and working in the Microsoft Business Applications/Power Platform community. Your hosts are Mark Christie (@themarkchristie) and Microsoft Biz Apps MVP Iain Connolly (@bearded365guy).


Power Platform Podcast - Black Speakers Support Group
Tricia, Will, Musonda & Alexio join Iain & Mark to talk about their upcoming podcast, the Black Speakers Support Group and Black History Month To find out more please see the following links YouTube - Twitter- BHN - &    
60:18 10/01/2021
Wrestling With The Community
Mark and Iain talk to the first family of Power Platform Pro-Wrestling. Nick Doelman, Matt Beard and Paddy Byrne join the podcast to talk about their passion for wrestling.  This is the longest podcast yet so enjoy
94:53 12/15/2020
Hitting the High Notes with Samuel Smith
Mark and Iain welcome Samuel Smith onto the podcast.  Find out if we got the Tenor to sign the Wave 2 Release notes and listen to Sams journey into the world of consultancy.   Find Sam Linkedin - Twitter -
62:37 07/11/2020
Talking Baws.... With Thomas Sandsor
Mark & Iain have a chat with Thomas about Football, Futsal and Beech Soccer. Why did he choose to play for Norway and not the USA? Find Thomas here or Google Him
59:32 05/27/2020
Planting the seed.
Mark and NEW Biz Apps MVP Iain chat with Elaiza Benitez & Alison Mulligan about their plant based diets and how they manage this at events. Twitter    
87:07 05/12/2020
Whats the Virtual Power Group
In this episode Mark and Iain are ambushed by members of the Virtual Power Group (VPG) of Scotland to discuss what led them to set up an online community for people who live or work in Scotland that have a shared interest in Microsoft Business Applications (e.g. Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics). The group is open to all levels of experience and hopes to provide an entry point for those that are starting out on their career, as well as a discussion forum for more experienced members to understand the latest technology and industry trends.   The conversation includes a discussion on the current state of the Scottish market, how the group will use this exciting new forum to highlight career opportunities across Scotland, and offer night classes to those that are just starting out. Future discussion topics for the group will also include non-technical aspects such as the soft skills required to succeed in business.   The next meeting of the Virtual Power Group is on 28th April 2020. If you have an interest in building the Microsoft Business Applications community in Scotland, then please visit the following link for further information:
48:07 04/20/2020
When Worlds Collide
Remember that time when we said we didn't do technical podcasts... Well today we are breaking that rule (never set a rule you can't keep) We have Emma D'Arcy, Dilyana Radulova & Malin Donoso Martnes with us to talk about Microsoft Dynamics Marketing & ClickDimensions. You can find them here
85:02 04/02/2020
Space Invaders
Mark & Iain are joined by the one and only Jon Levesque. Chats about First Consoles, Top Game Series & New Consoles There is 100% no chat about Covid-19 or PowerPlatform on this podcast Find Jon
71:22 03/29/2020
Community Profile with Dave Burrell
Today we have Music Legend and Cook Skillet..... Well close enough we have Dave Burrell with us to talk about his work in the community and the daily call he has setup while we are going through this Covid-19 stuff.   Find Dave here   and Join the meeting here
52:27 03/27/2020
The Scottish Summit Virus
We chat about Scottish Summit, Working From Home, Virus' and everything in between   @TheMarkChristie & @Bearded365Guy
54:03 03/23/2020
#SS2020 - Alison Muligan
Our first speaker interview for Scottish Summit is Alison Mulligan from Maximus IT - Find out what she will be talking about in Scotland
16:31 12/13/2019
New Podcast Who Dis?
Iain and Mark have moved back to their origins on   Today the guys catch up on the last 2 months and tell us about the plans going forward
12:49 12/06/2019
Where's Vollmer?
Mark & Iain today chat with Field Service Global Legend Ben Vollmer   We talk about all the travelling that Ben does for work, His favourite locations and where to avoid.   Also a few travelling tips in here as well
68:04 09/26/2019
You've got to Joe with the Flow
Bearded365Guy and TheMarkChristie bring to you Flow_Joe_ We chat about falling in love with Microsoft Flow after a holiday with a Flow Superstar. Bringing flow into his workplace and how he wants to progress his learning on the PowerPlatform. We also Talk Ice Hockey, Donuts & Fertilisation    Find Joe here:
56:26 09/18/2019
Ana Demeny
Iain and Mark talk to Ana Demeny about: Moving to a new country Anxiety Workplace Policies Workplace Stigmas Find Anna on LinkedIn Find Anna on Twitter
71:55 07/02/2019
Emma D'Arcy Is not an Impostor
Mark and Iain have a chat with ClickDimensions Emma D'Arcy:  Tattoos Community Events New Job Socks ClickDimension's New Interface Find Emma on   LinkedIn Twitter Website
54:38 06/19/2019
Code Red with Carissa Allen
Iain and Mark talk to Microsoft’s own Carissa Allen about:   Mentorship Diversity Workplace Policies Gender Pay Gap Workplace Stigmas     Find Carissa on LinkedIn Salesforce Pay Gap
66:11 05/08/2019
Bite Size with Matt Collins
Iain & Mark Chat with Matt Collins about his first presentation in Amsterdam at CRMUG and his special guest.   You can find Matt here:
29:55 04/25/2019
Bite Size with Matt Beard
Mark & Iain Chat have a quick bleather with Matt Beard about his XRMToolBox Tools, Speaking at Conferences and what he does day to day in his job.  
23:27 04/18/2019
Mental Health with Brett Rogers
Overview In this episode (brought to you by Kingswaysoft), Iain and Mark chat with Brett Rogers about the subject of Mental Health in consultancy, We talk about our experiences and what has helped us cope with the stresses of life on the road and working from home. *Warning” This episode does cover topics that may not be suitable for everyone. If you ever need to reach out please let someone know or find your local Mental Health Organisation. Topics discussed in this episode Mental Health Show Resources   Your hosts: Mark Christie: Iain Connolly:
63:23 03/12/2019
Samit Saini from Heathrow
In this episode (brought to you by DocumentsCorePack), Iain and Mark chat with Samit Saini about his meteoric rise to PowerPlatform stardom, We talk about his upbringing, the change in his role at Heathrow Airport and his love for the dynamics community. We also recap the Dynamics365Scotland event we held last month. Topics discussed in this episode Samit’s Background in IT….. Or Lack of it Seeing a problem and Fixing it Hanging out with Satya in Vegas Show Resources
51:34 03/01/2019
Dynamics 365 Saturday Rundown
Mark & Iain Chat with Rosie Brotherwood, Ana Demeny & Mark Smith (NZ365Guy) about a range of topics and their upcoming session at Dynamics 365 Saturday Scotland
117:00 01/10/2019
Dynamics 365 Saturday Rundown
Mark Christie & Iain Connolly chat with Ryan Maclean, Reece Campbell and Microsoft MVP Jonas Rapp about their upcoming sessions at #D365SatSco
120:01 01/02/2019