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Hey, we're Things Have Changed. We unpack stories about technology and the ever-changing digital economy. Specifically, the things that will matter in the coming years, and the things that have evolved from the past.


What Will Farms of the Future Look Like? 28:31 11/22/2021
Will Software Engineers Be Replaced by AI in the Future? 13:05 11/08/2021
Should Tech Companies Be Paying Us for Our Data? - with Nick Vincent 32:11 11/01/2021
👋🏽 Hey It's Jed & Shikher. 00:52 08/30/2021
Designing an App for Billions of Users – with Jean-Marc Denis 58:22 08/16/2021
A New Space Race Is Underway! How Did We Even Get Here? 33:35 08/09/2021
There Are a Record Number of Jobs. Why Is Unemployment Still So High? 32:05 08/02/2021
Do You Feel Weird Throwing Away Your Tech? – with Charles Duffy 38:34 07/26/2021
Retail Investors Are Smarter Than You Think – with Lorenzo Ampil 53:48 07/19/2021
Reinventing Early Education Through Smart Toys – with Yuting Su 41:04 07/12/2021
Cloud Wars: Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud 31:51 07/05/2021
Cloud Wars: How Cloud Computing Changed Business & Technology Forever 27:43 06/28/2021
Cybersecurity: How Nation States Are Hacking Corporations 26:11 06/21/2021
Cybersecurity: How Companies Are One Hack Away From Disaster 32:05 06/14/2021
Can Doing Your Laundry Be Eco-Friendly? – with Ryan Mckenzie 42:39 06/07/2021
Infrastructure: How Do We Pay for It? Will It Even Work? 23:56 05/31/2021
Infrastructure: An Opportunity to Rebuild Modern Society? 24:47 05/24/2021
Lumber Prices Have Been Surging. Could Other Commodities Follow Suit? 24:23 05/17/2021
How Brands Are Using Tech to Stand Out in Supermarkets – with Erik Chelstad 47:41 05/10/2021
Online Learning Is Here to Stay.. and Schools May Be On Board? 29:00 05/03/2021
How Branding Can Make or Break a Company 25:06 04/26/2021
How to Build a Better AI For Your Business – with Hyun Kim 55:21 04/19/2021
How Cloud Kitchens are Making Your Food 19:02 04/12/2021
Can E-Learning Translate to Job-Ready Skills? – with Chris Dutton 47:58 04/05/2021
The Semiconductor Shortage: How It Will Cost Billions to Solve 25:54 03/29/2021
The Semiconductor Shortage: How It Affects the Auto Industry 24:10 03/22/2021
How Corporations Are Using Deepfake Tech – with Victor Riparbelli 52:02 03/15/2021
Should We Brace for Upcoming Inflation? 23:52 03/08/2021
How Big Tech Is Buying Out the Commercial Real Estate Market 15:44 03/01/2021
Think Twice Before Buying a New Home This Year 28:18 02/22/2021