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Reliability Road Rash

No fluff, no magic wand, no easy button... just a straight up approach to getting after & owning your reliability journey. Reliability Road Rash goes off the path less traveled, jumps into the ditch, and crawls through the weeds. There is nothing more valuable than lessons learned while addressing the pain points head on. So sit back, buckle up, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times and be prepared to get comfortable at being uncomfortable.Check out all our Asset Performance Management (APM) podcasts here:


Courage to Lead Change: The Better Half
On this episode of Reliability Road Rash, we continue our multi episode discussion on the courage to lead change and to think differently. My MUCH better half shares her journey about switching gears, embracing major change and working her way into the Reliability field. Change is not easy but sometimes you just have to learn to get comfortable at being uncomfortable. You have to respect her hustle because she just didn’t knock on opportunities door...she kicked it in!
16:52 8/11/20
Courage to Lead Change: Drones
It’s important for leadership to have the courage to lead change and seek new ways of thinking while also embracing integrity, passion, innovation, and vision. Not only should a leader lead from the front, but also from the top. On this episode of Reliability Road Rash, host Larry Pasch embarks on a multi-part discussion to explore how fearless leaders are bringing innovative change to their industry. To start the conversation, Larry invites special guest John Hulwick, owner of Drone Services LLC, to share how he embraced his passion for drone technology to lead change from the top... literally! Connect with Larry Pasch on LinkedIn!
21:50 7/13/20
Getting Back to Work
How will we lead change so that our reliability teams can return to work during and after the COVID-19 crisis? Lets brainstorm and generate ideas together so we can provide an environment where are teams can be safe.
04:51 5/29/20
Vanilla Reliability
Where is the passion, innovation and vision in your reliability program? It's time to inspire and motivate yourself to get out of that status quo rut. It's the same old planning and work management process day after day.So generic, so boring,...
06:21 5/21/20
Building a Reliability Culture 101
Reliability is just not the “flavor of the day”, it should be the culture. Developing a sustainable Reliability culture provides guardrails to help the team stay on the track. It lets everyone know where we are going and why we are doing the things we...
06:19 5/14/20
Leadership & Popcorn
How do we effectively acknowledge and reward the efforts, accomplishments, and contributions of our reliability teams? Do we reward too much? Too little? What is the right balance? The goal is to motivate our employees so they'll want to be productive members of our organization. On this week's episode, Larry shares his kernel of wisdom on leadership. Let's get popping! Connect with Larry Pasch on LinkedIn!
06:21 5/6/20
Dare to Suck
Far too many reliability teams lack progress because they don't know success is on the other side of fear. It's okay to make mistakes and sometimes you just have to dare yourself to suck. On this episode, Larry talks about what fear, risks, and embracing a new way of thinking can do for your reliability program. Connect with Larry Pasch on LinkedIn!
06:46 4/28/20