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Agile Coaching Network

Do you need help with your Agile adoption? Or would you like to share what worked or didn’t as you were doing an adoption in your own company? If so, Agile Alliance invites you to participate in the Agile Coaching Network. Hosted by Ray Arell, the ACN is a monthly webcast event that enables you to learn and share with other Agile practitioners. More info at


Fostering Self-Organizing Teams and Agile for Hardware Development 50:40 05/01/2021
Dealing with disruption and best practices to build trust 48:46 04/23/2021
Has Agile Left Programmers Behind? Plus, Flat Retrospectives 48:08 03/29/2021
Agile at 20 and what is the difference between facilitating vs. leading a meeting. 52:51 03/08/2021
Waves of transformation and Agile at 20 50:46 01/05/2021
Agile communities of practice, performance reviews, and mixed questions from our live event 52:20 12/14/2020
Permanent work-from-home and Agile, and resources for business and leadership agility 49:15 11/13/2020
From command and control to self-organization, and why use Agile project management. 47:14 10/22/2020
Implementing Agile on non-software teams, when teams get too big, and steps to become a product owner 47:46 09/01/2020
Agile Testing Strategies and Coaching an Overwhelmed Product Owner 48:07 08/15/2020
Dealing with unconscious biases, and shifting the team to an outcome mindset. 48:22 06/28/2020
Maneuvering a Black Swan event, and what are good ways to measure Agile maturity. 48:08 05/27/2020
What does it mean to be good enough, and how should Agile coaches measure their success 47:07 04/29/2020
Working remotely when face-to-face is not possible and taking care of yourself 51:10 03/31/2020
Team and personal learning, moving from scrum master to Agile coach, and moving to enterprise-level coach 45:37 02/25/2020
Moving boldly into the New Year, how to not be an outsider as a scrum master, and effective team communications. 48:00 01/29/2020
Building an octopus organization and supporting sustainability 48:42 12/18/2019
Why ask permission to be better, the nature of work and frameworks, and assessing Agile maturity 49:00 11/23/2019
A live chat with thought leaders in the Agile test community about Agile and test. 49:11 11/12/2019
Is Agile killing or helping innovation, do cycle time metrics add value, building cohesive teams, what success has happened with Agile in K-12 education, and what people are reading 44:54 10/26/2019
Building "Yes, and" culture, how to bring culture change to an organization, and what people are reading 43:18 09/23/2019
What is wrong with mandated Agile, Scrum master value, digital vs. Agile transformations, and late user stories 47:53 09/04/2019
Building projects around motivated people, employee engagement, and stop converting story points to time 50:10 07/24/2019
Flow and Agile, measuring coaching effectiveness, and the role of the PMO in Agile 41:44 06/24/2019
Never enough time to test, stakeholders participation, should leaders understand Agile, and personal agility 49:11 06/11/2019
Lack of training opportunities, small steps to shift to an Agile funding model, building trust when teams are not co-located, and what we are reading 42:02 05/07/2019
Great leaders impact on Agile, calculating business value, required reading on culture change, how to hold teams accountable 47:11 04/12/2019
Empower the team to write great code, developing an Agile mindset, nonfunctional requirements and Agile, and addressing misleading terminology 57:38 03/12/2019
Calling an Agile Adoption done and firing the coaches, encouraging continuous development, concerns with SAFe, and Agile and team structures, 41:57 02/02/2019
Round table discussion with Agile leaders, is it really just about software, business and developers working together, self organization, and is face-to-face outdated 55:23 12/19/2018