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Sex, drugs, and stupid lawsuits—these are the American staples. We’ll take you inside and outside of the courtroom… and then drive you to Mexico and leave you for dead.


Ep. 199: Brain Dead- Reboot
We're bringing back an old favorite... from the grave.
02:39 5/12/24
Ep.198: Where's Cricket?
Sometimes, you just have do what has to be done... as you see it.
03:00 4/28/24
Ep.197: Pi--ed Off
Not all airlines party alike. Especially in Australia.
03:17 4/21/24
Ep. 196: Licensed to Cuss
This one is for all the 5-star dads out there (present company excluded).
03:02 4/7/24
Ep. 195: Reefer Rats
If there's one thing that cops hate more than hippies, it's probably rats.
02:43 3/31/24
Ep. 194: The Pornhub Snub
If you feel like you have been checking out online porn without anyone knowing about it, well, then... here's a short primer about how computers work.
03:00 3/23/24
Ep. 193: Florida Man Games
Finally, all of our Florida Man dreams came true.
02:55 3/14/24
Ep. 192: Terminated (Reboot)
It'll soon be spring break, so go get a job! We're bringing this one back for the gainfully soon-to-be-unemployed...
02:58 3/7/24
Ep. 191: Persimmon, Please
Sometimes it's good to know that your elected representatives are really getting things done.
02:47 2/23/24
Ep. 190: Snakes on a Bus
Yes, it's the episode where snakes go wherever they can fit.
02:41 2/16/24
Ep. 189: Love and Order
This one goes out to all the lovers. Especially the unstable ones.
03:07 2/8/24
Ep. 188: Bachelor v. Canada
Grab yourself a brew, a six pack o' crillers, and sit back and listen to this episode.
02:52 1/26/24
Ep. 187: Explosive Lawsuits- Part 2
Sometimes when you're deep in it, you gotta sue somebody.
02:47 1/19/24
Ep. 186: Voodoo Fairies
Strange things are afoot, and we aim to get to the bottom of it. Maybe.
02:49 1/11/24
Ep. 185: Five Finger Discount
If you're gonna steal stuff, make sure it's on a discount, 'cause they probably didn't even want it anyway.
03:07 1/3/24
Ep. 184: Cash for Kids (Reboot)
How much are your kids/ grandkids worth? Multiply the number of extra toilet paper rolls by your current number of bathrooms, divide by the number of juiceboxes, and then throw your calculator in the trash 'cause your kids are just gonna break it anyway.
02:50 12/16/23
Ep. 183: Trouble Again in Paradise (Reboot)
We had so much fun in paradise last year, we thought we'd go back... to the Boom Boom Room.
02:53 12/7/23
Ep. 182: Chopped Salad
Sometimes you just get a hankerin' for some finger food.
02:58 11/30/23
Ep. 181: Billionaire Blues
While you're eating yourself silly this Thanksgiving-- and loosening your belts-- spare a thought for the underserved billionaires.
02:54 11/23/23
Ep. 180: The Golden Ticket
You'll want to sit down for this one.
02:55 11/15/23
Ep. 179: The Most Beautiful Lie
Both Georges agree: it's a not a lie... if you believe it.
02:54 11/3/23
Ep. 178: Scramble to the Top
In the US House of Representatives, it's a race to the finish-- may the one with the most feathers win!
02:42 10/25/23
Ep. 177: Don't Speak
This one is for all of those who believe in the First Amendment right to expression-- but also in shutting up once in a while.
03:01 10/18/23
Ep. 176: OnlyFired
No matter what you do, it's ok to express yourself. Unless you're a teacher.
02:31 10/11/23
Ep. 175: AI Girlfriend
If you thought things were weird now, well... they just got weirder.
02:54 10/4/23
Ep. 174: Queer Eye for Straight Rye (Reboot)
We missed Kid Rock and MTG, two mental giants who are paving the way for progressive thinking. So we brought them back in this tearful reboot.
02:56 9/27/23
Ep. 173: Fees Please
We might actually send you a bill for listening to this episode.
02:28 9/20/23
Ep. 172: Drones and Stones
This year, tennis is more exciting than ever! (As long as you can be chill, bro).
02:39 9/12/23
Ep. 171: (Oily) Pennies from Hell
Here's to all the small business owners out there-- especially the ones who go that extra mile for their employees.
03:31 6/27/23
Ep. 170: You're the Father
One thing D-Bag Dads all have in common: they'll never stop doing stupid sh**. Happy Father's Day!
02:39 6/19/23

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