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Second Half of Life Podcast

This podcast explores the many issues and topics related to elder law - the wide range of legal matters affecting people in their second half of life and individuals with disabilities. Produced by Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak: Your elder care and special needs law firm, providing quality representation in litigation, with locations in Williamsport and State College, Pa. Visit our website at


A Summary of Asset Protection Strategies 15:13 08/11/2022
Good Documents 11:25 07/21/2022
Differences in Long-Term Care and Payment Options 09:15 06/30/2022
Answering Submitted Questions About Estate Planning 12:47 06/09/2022
Dementia Dialogue Three MUST HAVE Conversations to Protect Your Family from Financial Devastation 48:06 05/26/2022
Basic Taxes to Consider in Estate Planning 06:21 05/06/2022
Transitioning to Adulthood as an Individual with Special Needs: Legal Concerns 36:15 04/22/2022
A General Overview of the Medicaid Qualification Process for Long-Term Care 06:15 04/06/2022
Things to Consider if You or a Loved One Needs Long-Term Care 14:53 03/22/2022
The Most Important Recommendation We Make to Our Clients 03:30 03/08/2022
How to Have Those Difficult Conversations and What to Discuss 06:32 02/23/2022
Three Tips to Tailor Your Trust to Tackle Your Estate Planning Goals 69:58 02/04/2022
Trusts and Wills 13:48 01/19/2022
Things to Keep in Mind When Transferring or Selling Property 05:32 01/05/2022
What Happens if You Don't have a Power of Attorney? 03:06 12/29/2021
The Importance of Having Estate Planning Discussions with Family 02:22 12/23/2021
What is a Mental Health Power of Attorney? 04:27 12/21/2021
Financial Fire Drillâ„¢ w/Brooks Stahlnecker 59:44 11/30/2021
Adjusting Your Estate Plan Underneath Uncle Sam's Tax Hat 51:13 11/09/2021
Digging Deeper into Dementia Without Needing a Medical Degree 48:47 10/19/2021
I Know Someone With a Trust, so I Need One Just Like it, Right? 07:10 09/28/2021
Avoid Alzheimer's Agony: Three Reasons Why You Should Ask for Help! 48:14 09/22/2021
Five Payment Options You Didn't Know Existed When Faced with Sizable Nursing Home Bills 33:29 09/13/2021
Three Dementia Discussions You Should Have TODAY to Maintain Your Dignity 69:48 09/06/2021
Three Ways to Ensure Your Children Are Taken Care of After You Have Passed Away 44:45 08/31/2021
Is a Jointly-Owned Property Available to Help Pay for Long-Term Care? 02:37 08/27/2021
Should I Put an Annuity I'm Already Receiving Distributions From Into a Trust? 02:26 08/23/2021
What Happens if I Don't Protect My Assets, But Then Need Long-Term Care? 15:42 08/21/2021
Why Having an Estate Plan is Important 06:40 08/17/2021
Answering the Top Questions About Long-Term Care 23:04 08/11/2021