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Brilliant inventions, fresh product designs, iconic brand names and artistic creativity are not only the building blocks of successful business - they deliver a better world for us all. But these valuable forms of intellectual property must be protected in order to flourish. We are the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys - the UK's largest intellectual property organisation. Our hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts chat with entrepreneurs, creatives, patent attorneys and the occasional judge about how patents, trade marks, designs and copyright can improve our lives and solve problems for humanity.


At INTA 2024... with Chris Parsonson
Join Lee and Gwilym this week as they chat to Chris Parsonson, the founder and CEO of Solve Intelligence, in another INTA special on this years hot topic - artificial intelligence. Chris explains his work on the integration of artificial intelligence in patent drafting and analysis, and reassures listeners that AI is not coming for all patent attorneys job. Lee also takes his roving mic on a journey through the INTA exhibition hall to chat with Shannon Fitzpatrick from Questel and Debbie Welch of Sun IP, to find out more ways AI can help the work of patent attorneys everywhere. 
40:43 6/14/24
At INTA 2024... with Scott Frank GLIPA
Still in Atlanta, Lee is riding solo this week without Gwilym, but is joined by Scott Frank, President & CEO  AT&T Intellectual Property LLC.  However, we get to learn more about what Scott does in his spare time... Scott would like to introduce you to the Global Intellectual Property Alliance (GLIPA) a non-profit formed on October, 2022, based on the effectiveness of the alliance model of the USIPA (United States Intellectual Property Alliance), GIPA (Georgia State Intellectual Property Alliance) and other state level IPA models. 
29:04 6/10/24
At INTA 2024... with Nicole Morris
Lee and Gwilym are still at INTA and this time speaking with Nicole Morris, professor of practice at Emory University; learning about her career, representation in the IP Profession and a deep dive into Entrepreneurship. We also discover the Peas’ inner spirit animals.
40:16 6/7/24
At INTA 2024... with Vincent E. Garlock and Ann Mueting of AIPLA
In this episode, recorded from the INTA conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Lee and Gwilym sit down with Executive Director Vincent Garlock and President Ann Mueting from the American Intellectual Patent Law Association (AIPLA).   Learn more about this great American institution,  which represents a wide and diverse spectrum of individuals, law firms and companies involved with intellectual property.  If Lee and Gwilym went to INTA to break America, this was their equivalent of the Beatles at Shea Stadium...
48:24 6/4/24
At INTA 2024... with Paula Clancy and Catherine Lovrics of IPIC
In this episode Lee and Gwilym sit down with President Paula Clancy and Catherine Lovrics of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. The conversation covers the regulation of the Canadian intellectual property profession, the limitations of privilege protection, how IPIC are providing a proactive approach to career development, and the future of AI and its impact on the profession. There is also a small debate on what may have fallen out of a tree during Lee's visit to Canada...
55:23 5/31/24
At INTA 2024... with Andy Bartlett and Oliver Morris of the UKIPO
Next up on this special INTA series is Andy Bartlett and Oliver Morris from the UKIPO. Join them as they chat to Lee and Gwilym about digital transformation, policy and attaches around the globe. 
33:17 5/28/24
At INTA 2024... Indian IP
In this episode from the INTA 2024 conference, Lee and Gwilym chat with Vaibhav and Bharath about the evolving intellectual property landscape in India, recent developments, challenges, and opportunities in the Indian IP sector. There's also the smallest disagreement about cricket. 
43:03 5/24/24
At INTA 2024... with David Muls of WIPO
It's Lee and Gwilym's first full episode broadcasting from the world's biggest intellectual property event, the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Atlanta, Georgia. What better guest to kick off this INTA series of episodes than David Muls, the Senior Director of the Madrid Registry - the primary international registry for trade marks - at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The discussion takes in the effectiveness of Madrid, how it differs from the Hague and Lisbon Systems...and which BBC act our co-hosts mostly resemble: Monty Python or Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men. You decide!
44:10 5/21/24
We're at INTA 2024!
Will the the Two IPs break America? Lee, Gwilym and producer Emily are in Atlanta to speak to delegates of the world's biggest intellectual property conference, the annual meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA). A special series of INTA episodes, featuring stellar guests from the world of IP, will be arriving in your feed over the coming days and weeks...
10:56 5/20/24
Meet the Judges - The After Party
Join Lee as he interviews guests at the after party of the successful CIPA event, UK patent drafting and litigation – myth, legend & reality. This episode features feedback from members after attending an hour session with an expert panel of Judges to look at patent litigation from the perspective of the judiciary.
10:19 5/10/24
With... EPO Vice President Steve Rowan
Two IPs in a Pod turns 4! For this anniversary episode, Lee and Gwilym are joined by the EPO’s Steve Rowan at the SCI building in Belgravia.Join them as they talk unitary patents, SMEs, description amendments and much more. 
46:03 5/3/24
Patents as collateral: IP-backed lending
In this episode, Lee and Gwilym chat with Martin Brassell and Neil Bellamy about NatWest's innovative lending strategy for IP-rich businesses. They dive into how the bank utilizes IP assets as collateral, supported by Inngot's valuations. The conversation extends to the significance of IP valuation, how the Pandemic changed the way that IP is viewed as an asset, growing government interest with the initiative and the broader impact of scale-up businesses. Also good news, Albert is awake! 
49:27 4/25/24
Reinventing vaccine storage
Vaccines are highly sensitive to temperature and need to be refrigerated within a very specific temperature range to be effective. Imagine how vaccine deployment could be transformed and more lives saved if the need for cold chain storage and transport could be eliminated. This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by Dr. Asel Sartbaeva, co-founder and CEO of EnsiliTech Ltd and her patent attorney Isobel Finnie, of Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP, to discuss the innovative work EnsiliTech is doing to thermally stabilise vaccines. They discuss Asel's journey in developing a silica-based solution for storing vaccines, the company's mission to eliminate vaccine spoilage and the importance of territorial coverage in patenting. 
53:34 4/19/24
The CIPA Informals
On this week's epsiode, Lee and Neil are joined by Matilda Memaripour and Ashley Tambe from the Informals Committee. They emphasise the importance of self-care sessions for trainees and announce plans for a summer fundraiser, showcasing their commitment to mental health advocacy within the organisation. Ashley also talks about his dad filing a patent...for a flying car!
33:14 4/3/24
With... Jim Ajioka of Colorifix
We nominated sustainable dye pioneers Colorifix for a £1m Earthshot Prize. They were selected from more than 1,000 amazing environmental solutions as a finalist but narrowly missed out on the big prize. The company's founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Jim Ajioka, sat down with CEO Lee and his deputy, Neil, to discuss the history of textile and colour, Colorifix's IP journey and why Lee can't dye white leather winkle-picker shoes yellow.
45:45 3/28/24
The Informals takeover episode
This episode is perhaps a little change of pace, with Gwilym a lone host hunkering down in his local, the reigns of the podcast are taken up by two members of the upcoming Informals podcast team, Joel David Briscoe and Sophie Knott. Turning the tables on the sole pea they discuss their plans to launch a new podcast called "The IP Survival Guide" and dig into Gwilym's own career journeys, their collective experience with training and the evolution of the profession. 
38:06 3/27/24
With... Dr Nike Folayan
This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by Dr Nike Folayan MBE, a Chartered Engineer in electronics and Co-Founder of Association For BME Engineers, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes higher achievements in education and engineering, particularly among people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds. Nike chats with Lee and Gwilym about diversity and inclusion within the worlds of engineering and IP,  engaging young people in the STEM sector and the issues of retaining diverse talent in the workplace.
39:16 3/22/24
Multi Award Winning SNOAP Inventor and Sustainability Champion - Lisa Hicks
This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by Entrepreneur, inventor and mum-of-three Lisa Hicks invented an eco-friendly solid soap dispenser after realising how many liquid soap and shampoo bottles her family were using and throwing away during COVID lockdown. Nature lover Lisa, of Monmouth, spent two-and-a-half years developing her idea and has now patented and commercialised her SNOAP dispenser – a manual soap bar grinder that dispenses the soap as a snow-like powder ready to mix with water.
44:15 3/15/24
With... Adam Williams & Andy Bartlett of the UK IPO
This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by the UK's best-known double act in IP, Adam Williams and Andy Bartlett from the UK Intellectual Property Office. Join them as they discuss the IPO's digital transformation programme, the challenges around the international harmonisation of intellectual property law and the IPO's plans to further support innovative SMEs. 
51:27 3/8/24
Unified Patent Court with... Kevin Mooney
This week Lee and Gwilym are joined by Kevin Mooney, ‘architect’ of the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Kevin, a solicitor and partner at Simmons and Simmons, shared his extensive involvement in the UPC project. Hear about the challenges faced, the potential impact of the UPC on local German divisions, and the UK's position in relation to the UPC agreement. 
46:01 3/1/24
Immediate Past President highlights with Daniel Chew
Join Lee and Gwilym as they welcome Immediate Past President of CIPA, Daniel Chew, back to the podcast. Hear about his globe-trotting year as President, from  traveling to the USA and Asia to promote the UK profession, to rubbing shoulders with celebrities at the esteemed Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore, where CIPA nominees were among the finalists. 
33:24 2/23/24
With... Max Walters of Managing IP
What's at the top of of the news agenda for one of the top IP journalists in the UK? Gwilym and stand-in host Neil Lampert chat with Max Walters, of Managing IP, about patent quality at the EPO, standard essential patents, Natwest using IP as collateral for loans and the impact of AI on patent firms. 
37:25 2/15/24
Improving Access to Higher Education with... The Access Project
Join Lee and Gwilym and their guest Head of Volunteer Recruitment for the Access Project, Jessica James. The Access Project sees access to Higher Education as one of the best levellers in our society. Their mission outlines that it is one of the best ways to enable talented young people to overcome the barriers and special inequalities they face, and reach their potential. 
35:50 12/14/23
A manifesto for industrial science with... Sharon Todd and Charlotte Crowhurst of the SCI
How can we turn the political rhetoric about Britain becoming a science superpower into reality? Hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts speak with Sharon Todd, Chief Executive of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and Charlotte Crowhurst, Chartered Patent Attorney and Member of the SCI’s Board of Trustees, about accelerating science out of the lab. Unlike tech companies, which can often turn profits quickly, science businesses take a long time to develop and scale - and often need an extensive patent portfolio. The SCI has launched a manifesto calling for a more comprehensive, long-term commitment to support science start-ups and attract investment. If the Government grasps this, the SCI says there is an opportunity to generate an additional £230Bn GVA for the UK economy and 240,00 new jobs in the life science and cleantech sectors.
46:43 12/11/23
The Pubcast with... Sarah Rodriguez
The Pubcast is back! Lee and Gwilym are in The Lamb London with guest Sarah Rodriguez, who is a qualified patent attorney in the US, the UK, and Europe. Over some drinks, Sarah discusses case law, the inventive step and the differences between the jurisdictions. 
37:13 12/1/23
The Pubcast with... Annemarie Parsons
The next episode from the Pubcast sees Lee and Gwilym joined by Annemarie Parsons in The Lamb London. Annemarie is the Director of Paralegals at Murgitroyd and Chair of the CIPA IP Paralegal Committee. Annemarie chats with Lee and Gwilym about her personal career progression, the evolution of paralegals from an administrative role to a recognised legal profession and the qualifications and exams offered by CIPA. 
30:21 11/21/23
Otto English - Fake Heroes
In this episode of Two IP's in a Pod, Lee and Gwilym engage in a captivating conversation with Otto English, the pseudonymous persona of the talented writer and journalist Andrew Scott. The focus of their discussion revolves around Otto's insightful book, 'Fake Heroes,' delving into the intricate fabric of origin stories and the veneer of heroism in today's society.
49:46 11/16/23
Research and Development with... Ben Bleasdale from CaSE
Where would the intellectual property system be without research and development? A strong R&D sector is a critical component of a successful innovation economy and public support for R&D is essential to ensure that politicians continue to fund it. Lee and his deputy, Neil, are joined by Dr Ben Bleasdale, of the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) to discuss his work with the public and politicians to promote the importance of R&D and future collaboration between CIPA and CaSE.
42:56 11/14/23
The 100th episode with... Vice-President Matt Dixon
We made it to a century...not out! Join hosts Lee and Gwilym as they celebrate their 100th episode in the pub with special guest, CIPA Vice-President Matt Dixon. Tune in for an insightful conversation as Matt shares his priorities for his year as President, including his determination to put a UK stamp on the Unified Patent Court and to challenge any attempts to erect barriers to qualification as a European Patent Attorney.
31:04 11/10/23
Mental health and qualifying exams with... Jonathan's Voice and Trainee Patent Attorneys
It is important to speak out and ask for help when you need it. This is especially true when it comes to the stresses of taking exams, starting in a new profession, and feeling totally overwhelmed. Our hosts, Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts, are joined by Penelope Aspinall from Jonathan's Voice and trainee patent attorneys Elisabeth Pauli (Dehns) and Callum Watson (Forresters) to discuss mental health, coping mechanisms and their personal experiences in the profession. 
48:38 11/7/23