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The Sonny Brown Breakdown

A podcast where we will discuss the training, teaching, health and education of mixed martial arts. Hosted by Sonny Brown, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, competitor and coach who is also a 3 times Australian MMA Champion. He also runs the Sonny Brown Martial Arts YouTube Channel which breaks down MMA & Grappling competitors matches and careers. The podcast aims to provide insights to anyone looking to learn more about the teaching and training of martial arts.


Weighty Issues of Weight Loss and Weight Cutting for Combat Sports with Dr Reide Reale 93:59 12/02/2020
BJJ Mental Models of Blading, Tempo & Establishing Offensive Cycles With Matt Kwan 72:12 11/06/2020
Unconventional Growth in Grappling & A Universal Theory of Guard With Chris Paines 62:58 10/27/2020
Reformation of Rituals Based on Research, Sparring & Self Determination Theory With Priit Mihkelson 129:01 10/16/2020
Fusing Sambo Into the Grappling Universe & Unity Over Division With Vlad Koulikov 59:17 10/09/2020
The Purpose of Pragmatism, Persuasion, Jiu Jitsu & John Danaher with Robert Degle 91:09 09/27/2020
The Husky History of Folk Wrestling Styles & the Hero With a Thousand Holds With Ruadhán Macfadden 75:11 09/18/2020
The Good, Bad & Beautiful Truth in the Origins of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Robert Drysdale 92:07 09/12/2020
Efficiency in Learning Techniques, Making Decisions and Mental Models for BJJ With Steve Kwan 67:02 09/08/2020
The Art of Aliveness, Fundamentals & Functional Delivery Systems With Matt Thornton 86:52 09/03/2020
Playful Pedagogy, Cognition, Concepts & Gamification of Micro Battles for Bjj With Rob Biernacki 104:19 08/27/2020
Utility of Self-Directed Learning, Studying Tape and Optimising Lesson Structure With Lachlan Giles 54:42 08/20/2020
Edgework and MMA: Risk, Reflexivity and Collaboration in an Ostensibly 'Violent' Sport With Dr. Alex Channon 54:35 08/10/2020
The Ultimate Fighter of Life, Addiction, Martial Arts & Yoga With Jonathan Brookins 76:48 08/01/2020
Bizzare Beginnings & Legendary Longevity on a Journey Beyond 170 Battles With Jeremy Horn 59:03 07/19/2020
Creating Comfort When Uncomfortable and Adapting for Victory With Alexander Volkanovski 58:24 07/06/2020
Blending Hip Hop, Chess & BJJ With Adisa Banjoko of the Hip Hop Chess Federation 115:37 06/29/2020
How It's All Your Fault, Failing Upwards & Fighter Pay With Jon Fitch 62:01 06/23/2020
Creating Championship Culture and Conquering Cancer With Greg Nelson 102:48 06/21/2020
Forging a Competition Mindset & Abstract Thinking From Wrestling With Brian Ebersole 82:50 06/15/2020
Flipping the Dojo on Its Head & the Flipped Classroom Teaching Model With Bruce Hoyer 60:52 06/10/2020
How Combat Sports Athletes Can Sleep in and Win With Dr Ian Dunican 78:01 06/05/2020
Wrestling between Risk-Taking & Risk-Aversion With Coach Matt Lindland 79:41 05/27/2020
Navigating Restrictions & the Wilderness on 10th Planet with Brandon Mccaghren 60:20 05/20/2020
Effectiveness, Efficacy and the Science Behind Your Jiu-Jitsu With Rory van Vliet 65:13 05/16/2020
Systems Theory, Chaos, Complexity & the Genius of Swarms With School of Grappling 73:08 05/09/2020
The Mirroring Principle and Controlled Chaos for Learning with Wim Deputter 69:30 05/07/2020
Catch Wrestling and its underground influence on MMA, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu & The Gracie Hunter with Jake Shannon 106:01 05/04/2020
The Mythology & Meaning of Teaching Martial Arts with Daniele Bolelli 64:16 04/29/2020
Distance learning the Danaher Grappling System with Luke Martin 89:18 04/26/2020