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Welcome to 3 Questions and a Song, where host Bill brings you on a musical journey like no other! This unique show is not just a radio hit, but also a podcast, on-demand TV, and OTT TV experience, making it accessible to music lovers everywhere. Join Bill as he introduces you to unsigned bands from every corner of the globe, spanning all genres imaginable. Get ready to discover your new favorite artists as Bill dives deep into their world, asking thought-provoking questions that reveal the essence of their music and creativity. With 3 Questions and a Song, you’ll uncover hidden gems and unearth musical treasures you never knew existed. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be blown away by the incredible talent showcased on this one-of-a-kind show! You can also find 3 Questions and a Song on various popular streaming platforms:


Microplanet 3QS112
In episode 112 of 3 Questions and a Song, Microplanet takes center stage. Nathan Wilson, the mastermind behind Microplanet, is a solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Cleveland, OH. He honed his skills in the vibrant Chicago music scene and graduated from Columbia College Chicago, initially studying guitar before transitioning to audio engineering to expand his creative horizons. Microplanet's musical journey began with the 2013 release of the Alien Savior EP on Grandpa Bay Records. In October 2020, under the new moniker Microplanet, Nathan unveiled the Three Leaf Clover EP, marking a fresh chapter in his musical evolution. With the recent release of the Outer Takes EP and lead singles 'Auto-Drift' and 'Painsucker,' anticipation builds for Microplanet's debut full-length album, Submerge, which has received a warm reception from listeners. Currently, Microplanet is on tour, captivating audiences across the midwest and east coast with their mesmerizing sound. Stay updated on their shows and releases by visiting their website. Tune in as 3 Questions and a Song delves into Microplanet's musical odyssey, influences, and future endeavors.
44:46 3/2/24
Goddamn Wolves 3QS111
Formed in 2018, Goddamn Wolves is an indie rock trio from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band draws influence from classic alternative rock bands like the Replacements and Pixies as well as current indie acts like A Giant Dog and together PANGEA.
52:37 2/16/24
For Those in Question 3QS110
For Those In Question is an alternative hard rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. Established in 2021 as a project between strangers, based out of a mutual love for mid-2000s post-grunge artists like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle, the band eventually has grown into a five-piece outlet incorporating influences ranging from progressive metal to hardcore, nu-metal...
41:57 1/16/24
Bonded by Darkness 3QS109
About In Episode 109 of “3 Questions and a Song,” we dive into the world of Witchy/Occult/Doom/Heavy metal with the band Bonded by Darkness from Akron, Ohio. Joshua on Guitar/Vocals, Raven on Lead Vocals, Jacius on Bass, and Nathaniel on Drums share insights into their musical journey. Explore their debut album, Obsidian, on Bandcamp. Connect...
37:23 1/2/24
Sean Nestor 3QS108
About Sean Nestor of Homicide Black and Half Wheel will be joining me tonight to feature 2 songs. The first song is “Black in Your Eyes” by Homicide Black and the second one is “Me & You” by Half Wheel. Sean is in both of those bands as well as a few others that we...
71:50 12/1/23
Neostem 3QS107
In episode 107 of "3 Questions and a Song," Bill dives into the world of Neostem with Matt Sedlak. The episode features insights into the band's journey and a sneak peek into their latest track, "Shut Me Up." Neostem, a Pittsburgh-based rock band founded in 2013 by childhood friends Matt and Ryan, brings a modern twist to their music by drawing inspiration from the past. Drummer Rob joined the mix in 2017, completing the dynamic trio. To catch more of Neostem's vibes, check them out on Facebook at and their website
34:15 11/16/23
Eden on Fire 3QS106
In Episode 105 of 3 Questions and a Song, we dive into the story of Eden on Fire, an original melodic symphonic metal band hailing from Erie, PA. The brainchild of vocalist/keyboardist Amy Gould, the band took shape during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As the world reopened, Amy collaborated with bassist Scott Hagerty and...
33:36 11/1/23
One Eye Daddys 3QS105
Welcome to episode 105 of "3 Questions and a Song," where we're thrilled to feature the One Eye Daddys, a dynamic trio with roots in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally active from 1994 to 2002, the band recently reunited in 2023, bringing a fresh wave of creativity to their signature sound. With new songs and renewed ambitions, the One Eye Daddys remain as vibrant as ever.
33:10 9/1/23
Tom Metheny 3QS104
Ohio-based singer-songwriter. “I’ll Get Around To It” is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music The Questions What is the best pizza that you’ve had because you’re a musician? Westside Bowl? Who is your Dave Grohl? If you could write a song with any songwriter in the history of the world, who would it be? What...
29:55 8/15/23
Negan/Upstage Music Fest 3QS103
The Upstage Music Festival, began in August 2021, as a way to not only showcase regional and national talent but, more importantly showcase local talent. Every year we also choose local charities and non profits to raise funds. Last year’s was; The Clearfield Skate Park and Allegheny Spay and Neauter Clinic. This year, is Clearfield County Cancer support Group, Clearfield Volunteer Fire Department Station One and The Allegheny Spay and Neauter Clinic. The Upstage Music festival prides itself in a professionally run event, a diverse collection of music genre’s. And We also, have a variety of merchandise vendors and food vendors, from our local region. We work very closely with our “local” sponsors as our aim is to raise awareness for not only our community but, our hardworking sponsors. see you at the fest.
27:11 8/1/23
Icons of Industry 3QS102
🔊🎸 Get ready for an epic episode of 3 Questions and a Song podcast! 🎙️🎵 We are thrilled to feature Icons of Industry and their powerful song “Flames of Change” on our latest episode. 🎶🔥 Brace yourself for an incredible listening experience that combines heavy music, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics! Icons of Industry, a...
31:15 7/15/23
Massive Hawk / Lyle Borger 3QS101
Forged in the fires of small town Pennsylvania comes a rock band, the likes of which you have never seen. Bringing you the driving riffs of the counter culture with the modern rock flare that you crave, Massive Hawk will be rockin’ and rollin’ on the Band Jam Stage this year.
29:46 7/1/23
Craig Veltri 3QS100
Veltri has released 6 singles since Vagabond continuing to flex and stretch his creative range. Whether it be "Shine On", a Beatles inspired song penned by Veltri and produced by fellow Pittsburgh native Bryan Cole, or his most recent single "Wandering Eye", a song with a Hank Williams inspired motif co-written by Abby Hankins and produced by PT Houston of Off The Row Studios, Craig Veltri intends to never shy away from any genre o...
29:10 6/15/23
The Kilmaine Saints 3QS099
Kilmaine Saints is a band formed on good whiskey and bad intentions. The brainchild of two members of a Harrisburg Pipe & Drum band, this project was originally created with the sole intent of getting them free beer at St. Patrick’s Day shows in the central PA area (and might I add- mission accomplished). After incorporating the help of fellow members from the pipe band and other notable musicians from the area, they soon realized they were in for one hell of a ride. Since 2009 they have continued to pound through blistering, high-energy live sets that keep people singing along, stomping their feet, lifting their pints and shouting for more.
29:45 6/1/23
Anaphylaxis 3QS098
The Questions Segment 1 What was the influence that brought about the name, Anaphylaxis? – asked by Matt of Dragonfly Effect on episode 97 If you hired me to drive your tour bus, what music would we listen to between stops? What is a non-standard venue that you’d like to play? Please introduce yourselves. What...
30:00 5/15/23
Dragonfly Effect 3QS097
About Integrating elements of punchy and heavy alternative rock with emotive vocal hooks , screams, heavy guitar riffs and breakdowns, DRAGONFLY EFFECT has developed a sound that transcends across many genres. With layers of spacey synths, sound effects, and artificial voices, the music is humanized, giving it a life of its own that coincides with...
32:28 5/1/23
Woodland Creatures 3QS096
– Woodland Creatures join Bill on episode 95 of 3 Questions and a Song. Where do you consider to be homebase for Woodland Creatures? What genre do you consider your band to be? Who is your Dave Grohl? What is your favorite pizza that you’ve had because you are a musician? How did you come...
37:04 4/15/23
Mark Dignam 3QS095
Mark Dignam joins Bill for his shot at 3 Questions and a Song on episode 94! How did you get from Dublin, Ireland to Pittsburgh, PA? Having been in the scene in Ireland and Pittsburgh, how would you compare the two? If you’re standing at the crossroads, waiting for the Devil to show up, what...
33:36 4/1/23
Drown the Deep 3QS94
Drown the Deep join Bill for their first visit to 3 Questions and a Song. About Drown the Deep Genre: Hard Rock Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US Drown the Deep is a female-fronted hard rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Taking inspiration from such world-class acts as The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, Van Halen, and Godsmack they combine hard hitting...
36:20 3/15/23
Brian K. Shaffer 3QS093
Brian Shaffer joins Bill on Episode 93 of 3 Questions and a Song to introduce the listeners to his newest song, “Supposed to be Family” and to tackle 3 Questions! This song wasn’t originally a country song, how did it get there? If you could write a song with any song writer in the history...
34:10 3/1/23
Doors in the Labyrinth 3QS92
About Doors In The Labyrinth Genre: postgoth Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US Doors In The Labyrinth is a Pittsburgh based postgoth/darkwave project from multi-instrumentalist Josh Loughrey. Blending post-rock and goth/darkwave, as well as eclectic influences such as traditional folk, experimental music and orchestral music, Doors In The Labyrinth creates dark narrative focused songs. Since 2015, Doors In...
25:48 2/15/23
Aristotle Jones 3QS091
Aristotle Jones joined Bill for episode #91 of the 3 Questions and a Song. We start off talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. If I’m driving your tour bus, what are we listening to between sets? You’re sitting on a bench and your musical idol sits down next to you, what 1 question are you going...
46:12 1/15/23
Chip & the Charge Ups 3QS090
Chip, of Chip & the Charge Ups, joins Bill for episode 90 of 3 Questions and a song! The featured song is their new single, Paying Back the Devil. Bill references Chip DiMonick and how this featured track might be a throwback to that time in Chip’s writing. What took you down the “heavy” path with...
40:22 12/15/22
Craig Allen Hecht 3QS089
Craig Allen Hecht joins Bill to take on episode 89 of 3 Questions and a Song! Who is your favorite NHL team? My understanding of you is someone can say, hey why don’t you write this… and then you write it. Screwdrivers to Ears?!? “Hello Jana” Can you pinpoint the moment that you realized that...
38:59 12/1/22
Anon Mess Age Sage 3QS088
Anon Mess Age Sage joins Bill for episode 88 of 3 Questions and a song. Tell us about how the band got started. You play metal and industrial, correct? How did the music come about? Because you are a musician, what is the best pizza that you’ve had? What non-standard venue would you like to...
24:31 11/15/22
Unwanted Downfall 3QS087
Nick and Ashton join Bill for episode 87. Where did the name, Unwanted Downfall, come from? Tell me about an embarrassing moment on stage that Ashton caused… that Nick Caused… If you could plan any venue in the world, where would it be? Buddy Guy’s Legends advertisement What non-traditional venue would you like to play...
52:02 11/1/22
Harmony Dreamers 3QS086
Byron Scott of Harmony Dreamers joins Bill for this episode of 3 Questions and a song. About the band, Harmony Dreamers Genre: Synthpop, Psychedelic RockBand Location: Currently Las Vegas, WorldwideFrom Byron Lee Scott – I’ve always loved writing and recording songs, I have hundreds. This is my first album, a studio project. I like to...
88:43 10/1/22
Joey Conner – Raw Power 3QS085
Joey Conner of Black Ridge joins Bill for episode 85 of 3 Questions and a song. Do you remember the game 21 questions? What is the best pizza you’ve had because you’re a musician? We go off on a tangent about food. This past weekend I did a last minute photo shoot for Black Ridge...
68:18 9/15/22
Matthew Morton/The Merrick Strain 3QS084
Matthew Morton solo artist and member of the Merrick Strain joins Bill for episode 84 of 3 Questions and a song. The majority of this episode is Bill and Matthew having a conversation about life and music. What have you been up to since we last spoke? What is the best pizza that you’ve had...
50:40 9/1/22
Shattered 3QS083
Tim, Erik and Chris of Shattered join Bill for episode 83 of 3 Questions and a Song. What is the best pizza you’ve had because you are a musician? Who is your Dave Grohl? If you could go anywhere in time, what band would you go hang out with? We talk about the Woodstock 99...
57:18 8/15/22

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