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Elevate Your Brand

Join Chris as he chats with successful business owners and entrepreneurs on his mission to help online coaches bring in more clients through video podcasting and content creation so they can elevate their brands and become the experts in their industries without all the time spent doing it.


Growing Your Business with Michael Haynes 30:19 05/30/2022
Starting Your Own Business with James Shenberger 28:01 05/23/2022
Live a More Meaningful Life; Ep. 160 with Andrew Calderella 32:13 05/16/2022
There is no Life-Harmony Business?; Episode 159 with Todd Randall 38:00 05/09/2022
Navigating the Journey to an Inspired Life; Episode 158 with Tony Martignetti 30:28 05/02/2022
Finding Your Purpose; Episode 157 with Shelley Meche'tte 27:03 04/25/2022
Advertising Your Brand Better; Episode 156 with John Horn 24:19 04/18/2022
How You Can Become a Philanthropist; Episode 155 with Anne Murphy 35:48 04/11/2022
Being an Expert VS a Thought Leader; Episode 154 with Bryna Haynes 38:28 04/04/2022
How To Optimize Your Linkedin Profile; Episode 153 with Jordan Mendoza 43:02 03/28/2022
Wealth Creation; Episode 152 with Lee Michael Murphy 35:32 03/21/2022
Grow your Instagram; Episode 151 with Corey Walker 38:19 03/14/2022
How To Execute Better; Episode 150 with Lucas Root 34:56 03/07/2022
How to adapt to a disruptive and ever-changing world; Episode 149 with Gerry Valentine 34:04 02/21/2022
Are You Truly Happy? Episode 148 with Mike Duffy 27:50 02/14/2022
Being the Complete Man with Purdeep Sangha; Episode 147 24:27 02/07/2022
Winning Strategies for Business Owners with Alex Brueckmann 31:40 01/31/2022
5 Core Elements to Be Your Best Self with Sam Thiara 25:35 01/24/2022
Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker 33:48 01/17/2022
How Your Biggest Crisis Reveals Your Greatest Gift with Debi Silber 27:10 01/10/2022
Be a Better Salesman with Marcus Chan 34:01 01/03/2022
See a Problem, Create a Solution with Justin Breen 31:17 12/27/2021
Use Creativity to Improve Business 24:51 12/20/2021
Finding Your Rhythm in Business with Matt Wigler 33:03 12/13/2021
Making Your Ding In The Universe Through Goal Setting 27:35 12/06/2021
Leaving Your Sparkle On The World Through Your Work 23:28 11/29/2021
The importance of great mentors and what it means to be a Pencil Leader with Sheryl Plouffe 24:10 11/22/2021
The Power to Speak Naked with #1 best-selling author, Tyler Foley 59:38 11/15/2021
Breaking Down the Autism Stigma with Sam Mitchell 20:27 11/08/2021
Overcoming Challenges: A Kidnap Attempt Caused Her Life To Change Forever 41:31 11/01/2021