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In Wheel Time Car Talk is a 30-minute version of the In Wheel Time live automotive talk show simulcasting every Saturday from 8a-11aCT. The LIVE broadcast covers a wide variety of content that automotive enthusiast find interesting - including new car reviews and maintenance tips that can be found here. Join Don Armstrong, Michael Marrs, and Konrad DeLong LIVE every Saturday from 8a-11aCT. Want more In Wheel Time in real time? Follow us for the latest updates! Twitter: more information about In Wheel Time, visit:


Stan Holt - NHRA Drag Racer and Mastermind behind Tailpipes & Tacos joins In Wheel Time! 12:19 10/21/2021
2-Owner 1955 Chevy Drop Top in the family since rolling off the showroom floor! More banned race cars in our feature segment 31:13 10/19/2021
'73 Camaro - car 2 of the father son project, and in the Car Clinic, we are talking A/C 31:03 10/18/2021
A pair of '73 Camaro's cruize' in to Tailpipes and Tacos - In the Pre-owned, it is a Brinks' Armored Car?!?!? 29:54 10/17/2021
Looking for 'race team' support? Check this our for you next trip to the track...! 19:04 10/15/2021
EV Racing, quietly making noise on the track and the Superbirds! 29:49 10/14/2021
EV infrastructure and oil mixing with gas in the Car Clinic?!? 30:23 10/13/2021
'69 Vette and the Houston Area Chevrolet Club! 13:09 10/13/2021
Guitars 'N Cars team with the Wings Over Houston for the benefit of US Vets! 31:01 10/12/2021
Houston Mopar Connection and the National Funeral Museum team up?!?! 30:01 10/11/2021
In Wheel Time is LIVE from Studio A in Houston, Texas! 30:45 10/11/2021
Space City Corvettes are in the house and Konrad has the Car Clinic! 30:25 10/08/2021
Tak'n a tour of the Painthouse and Jeff is looking at a 'Slingshot'?!?! 30:30 10/07/2021
Jeff Dziekan takes a look at Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and we have 'This Week In Auto History.' 23:09 10/06/2021
Track Champion Jake Wright joins then In Wheel Time crew and we have the 2001 Chevy Corvette! 36:01 10/05/2021
Chattanooga Motor Car Festival teams up with Mecum Autions for a new auction! 29:17 10/04/2021
Monthly SCCA update and the new 2021 Kia K5 in the New Car Showroom! 32:11 10/03/2021
Cadillac 1500 truck!?!? and This Week In Auto History on this segment of In Wheel Time. 30:39 10/01/2021
Rat Rod '54 Firetruck?!?!? The new Lexus GX460 is in the New Car Showroom! 30:39 09/30/2021
'ol School cruzer - '47 Ford convertible resto-mod! 31:53 09/30/2021
It is a one owner 'Brubaker Box' at the 3rd Annual Woody's Water Front Car Show! 30:05 09/29/2021
It is a Blown Camaro at the 3rd Annual Woody's Water Front Car Show! 31:16 09/28/2021
Woody's 3rd Annual Water Front Car Show and In Wheel Time is there! 29:41 09/27/2021
2017 Challenger T/A along with the Car Clinic and Auto Headlines from Tailpipes & Tacos, Setember Edition! 21:10 09/22/2021
Check'n out a 2017 Dodge Challenger and the Nissan Kicks is in the Pre-owned Showroom from Tailpipes & Tacos September Edition! 40:16 09/21/2021
Tailpipes & Tacos from Lupe Tortilla, Kirby location, Houston, Texas - part 2. 30:19 09/20/2021
Testarossa at Tailpipes & Tacos with In Wheel Time! 31:29 09/20/2021
Tailpipes & Tacos September Edition with 2017 Challenger and Banned Race Cars! 29:10 09/20/2021
Live from Tailpipes & Tacos on Kirby, it is In Wheel Time for September 2021. 31:45 09/20/2021
Hollywood ain't got nuth'n on the HEMI Hideout when it comes to bright lights! 30:48 09/17/2021