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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.


Changing jobs, Deno, and optimizing animations
In this episode: - Surma changed jobs. - The Shopify interview process. - Pair programming vs pair problem solving. - Surma's also doing bits of work for Deno. - The complexities of testing image codecs. - Jake forgot to tell Ada how HTTP 203 filming ends, so it almost never did. - Keeping animations fast but simple for page transitions. Transcript:
57:56 6/29/22
Deno, dithering, and bathrooms
Transcript -  Surma's talk about brain-click -  Is Chrome removing view-source? (no) Studio lighting -  Jake's Twitter thread about view-source -  Bathroom designs The HTTP203 episode on Deno -  Jake's CORS article -  Deno deploy -  The little Deno server Jake wrote -  Jake's wikipedia search thing -  Color spaces and dithering Surma's article on dithering -  Tom Scott's video on the Pulfrich Effect -  Shared element transitions -  CSS cross-fade function -  Compositing on the web -  Michael Caine trying to do an American accent -    Catch videos from the HTTP 203 series →   Subscribe to Google Chrome Developers →
56:06 11/18/21
Is Safari the new IE?
In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about:   Transcript →  HTTP 203 on memory debugging →  Box-sizing →  IE5.5 box model →  Tim Perry's article →  IE double margin bug →  IE duplicate characters bug →  Dave Rupert's article →  PROXX →  Weird emails from browser testing services →    Catch videos from the HTTP 203 series →  Subscribe to Google Chrome Developers →
72:20 8/10/21
When the hype train turns out to be a bus replacement service
In this episode, Surma and Jake chat about:   Jake's 100kAMA, pose questions here →  Jake's 'bake-dancing' →  The wee scale Hype trains Esbuild →  Squoosh →  Surma's JPEG-XL art tool → →  JPEG-XL comparison →  JPEG-XL features The quality of web images React on initial HTML →  What does 'inline CSS' mean? F1 website performance →  AVIF blur preview →  Progressive rendering →  Google I/O →
72:45 4/22/21
Blog build tools, JS blocks, and opener-policy
In this episode of the top-10-most-popular-JavaScript podcast, Jake and Surma chat about:   Using our blogs to experiment with build systems. Jake's → Surma's → 11ty → Jake's static build → Hydrated components in Jake's posts → And where those are processed → Surma's dithering post →   Cats and laser pens Dogs and teeth Improving the safety of Jedi training   The old _blank behaviour → The spec change → The browsing context → Cross-origin-opener-policy → → Back/forward cache →   Old blocks proposal → New blocks proposal →   Lockdown dreams Lottery fail →
54:13 1/26/21
How does back/forward actually work, and does 'talent' even exist?
- Jake messed up his recording, so it sounds like he literally phoned it in. He is very sorry. - Where do you put clothes that are in active service? - How the star system of hotels should work - Jake hates Eastenders - The element → - The session history traversal bit of the spec → - Jake's writeup of how history behaves in browsers & spec proposal → - The back-forward page cache → - Moving an iframe → - COOP & COEP to get SharedArrayBuffer back → - To what degree does "talent" exist? Is talent simply practice? → - The social and economic advantages you need to become good at something - Does piracy have a valid place in helping disadvantaged folks learn software? - Different kinds of practice: Work, play, and deliberate practice. - Informer by Snow → - This great Informer tweet → - Jon Snow dancing → - The short version of HTTP203 →
76:54 8/10/20
The big build-tool bonanza
- Surma’s photo challenge: - happened! - Jake's image compression talk → - Jake & Jason write build plugins → - goes live! - webpack's weird behaviour with entry points → - Rollup's docs → - Rollup's issues with hashing → - Import maps → - SystemJS import maps → - Hash cascading → 
61:48 7/9/20
How to avoid getting UTF'd by text encodings
- The Count from Sesame Street swearing → (warning: silly/rude) - Ofcom research into broadcast swearing → (warning: lots of really bad language) (bigger warning: PDF) - Banned word list read by a computer → (warning: lots of really bad language)   - Beat saber stretches →    - Remy's question about text encoding →  - TextEncoder →  - TextDecoder →  - Streaming versions →   - Josh's joke encoding PR →  - atob →  - bota →  - Binary strings in JS →  - readAsBinaryString in FileReader →    - DOMContentLoaded →  - defer and IE bugs →  - DOM ready in jQuery →  - readyState →  - doScroll trick →  - "The end" →  See for other episodes.
61:00 5/8/20
Maths, hooks, and errors
Jake injured himself playing games. Jake also has a stupid cat. By the way, skip to 22 mins if you don't care about all that. Writing a Countdown solver →  Here's the game show →  Here's the C++ solution →  Jake's unappreciated audio blog post →  HTM (JSX alternative) →  Preact hooks →  ComLink →  Throwing non-errors. Guide to promises →  Gotchas with typeOf. isNaN vs Number.isNaN.   See for other episodes.
55:09 4/30/20
Apps vs sites, binary data, and build times
Phil and Jack from are still lingering around. We chat about: Fustractions with punctuality. Phil's time website →  Frances on naming PWAs →  Jen's new job. Surma's WebXR experiment →  Transferring data between workers and pages. The DataView API →  Buffer-backed objects →  JavaScript proxies →  Mathias on JS internals, including holey arrays →  DX vs UX →  Differences between dev and prod builds. An epic quiz on HTTP status codes. Desyncronised canvas →  pointerrawupdate →  Jake's unloved pointer library →  getCoalescedEvents →    See for other episodes.
75:30 4/15/20
Fish & Scripts special!
We join the podcast and chat about: Games we're playing to cope with lockdown: Overcooked 2 →  Snipperclips →  Pikuniku →  Play You Don’t Know Jack →  Knowledge is Power →  It’s Quiz Time →  And Surma plays Zelda fast →    Jake buys some chocolate Phil joins a choir requestStorageAccess →  The SameSite cookie change is rolled back →  Chrome releases are resumed →  And we give Phil & Jack our quiz: NOT-or-NOT    See for more detailed show notes, including links.
77:30 4/9/20
VR, API design, and coping with lockdown
Also native filesystem, listener questions, and TMI.
73:22 3/25/20
Social distance, SSR patterns, and bedtime routines
Also performance, progressive enhancement, and hand-drying.
47:25 3/18/20
Observables, board games, and 'Artechulate'
Also, top fashion and career advice.
60:27 1/22/20
Stability, TODOs, and the HTTP 203 census
Also how do you do TODO?
60:29 10/18/19
The block-drop-n-swap
Also, font loading, feature phones, and webpack vs Rollup.
75:46 9/3/19
Chatting Edge & CSS with Greg Whitworth
Also, PROXX, forms, and auto.
47:14 5/22/19
Performance, trailers, and dentistry mishaps
Also camping, compositing, and building games.
65:40 5/2/19
Rotating an image… TO THE EXTREME
Also clip-path, bread, and urinals again.
67:53 2/21/19
When laptops go bad… ON STAGE
Also share target, shadow parts, and streams.
78:21 12/20/18
Stress, canvas, and jam
Also zombie optimizations and alphabets
56:32 11/8/18
Transforming, transpiling, and urinaling
Also page-lifecycle, WASM, and massages.
59:00 9/12/18
CORB, BroadcastChannel, and the resting Switch face
Also spices, screen-touchers, and lasers.
33:07 8/8/18
I/O chat with Vinamrata Singal and Eric Bidelman
Lighthouse and automation.
18:18 8/2/18
I/O chat with Sathya Gunasekaran and Mathias Bynens
Exciting things appearing in V8.
22:06 7/26/18
I/O chat with Martin Splitt
Making search and JavaScript better friends.
16:52 7/24/18
I/O chat with Emily Schechter and Chris Palmer
Making Chrome secure.
14:41 7/17/18
I/O chat with Paul Irish and Jason Miller
What's new in DevTools.
19:14 7/11/18
I/O chat with Ewa Gasperowicz
Getting performance right.
15:47 6/19/18
I/O chat with Darin Fisher
How Chrome began.
13:30 6/13/18

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