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Let's Get Metaphysical is the podcast that explores the intersections of science and spirituality, and supports the disclosure of Universal Truth occurring right now on the planet. Let’s Get Meta’s intention is to raise the vibration of the planet by sharing, validating, and normalizing spiritual and metaphysical experiences. The show is hosted and produced by Renata Maniaci, who interviews experts and laypeople about their encounters with all things spiritual and metaphysical, and also offers occasional 'how-to' episodes on spiritual matters. Check out the shows bonus content Patreon at


Incarnational Priority
What are your priorities in this life as a human? What are your priorities in this life as a soul? This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast explores the concept of your incarnational priority in this lifetime. The bonus content for this episode is a clearing on anything in the way of you discerning what your incarnational priorities are, and can be found at
30:45 4/15/24
Death to the Ego: Part 2
Death to the Ego: Part 2 focuses on the collective ego. Societal ego. Humanity ego. This too is being disrupted, upset, and in many ways destroyed. As we evolve into higher levels of consciousness, Divinity cannot help but come into us more as a collective. Over time we are witnessing the slowing, halting, and replacing anti-divine societal behaviors. Enjoy the episode, and all bonus content at! 
30:37 3/31/24
Death to the Ego: Part 1
This episode of Let's Get Meta discusses the concept of ego-death in relation to the Self. What is ego-death? How does it come about, and how can it be good for our evolutionary journeys? Listen in, and enjoy the episode! All bonus content can be found at
30:46 3/13/24
Leave Room For God
Do you like to plan every moment of your life, or do you leave room for Divinity to drop in? This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast discusses the wonder, magic, and exhiliration that can arise when you leave room for the Divine Source in your day. Bonus content is a clearing to create more space for for the Divine in your life, and can be found at Enjoy the episode!
30:19 2/28/24
It Need Not Be Serious To Be True
This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast is about one of Host Renata Maniaci's first divine messages, and on-going life lessons. Truth comes in all forms - it need not be a hammer and a chisel. Please enjoy the bonus content clearing of all things "serious" at
30:38 2/15/24
How to Talk to God
This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast explores a fundemental connection that exists between "Creator" and "Createe". Being able to communicate with the Divine is a capability we all have as humans, but the question is, do we choose to partake? 'How to Talk to God' explores this most foundational action a soul can take. Enjoy! Clear up your Divine phoneline by checking out the bonus content clearing for this episode at 
30:07 1/31/24
Divine Supremacy
If there were a guiding force behind everything that happens - who, or what, would you want that to be? Do you trust humans to make the best decisions? Aliens? Celestials? This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast is an expansion of the previous episode Soul Take-Over, in that it examines the idea of divinity "running the show" instead of humanity. Enjoy all bonus content at
30:25 1/14/24
Soul Take-Over
Who is in the drivers seat making your day-to-day choices? For most humans on the planet, the answer is their mind or ego. But how would your life change if you let your soul take over? We explore this idea in this episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast. Enjoy all bonus content at
31:17 12/30/23
Simultaneous Realities
Each of our individual lives is like a thread being woven into a giant tapestry by the Divine. The picture that emerges depends on the truth of the realities being woven together. The more based in truth the reality, the more beautiful and significant the overall tapestry. The more a life, or thread, is based in untruth, the more mediocre the final product. Enjoy the bonus clearing for this episode - and all other Let's Get Meta bonus content - at
04:48 12/15/23
Hidden In Plain Sight
Sometimes it feels as though this world has been crafted to appear Godless - but, nothing could be further from the truth. Divinity is all around us, hidden in plain sight, waiting for us to acknowledge it, and remember our true selves. This episode of Let's Get Meta dives into discovering the divine that surrounds us. Enjoy all bonus content at
31:08 11/30/23
Expand Your Heart
Hopefully we have all had experiences that expand our hearts. This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast is all about taking note of the situations, experiences, and people who help expand your heart. Why? It is an exhilarating feeling, it enhances your sensory abilities, and much more. So why not exercise that muscle? Enjoy the episode! Access all Let's Get Meta bonus content at
31:21 11/15/23
The Truth Crisis
The global community is facing a 'Truth Crisis' of massive proportion on all levels and in all areas of life on this planet. This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast discusses this crisis, it's implications, and what we can do to get to the "Capital T Truth" and safeguard it for the future. Bonus content for this episode is a clearing on anything getting inbetween you and the Truth, and can be accessed at along with all other bonus content.
31:08 10/29/23
The Unseen World
The essence of this podcast is exploring the realms of the metaphysical and its interaction with the physical world. In this episode we take a deeper look at just how intimately the unseen world can, and does, affect us as individuals. For all bonus content, visit
29:33 10/14/23
How To Meditate
Some describe "prayer" as "speaking to God", and "meditation" as "listening to God". In this "How-To" episode, we discuss the 'what', 'how', and 'why' of meditation. Enjoy all bonus content for the Let's Get Metaphysical Podcast at
31:10 9/30/23
How To Ground
In this "How-To" episode, host Renata discusses "grounding", a tool used to stay energized by connecting to sources greater than yourself, and also used to let go of negativity. Ren also shares some insights about the deeper importance of grounding. Become a patron-angel of the podcast, and enjoy all bonus content at
31:39 9/15/23
How To Center
In this "How-To" episode, host Renata discusses centering, a tool used to become present and connect in with yourself. Ren also shares some insights about the deeper importance of centering. Become a patron-angel of the podcast, and enjoy all bonus content at
33:45 8/31/23
Transcendence: the act of surpassing usual limits, the state of being beyond the range of normal perception. This state might be more within our reach than we realize. This episode is about transcendence, what it is, what it feels like, and how we get there without the use of substances. Our bonus content is a clearing on anything that might be blocking us from transcending, and can be found at Enjoy! We also have Let's Get Metaphysical podcast merchandise exclusively on our Patreon - check it out!
29:41 8/13/23
Ask And Receive
Imagine having access to help with anything you need assistance with, whenever you want it. Would you use it? We all have this super-powered tool - but many people forget and leave it in the toolbox most of the time. This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast revisits the ever-important topic of asking for Divine help and support. This episode also has an incredible bonus content clearing that is available at Enjoy!
31:24 7/31/23
The Revolution Is Within
This episode of the Let's Get Metaphysical podcast is a friendly reminder to be the change you wish to see in the world. Or more appropriately, adjust your vibration to what you desire to see reflected back at you. Enjoy the musings! All bonus content is available at
23:02 7/13/23
Striving For Neutrality
This week's episode explores the concept of 'neutrality'. On this planet, especially at this time, it can be VERY difficult to remain neutral in any given situation. But what if neutrality is actually the most powerful response? Can anything be gained from neutrality? Is there a spiritual benefit to neutrality? Listen in and enjoy the episode!
27:22 6/29/23
Slavery Of The Mind
Brainwashing, conditioning, mind control, propaganda, mass formation, hypnosis - all collectively an intentional, and non-consensual, form slavery or prison for your mind. Once you see it and become aware of it, it is harder miss. This is our topic for this episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast, and we also have a particularly powerful Bonus Content clearing of all the 'mind control' frequencies mentioned above, so please check that out at Enjoy!
28:56 6/16/23
Be Flexible
"Be Flexible" has been a frequent recurring message this year ever since New Year's Day. Today's episode explores some of the deeper spiritual meanings of the word, and how this message might help us in the months and years to come. We also have a bonus content clearing on anything preventing us from being flexible in the face of change, transformation, and uncertainty. Enjoy this clearing at
29:13 5/24/23
The Evolution of Truth
The Let's Get Metaphysical podcast's 5th Anniversary celebration episode 'The Evolution of Truth' revisits all five seasons through a lens of evolved consciousness. Spiritual development is not about remaining static. We are here to evolve - and knowledge and truth is structured in different states of consciousness. So, we must evolve our consciousness to know the higher truths. In honor of making it to 5 years, we now have official Let's Get Meta merchandise available exclusively through the podcast's Patreon community! If you want a Let's Get Meta mug, tee, or tote please become a Patron-Angel for a short time. Enjoy our 5th anniversary episode!
52:22 5/1/23
Think For Yourself
Part of awakening is acquiring the ability to discern what is what - without outside interference. There are times, especially in childhood where outside instruction may be necessary, but when we reach a certain point in evolution, it is vital to clear any dogma, propaganda, mind control, brain washing, outside influence, outdated beliefs that prevents you from thinking for yourself. This episode's bonus content is a clearing of any outside influences that no longer serve you. You can enjoy all bonus content at
26:40 4/24/23
Trust In Nature
As Host Renata's travels in Asia wrap up, a recurring theme is Trust In Nature. Sometimes it is easier to do that when you have no other choice - such as when traveling in an unknown land. Applying this edict however is almost more important in your everyday life. This Let's Get Meta episode explores that way of being. Enjoy all podcast bonus content at
24:27 4/7/23
Go Where You Are Called
We all have inner callings, and they can help guide us, if we are quiet enough to hear them. Not only for 'where to go', but 'what to do', 'whom to connect with', and 'how' to fulfill your mission on Earth. This podcast is a direct result of one such 'calling'. This episode, recorded by Host Renata Maniaci while traveling in Bhutan, discusses the 'where' aspect of these callings. Enjoy all bonus content at 
25:29 3/21/23
Relinquish Fear of Death
If one believes they die exactly when they are supposed to, why then should fear of death continue to exist for that person? Let's Get Meta podcast Host Ren discusses humans' innate fear, despite all belief systems, and offers how one might "let go" of that fear, in order to shine even brighter while on the planet. All bonus content for the Let's Get Meta podcast can be found at
28:25 3/8/23
Running On Faith
Surrendered states abound as Let's Get Meta podcast host Renata Maniaci travels through India. Ren shares personal observations and insights on the fuel that seems to be running this part of the world and how, surely, no atheist could survive in this energy. Joking aside, any opportunities for surrender, and "letting go" are to be reverred and savored, no matter the form they may take. Enjoy all bonus content for the Let's Get Meta Podcast at
24:30 2/21/23
Downloads from Sacred Sites
How many times have you been traveling, or visiting a sacred place and had a mystical experience? It is fairly known that we pick up important downloads from special places, but have you considered what you bring to a space? Listen in to hear stories of the magic of some sacred places and also somes insights about how you many affect the spaces you are in. This episode's bonus content can be found at
27:56 2/5/23
Let's Cultivate Bliss!
Happy 2023 from the Let's Get Meta podcast! Host Renata Maniaci's word of the year is "Bliss" - and in this episode we get into what is bliss and how can we cultivate it? This episode also includes some bonus requests to clear anything blocking bliss from entering your life. All other bonus content can be found at 
28:59 1/22/23

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