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IP Goes Pop explores the interface between intellectual property(IP) and popular culture. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are often referenced in popular movies, television and songs, but who owns the rights to creative expression? How long does a patent last? What makes a trade secret truly secret? Is the media getting it right when reporting on intellectual property issues? Hosted by intellectual property attorney Michael Snyder, with guest colleagues, inventors, writers, and creators, this lively, bi-weekly podcast discusses intellectual property with a pop-culture twist.


Unfriending Your Brand 37:18 11/17/2021
A Nightmare On Independence Ave.: IP Goes Pop Halloween Spooktacular 37:37 10/27/2021
Come Fly with Us! IP Takes to the Skies 32:33 10/13/2021
Who's Laughing Now? 38:47 09/03/2021
Lights, Camera, Action Figures! 34:25 08/11/2021
Carrying a Torch for IP at the Olympics 38:20 07/21/2021
Down in the (Silicon) Valley 34:56 06/30/2021
Jurassic Patents 33:15 06/09/2021
The ABCs of NFTs 39:01 05/19/2021
Edison v. Tesla - A Shocking History 35:12 04/07/2021
Taking Back The Music 31:16 02/24/2021
Whose Movie is it Anyway? 37:48 02/03/2021
When Video Games Get Real - From Tanks to Tattoos 27:01 02/03/2021
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets a Patent 40:31 11/05/2020
Patent Stars - Celebrities Get Patents Too! 33:12 10/21/2020
Hollywood and Whine - IP and the Right of Publicity 42:50 10/07/2020
Proximity Wars - Character Battles in the World of Comic Books 46:41 09/02/2020
A (Ph)anatical Guide to Characters and Costumes 26:18 08/19/2020
The Trademark "Gold Rush" to Capitalize on Trending Words or Phrases - Trademarks and Catchphrases in Popular Culture 28:55 08/05/2020
Brands and Inventions in the Springfield Universe - Intellectual Property in the Cartoon World of "The Simpsons" 31:49 07/22/2020
Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal - Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property 34:21 07/08/2020
Intellectual Property Urban Legends - Taking on Myths About IP in Popular Culture 31:19 06/24/2020
It's an IP Jungle Out There - How Trademarks Brought Down the Self-Proclaimed King of Tigers 27:40 05/28/2020
Trailer 01:13 05/05/2020