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The Nutty Chronicles

A narrative history of a Dublin family which combines anecdote, genealogy, history and speculation to reconstruct the lives of my modestly circumstanced Irish family stretching back over 200 years


8: The Trinity Birch
This episode continues the focus on my Dad's life and his work and is a chronological extension of events covered in episodes 5 and 6. Although the focus features my family's life in the 1960s and 1970s, the narrative stretches back to events in 17th century Dublin before finishing up in more contemporary times and the legacy my Father left behind.
31:34 06/28/2021
M3: The Good, The Bad and the Future
This 3rd TNC Meta episode delves into the process behind creating the new website associated with the podcast. and why creating a dedicated website is vital to the growth of a podcast. I also talk about the trade off decisions made between building a site from scratch and the alternative I ultimately madeI continue the discussion be explaining why is been taking so long to produce new content and why I'm hopeful that will no longer be a problem going forwardFinally make sure you block out your calendar for Sunday May 9th at 11 Am EST which will be 4PM Dublin time. I'm going to be doing a free, zoom session where you can "Ask Me Anything" you'd like about the podcast. More details will be forthcoming on that session. Just remember to join up the mail list which you can find at You'll get all the details on The upcoming Zoom sessionFuture episodesBeing included in the free mystery drawing for the end of April 2021
15:38 03/22/2021
7: A Bed of Thorny Roses
This episode tells the story of the early years of my parent’s life together and how the family got into the rose growing business, the motivations, difficulties, successes and failures of that choice
41:58 01/11/2021
6: Ireland and Dad’s Lost Decades
The Ireland of the 1930s-50s was both socially conservative and economically isolated. This is the story of those decades as seen through my fragmentary understanding of my Dad's life during those years
38:24 10/12/2020
M2: A Tale of Two Humps
This 2nd TNC Meta episode delves into the importance of influencers on podcast subscriptions.  Examines the impact of frequent social media promotion in driving listening activity and concludes with  a progress review of The Nutty Chronicles performance based on metrics provided by Buzzsprout the podcastTNC Meta is a sub podcast series which takes a behind the scenes look at the making of the main Nutty Chronicles podcastFor the episode text and charts , please visit the associated articles on Medium => A Tale of Two Humps
15:48 08/17/2020
5: Pandemic's Grandchild - Part 2
This episode is the conclusion of Pandemic's Grandchild Part 1 and follows my Grandmother Emily Behan's move from Killeshin in Laois to Drumcondra in Dublin just as the War of Irish Independence breaks out in 1919. The podcast also contains a continuation of John Dorney's discussion of the Pandemic Flu of 1918-19 and it's impact on Ireland
32:19 08/02/2020
5: Pandemic's Grandchild - Part I
This episode tells the story of the Pandemic Flu of 1918 - 19 and how it had a profound effect on my family, especially my Grandmother, Nana Emily BehanIn this episode I interview Dublin historian on the impact of the flu on Irish society. Damien Shiels and Fin Dwyer also appear as guest readers
30:12 06/16/2020
M1: Going Meta
This is a meta podcast. The term "meta" is used a lot in the techie world to describe activities which are self referential, so making a podcast about the making of podcast is about as meta as it comes. Essentially this a behind the scenes look at making "The Nutty Chronicles
11:30 05/21/2020
4: Great Uncle Bill and World War I
This episode covers the life of my Great Uncle Bill. The Dublin he grew up in and which preceded him and continues through his service in World War One
32:44 04/28/2020
3: The Big One - Lily
My great Aunt Lily was a maverick figure who carved out a non traditional life. This is the story of the difficult choices she had to make to live in the difficult world of early 20th century Ireland
22:31 03/09/2020
2: Cannicide and a Dog Named Towser
An event that I consider seminal in my Dad's life and which may have be the origin incident of his wary relationship with most family members. The episode also focuses on my Dad's relationship with both sets of his grandparents.
17:31 02/29/2020
1: Recovering My Irish Family
In 1973 my Paternal Grandfather, Frederick Nutty, passed away. This episode examines my Father's reaction and begins to explore the reason why I know so little about his family
09:30 02/21/2020