Show cover of The Way Forward Webcasts with Leon Goren

The Way Forward Webcasts with Leon Goren

In hour long conversations and Q&A's with business thought leaders, Leon Goren, President and CEO of North America's premier peer network and advisory community, PEO Leadership, looks ahead, beyond the immediate crisis, to help leaders strategize in this unprecedented time amidst huge transition. Learn more at


'Humor That Works' with Humor Engineer Andrew Tarvin 61:01 09/19/2021
'The Invisible Leader' with Zach Mercurio 58:06 06/20/2021
'Digital Body Language' with Erica Dhawan 57:31 05/30/2021
'The Psychology of Money' with Morgan Housel 62:40 05/17/2021
'Diversity and Inclusion Frameworks' with Kim Scott and Trier Bryant 63:11 04/25/2021
'The Art of Impossible' with Steven Kotler 63:00 03/24/2021
'A Leadership & Real Estate Conversation' with Mitchell Goldhar, SmartCentres REIT 63:24 02/26/2021
Launching 2021 of The Way Forward Webcasts: 'Relentless Solutions Focus' with Dr. Jason Selk 60:20 01/27/2021
'Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution' with Rob Chesnut 59:49 11/01/2020
'How to Lead with Soul and Manage Change in a Time of Great Reinvention' with Rishad Tobaccowala 63:22 10/14/2020
'High Performance in Times of High Stress' with Dr Greg Wells 60:05 09/27/2020
'A Crisis Always Separates the Great Leaders from the Rest of the Pack' with Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry 60:06 08/08/2020
'The Dislocation between the Market and the Economy' with Morgan Stanley's Thane Stenner 68:08 07/19/2020
Marketing Legend, Joe Jackman and His VP of Engagement, Stefan Read, Discuss Changing Customer Attitudes and Values as a Result of the COVID-19 Crisis 61:41 06/21/2020
'Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-based Life' with Kellogg's Harry Kraemer 72:20 06/07/2020
'The Long Road Ahead: From Restart to Recovery to Growth' with Goldy Hyder 55:54 05/25/2020
'Leading the Internal Coup' with Ron Tite 59:48 05/20/2020
'Fit to Compete' with Harvard's Michael Beer (May 7, 2020) 63:12 05/08/2020
The 'Big Reset' with Geopolitical Expert, Janice Stein (May 1, 2020) 61:41 05/06/2020
How Does The Commercial Rent Stimulus Package Apply To Your Business with Cresa's Jamie Grossman (April 29th, 2020) 53:41 05/01/2020
Think Outside the Building with Harvard's Rosabeth Moss Kanter (April 20, 2020) 59:43 04/30/2020
The Future of Real Estate Valuations with Hunter Milborne (April 17, 2020) 59:39 04/17/2020
Executive Stress & Anxiety During the COVID-19 Crisis with O’Connor Professional Group (April 9, 2020) 55:26 04/09/2020
COVID-19 Canadian Stimulus Package with RSM Canada (April 6, 2020) 52:04 04/06/2020
Personal Wealth Webcast with Focus Asset Management (April 3, 2020) 49:26 04/03/2020
Personal Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis with Cleveland Clinic (March 27, 2020) 57:09 03/27/2020
Corporate Health & Safety, Best Practices & COVID-19 Explained with Cleveland Clinic (March 26, 2020) 62:27 03/26/2020
Market Volatility Webcast with Focus Asset Management (March 13, 2020) 34:17 03/13/2020