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Whether you’re teaching audio and/or music technology at the middle school, high school, after school, undergraduate, or graduate level, the Audio Educators’ Podcast is for you. Hosts Gabe Herman (Hartt School) and Daniel Fox (Tufts, ZUMIX) aim to build community, explore pedagogy, tips and tricks, and technological trends. You’ll hear from inspired guest educators, experienced audio professionals, and visionary product developers. You’ll expand your network and bag of tricks while bringing back valuable academic and career insight to your students.


#3 Time Traveling with Alex Case Part 1
In part one of this two part episode, we hang out with UMASS Lowell Professor, Alex Case. Alex shares his tips for effective zoom teaching, how he became turned on to audio at a young age, some important moments in audio history, plays a time travel game and more.     
44:36 7/27/20
#2 Mark Rubel / Don't Blend In - Be Vivid
In this episode, we sit down with audio legend, Mark Rubel, who is the director of education at the Blackbird Academy. We explore Mark's unique and highly effective approach to student engagement, discuss his upcoming book, play the microphone dating game, and more. Mark shares a delicious bagel recipe with a surprise twist and also a sonic recipe that you can use in your records to make listeners lean-in. The Blackbird Academy has two schools, one in studio recording and another in live sound. Mark teaches alongside Jeremy Cottrell and Kevin Boettger in on of the most incredible recording studios in the world, Blackbird Studios.
41:15 6/14/20
#0 Podcast Trailer
 Hi, I'm Dan Fox  Hi, I'm Gabe Herman. We're here to speak to our community of audio educators. Our people! That's right, and throughout this podcast, we'll talk to educators from middle school and high school to higher education and out of school time as well. We'll have guests that cover a wide range of topics and have vast experience in the industry to help you get some new ideas and some perspective. We'll cover everything from music production, to live sound, journalism and podcasting, television, film production, careers in audio, and more. We're really happy you're listening and we want to hear from you. Send an email to 
00:42 5/4/20
#1 Introduction/Fun is Serious Business
In this inaugural episode, Dan Fox and Gabe Herman discuss the importance of student engagement. Fun, toys, and games all enter the conversation, as do their relationship to educational outcomes.  The hosts also explore ageism, the value of not knowing everything, and sneak in a delicious drink recipe.Here's a link to the websites of the innovative audio figures discussed in this episode:Link to: http://www.sylviamassy.comLink to:
37:00 5/4/20