Show cover of Love Is Stronger Than Fear with Amy Julia Becker

Love Is Stronger Than Fear with Amy Julia Becker

How do we pursue hope and healing in the midst of personal and social brokenness? For Season 5 of the Love is Stronger than Fear podcast, you can look forward to hearing from filmmakers and authors and practitioners about FAITH and healing, DISABILITY and healing, SELF-CARE and healing, and how we can begin to REPAIR our social fabric. Begins September 7!


How Kids Can Fight Racism with Dr. Jemar Tisby 48:37 01/11/2022
Returning to Dear White Peacemakers with Osheta Moore 51:52 12/28/2021
What Disability Teaches Us About Health and Wholeness with Dr. Brian Brock 49:19 12/14/2021
How the Indigenous New Testament Helps Us All with Terry Wildman 44:22 11/30/2021
Black Jesus, White Spaces, and Sacred Beauty with Danté Stewart 54:41 11/16/2021
The Enneagram: A Tool for Healing with Suzanne Stabile 62:04 11/02/2021
What’s So Controversial About Critical Race Theory? with David Bailey 51:08 10/19/2021
The Spaciousness of Limits with Ashley Hales 44:05 10/05/2021
God Has Something to Say About Privilege with Dominique Gilliard 55:19 09/21/2021
How Disability Taught Me the Goodness of Vulnerability with Heather Lanier 41:36 09/07/2021
Introducing Season 5 of Love Is Stronger Than Fear 03:25 08/31/2021
S4 E16 | Dear White Peacemakers with Osheta Moore 54:53 05/04/2021
S4 E15 | Reparations: Imagining Ways to Repair and Restore with Duke Kwon and Greg Thompson 57:13 04/27/2021
S4 E14 | Searching for Racial and Religious Identity as a Potawatomi Woman with Kaitlin Curtice 47:21 04/20/2021
S4 E13 | Disability, Friendship House, and Interdependent Community with Matt Floding 42:48 04/13/2021
S4 E12 | The White Church, Segregation, and Discipleship with David Swanson 49:26 04/06/2021
S4 E11 | Making Art in a Broken World with Makoto Fujimura 54:45 03/30/2021
S4 E10 | Why Christians Should Welcome Immigrants with Briana Stensrud 53:50 03/23/2021
S4 E9 | Choosing Courage in a World Divided with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson and Raymond Chang 65:25 03/16/2021
S4 E8 | How Love Rescued Me From the Streets with Dorris Walker-Taylor 44:38 03/09/2021
S4 E7 | Are Christians Afraid to Talk About Racism? with Corey Widmer 52:54 03/02/2021
S4 E6 | The Reunited States: Love Big Enough to Heal with Erin Leaverton 50:45 02/23/2021
S4 E5 | Healing the Harm of White Evangelicalism with Kristin Du Mez 47:39 02/16/2021
S4 E4 | Spiritual Practices That Heal with Rich Villodas 41:50 02/09/2021
S4 E3 | How Brokenness Brings Healing with Katherine Wolf 47:37 02/02/2021
S4 E2 | Where Is God When the Pain Won’t Stop? with Liuan Huska 49:36 01/26/2021
S4 E1 | How Do We Fight Racism? with Jemar Tisby 53:07 01/19/2021
Season 4 | Head, Heart, Hands 09:09 01/12/2021
S3 E20 | When Love Is Our Home, Healing Begins 23:25 11/17/2020
S3 E19 | Loving Our Enemies in a Nation Divided with David Bailey 54:02 11/10/2020