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Second Half of Life Podcast

This podcast explores the many issues and topics related to elder law - the wide range of legal matters affecting people in their second half of life and individuals with disabilities. Produced by Steinbacher, Goodall and Yurchak: Your elder care and special needs law firm, providing quality representation in litigation, with locations in Williamsport and State College, Pa. Visit our website at


A Loved One Needs Nursing Home Care Now. What do I do? 22:04 07/27/2021
The Top Concerns in Estate Planning 22:04 07/20/2021
Simple Solutions to Keep Assets Safe from Nursing Home Costs 45:57 07/12/2021
Three Secrets to Managing a Health Care Crisis Without Destroying Family Relationships 33:25 07/05/2021
What is a Life Estate and How Does it Work? 04:29 07/01/2021
Dementia 101 24:05 06/28/2021
Breaking Down the Estate Administration Process 34:11 06/21/2021
Answering Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning 56:30 06/14/2021
Put Your Estate Plan to Work for You, Your Family and Your Community 49:57 06/07/2021
What if my Spouse Has to go into a Long-Term Care Facility? 13:44 06/04/2021
Do Irrevocable and Revocable Trusts Protect Assets Equally? 07:20 06/01/2021
What Happens When You Inherit an IRA? 06:45 05/28/2021
The Importance of Individualized Planning with a Team of Trusted Advisors 10:10 05/25/2021
When the Diagnosis is Dementia: Three Action Steps You Should Take Right Now! 52:07 05/17/2021
How Our Firm Further Assists Our Clients with Alzheimer's and Dementia Beyond Legal Services 43:08 05/10/2021
How to Communicate Your Final Wishes to Loved Ones Before a Crisis Strikes 45:43 05/03/2021
The Financial Cost of Caregiving (via The Caregiver Community Podcast) 46:14 04/26/2021
Three Reasons Why Pre-Planning for the Second Half of Life Always Provides the Best Options 49:09 04/19/2021
How to Save Your Nest Egg from Being Stolen by the Leprechaun 48:09 04/12/2021
The 4 D's (or why you shouldn't give your house or other property to a relative for $1) 08:06 04/09/2021
What is Long-Term Care Planning and How do we Handle it? 05:56 04/05/2021
When Someone with Special Needs is an Estate Beneficiary 05:39 04/03/2021
Five Ways to Pay for Nursing Home Care Without Breaking the Piggy Bank 37:33 03/29/2021
The Most Important Part of Any Estate Plan 13:09 03/26/2021
How Our Firm Works With Clients with Alzheimer's and Dementia 04:34 03/21/2021
What to do if a Loved One is Already in a Nursing Home 10:09 03/20/2021
The Most Common Tool We Use to Protect Client Assets 10:48 03/19/2021
Available Benefits and Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care 14:29 03/18/2021
Alzheimer’s Planning Part 5 – Prevention & Risk Reduction 08:48 03/12/2021
The Three Secrets Nobody Tells You As You Enter Your Second Half of Life 32:41 03/08/2021