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For the last few decades there's been a revolution in the knitting world, and we go behind the scenes to gain insight into what inspired and motivated the knitting superstars who were part of this exciting time. Join us every two weeks on Vogue Knitting Knitterviews as we interview the influencers who contributed to making the knitosphere what it is today. Brought to you by Penguin Random House Audio: “Listen while you knit."


Shira Blumenthal talks Lion Brand, #HatNotHate, and celebrity knit nights. 45:12 12/09/2019
Taiu Landra talks Koigu, breed-specific yarns, and remembering your chemistry. 46:00 11/25/2019
Maggie Jackson talks holes, The Troubles, and murder mysteries. 44:16 11/11/2019
Debbie Bliss talks knitting to fit, seed stitch, and Prince Charles. 37:39 10/28/2019
Erika Knight talks New Romantic, knitting on trains, and nettles. 51:02 10/14/2019
Laura Zander talks Jimmy Beans Wool, software engineering, and smart watches. 41:00 09/30/2019
Sandy Black talks fashion, technology, and Cats the Musical. 40:55 09/16/2019
Nicky Epstein talks embellishment, books, and how The Rockettes missed out. 33:24 09/02/2019
Margaret Stove talks lace shawls, New Zealand, and Diana, Princess of Wales. 30:24 08/19/2019
Julie Weisenberger talks tools, tailoring, and how to stay motivated through chocolate. 39:47 08/05/2019
Arne & Carlos talk Space Invaders, innovation, and life in a Norwegian railway station. 50:52 07/22/2019
Alice Starmore talks the Hebrides, multi-tasking yarn and the fantastical. 53:56 07/08/2019
Brandi Harper talks Brooklyn, minimalism, and her signature crochet finishing. 38:38 06/24/2019
Mary Jane Mucklestone talks Fair Isle, fashion and the allure of the Shetland Islands. 37:40 06/10/2019
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton talks adventure, Sweden, and egotistical fibers. 40:09 05/27/2019
Cecelia Campochiaro talks science, Silicon Valley, sequence knitting and marls. 37:27 05/13/2019
Andrea Mowry talks finding your fade, color confidence and knitting joy 40:08 04/29/2019
Norah Gaughan talks creativity, collaboration, and learning to slow down. 36:46 04/15/2019
Joji Locatelli talks Argentina, self-publishing and a bonus benefit of taking up knitting. 33:41 04/01/2019
Nancy Marchant talks everything brioche, from 1840 to today. 37:20 03/18/2019
Deborah Newton talks fit and finishing, whether or not you’re ready 40:30 03/04/2019
Kaffe Fassett talks art, inspiration, and color, color, color 42:54 02/18/2019
Stephen West talks adventure 38:10 02/04/2019
Meg Swansen talks legacy knitting 40:40 01/21/2019
Coming soon from Vogue Knitting Magazine 03:24 01/16/2019