Show cover of Shitty Idea Time: a celebration of bold business experiments

Shitty Idea Time: a celebration of bold business experiments

I help small business owners access their creativity, stop censoring their own ideas and experiment like a boss. Through interviews with business experts and entrepreneurs on unconventional journeys, we prove that there's no such thing as a bad idea.


You don't get to decide what your brand becomes, a solo story with Tess 21:43 09/04/2021
Leaving space in your business for magic, with foam wig artist Toshie 42:57 08/18/2021
What my 3 favorite brands have in common, a solo show with Tess 26:05 08/05/2021
Embracing the unknown & unplugging from the matrix, with Nicole BZ 47:56 06/24/2021
Investing in your business relationships, with Tracey Warren 41:15 06/10/2021
Launching her sustainable fashion line, with Nazia Siddiqui 35:28 05/27/2021
How my brand values have helped me build an awesome team. Part 4 of 4 with Tess 12:02 05/26/2021
Disrupting the auto repair industry with Eli Allison 44:16 05/20/2021
If selling is awkward, look at your brand values. Part 3 of 4 with Tess 09:38 05/18/2021
Taking big risks to pursue what makes your soul happy, with Gracia Sotomayor 41:03 05/13/2021
How brand values help you connect with your ideal audience. Part 2 of 4 with Tess 09:00 05/11/2021
Why core values are important in business. Part 1 of 4 with Tess 10:50 05/06/2021
The importance of accountability & hiring a good team, with Amber Hawley 57:56 04/22/2021
Decolonizing fitness by running Slow AF, with Martinus Evans 34:29 04/15/2021
Relationships, CRMs, & iteration, with Toni Chowdhury 49:14 04/08/2021
Why today is my favorite holiday as a marketer, a LIVE show with Tess 18:27 04/01/2021
Dismantling "good girl" conditioning with Sarah Schneider 46:46 03/25/2021
Personal brands & ending dishwasher disputes with Nik Scott 46:53 03/18/2021
Mental health, entrepreneurship, & comparison, a solo story with Tess Ball 20:00 03/04/2021
Brand messaging, transformation, & popcorn with Kristine Schwartz 43:38 02/25/2021
Customer experience, marketing mistakes, & worms with Samantha Irwin 50:58 02/18/2021
Coloring books & leveraging your limitations, a solo story with Tess 17:18 02/11/2021
"You're closing the wealth gap by sending snail mail to creditors?!?" with Tierra Bonds 41:06 02/04/2021
Style, sustainability & creating your own rules with Maggie Greene 52:16 01/28/2021
Willpower, Lunchables, & shaving my head, a solo story with Tess 19:37 01/21/2021
Crop tops, building community & being unapologetic with Bri Seeley 47:25 01/14/2021
My annual rant about resolutions, a solo episode with Tess Ball 16:48 12/31/2020
Systems, common biz mistakes, and matchmaking with Diane Lam 49:56 12/17/2020
Understanding your "why" and creating cultural change with Aliko Weste 51:09 12/10/2020
Why faking it until you make it is a terrible idea, with Ross Dexter 57:46 12/03/2020