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Channel the experiential universal wisdom of the horse to help you tap into harnessing the connected power of potential within. The HorseWisdom Channel is dedicated to the exploration and illumination of the sacred relationship within the horse/human connection, for those seeking a deeper and more harmonious connection to themselves, the horses & life. Join intuitive soul wisdom mystic and equine guided sacred messenger Jess Campmans and the Guided by Equus herd of Butte Morgan horses and tune into embracing your ability to cultivate an empowering relationship with the wisdom of Equus in your life! Connect with us each month as we share insights, tips, stories, perspective and inspiration for building a liberated co-creative sacred relationship with your horses and empower the legacy of your authentic soul at find us on Instagram @jessguidedbyequus


HorseWisdom Conversations with Tracy Gray 44:55 06/08/2021
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HorseWisdom Conversations with Stephanie Sawtelle 61:18 05/03/2021
April 2021: Building the Bridge between Horses & Spirituality 30:59 04/10/2021
HorseWisdom for March 2021: Finding Release through Enlivening Practice 31:48 03/17/2021
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December 2020 HorseWisdom: Crossroads Junction Revelations 35:59 12/09/2020
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HorseWisdom for September 2020: Arising into the depth of our Awareness 34:46 09/09/2020
HorseWisdom for August 2020: Preparing to Culminate our Wisdom 33:45 08/08/2020
HorseWisdom for July 2020: Advocating for deeper understanding 38:10 07/13/2020
HorseWisdom for June 2020: Life & Death as the path to congruence 26:47 06/12/2020
HorseWisdom for May 2020: Reliving the past to Reset the Future 24:00 05/06/2020
HorseWisdom for April 2020: It might come as a shock to you! 24:00 04/25/2020
Bridging the worlds of horses & spirituality 40:14 04/22/2020
In our VULNERABILITY is where we find our real POWER 23:31 04/21/2020
Welcome to the world of HorseWisdom :) 13:53 04/14/2020
the HorseWisdom Podcast trailer! 00:55 04/12/2020