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In this podcast, Bernard Marr explores the biggest trends and questions in business and technology


AI And The Future of Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence has a massive impact on cyber security. Join me and my guest Keiron Holyome, Vice President, AI Cyber Security UKI & Emerging Markets at BlackBerry as will explore the impact of AI on cybersecurity,  look at the biggest cybersecurity trends and talk about how businesses can navigate these modern threats.
46:34 5/17/24
How Agnostic AI Could Give Your Business A Competitive Advantage 
Learn how adopting agnostic AI could give your business a competitive edge in a fast-paced world, as I sit down with Kasia Borowska, MD of Brainpool AI, to discuss the benefits of flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in, and harnessing open-source technologies.We also explore the challenges and opportunities in building AI-agnostic infrastructure, and share insights on the risks associated with Artificial General Intelligence.Tune in to understand why businesses should consider a modular, adaptive approach to AI and whether agnostic AI is the right fit for your organization.
30:16 4/26/24
Generative AI In Customer Experience And Marketing
I am joined by Luc Damman, President, EMEA at Adobe to talk Generative AI and digital transformation in customer experience, creation and marketing. We also cover what to expect from Adobe Summit 2024
32:50 4/2/24
The Vital Role of Project Management in Executing Business Strategy
Explore the crucial role of project management in successful business strategy execution. Joind me and Adam Boddison, Chief Executive of the Association for Project Management to discover why strategic plans often fail to materialize and how effective project management can bridge the gap between vision and reality.In this livestream interview, Boddison offers insights into aligning project management with business goals, highlighting the importance of skilled project professionals in navigating change and seizing opportunities. A must-watch for leaders and project managers aiming to transform strategic ambitions into concrete achievements.
30:39 3/15/24
Why Private AI Makes A Lot Of Sense Right Now
Explore the emerging trend of Private AI, a game-changing approach that combines the transformative power of AI with heightened data privacy and security. Join me and Himanshu Singh, Director of Cloud Infrastructure and AI Product Marketing at VMware by Broadcom, as we discuss how businesses can navigate the AI-driven landscape while safeguarding sensitive information and complying with ethical standards.
33:03 1/26/24
AI Adoption Essentials: Laying the Groundwork for Success in Enterprises
What essentials do you need to have in place to make Generative AI work in the enterprise? Join me as I discuss this important topic with Matt Hicks, President and Chief Executive Officer, Red Hat.
41:42 1/25/24
How Cloud Networking Helped Aston Martin F1 In Its Best Season To Date
How Cloud Networking Helped Aston Martin F1 In Its Best Season To Date. Join me as I speak with Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks, about the crucial role of cloud networking, AI, and automated networking at Aston Martin F1. We explore how advanced technology and data analytics are essential for real-time decision-making and maintaining a competitive edge in Formula One.
19:32 1/16/24
AI And The Future Of Jobs
Join me and Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, as we explore the impact of AI on jobs, including current market trends, the evolving skills landscape, Indeed's AI initiatives, and the balance between AI's exciting possibilities and ethical responsibilities.
33:01 1/12/24
How To Capture The Value Of Generative AI In A Responsible And Secure Way
We delve into the profound impact of generative AI across industries, discussing the need for ethical and secure implementation to harness its potential responsibly while mitigating risks. I am joined by three guests from AWS: Tom Godden, Enterprise Strategist and CxO Advisor, Mani Khanuja, Generative AI Tech Lead and Brian Beach, Principal Solutions Architect
44:01 1/5/24
Why Every Business Needs A Connectivity Cloud
Explore how the connectivity cloud is revolutionizing business IT operations, offering enhanced security, scalability, and efficiency in a digital world dominated by AI and big data, in my conversation with Sasi Murthy, Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing at Cloudflare
26:07 1/3/24
How Generative AI Is Transforming Design
Today’s topic is how generative AI is transforming design. I am joined by Mike Haley, Senior Vice President of Research at Autodesk, to explore the evolution of AI in design, the role of generative AI, practical examples and how will it change design in the future.
43:58 12/29/23
How the citizenM hotel group is transforming the hospitality experience with AI-driven Networks
In this conversation, I am joined by Bojan Pavacic, Director of Technology & Digital at citizenM hotels to delve into how the citizenM hotel group is revolutionizing hospitality through AI-driven networks, enhancing guest experiences, and shaping the future of smart hotels.
19:15 12/22/23
Beyond AI, What Are The Biggest IT Challenges For 2024?
#AD What are the Biggest IT Challenges for 2024? I am joined by Jeff Kilford, Director of Enterprise and Government Segment and Jimmy Wai, Partner Technical Sales Specialist at @IntelBusiness. We will discuss challenges including data privacy, IT cost management, remote work infrastructure and sustainability. #intelvPro
38:16 12/20/23
Generative AI And the Future Of Content Creation
Today’s topic is how generative AI is transforming content creation. I am joined by Sam Garg, Founder and CEO, Writesonic to explore how generative AI is revolutionizing content creation, while grappling with challenges like copyright and authenticity, and explore its potential to augment human creativity in an AI-augmented future.
26:30 12/18/23
Generative AI: The Secret Weapon Of Successful CEOs
I am joined by Coursera's CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, to discuss how a top-tier leader harnesses generative AI like ChatGPT daily. Maggioncalda, leading a $2.6 billion company, reveals intriguing uses of AI beyond writing assistance—acting as a thought partner in decision-making and strategy. His approach demystifies AI, showcasing its practicality in executive roles and providing valuable takeaways for viewers on leveraging AI in business and personal contexts.
47:07 12/15/23
How Generative AI Is Revolutionizing Healthcare & Drug Discovery
In this conversion with Kimberly Powell VP, & GM Healthcare NVIDIA we explore how AI, and in particularly generative AI, is transforming healthcare and drug discovery.
30:29 12/13/23
Generative AI and The mindset needed to fully embrace it
I am joined by MIT's Andrew McAfee to discuss the transformative power of Generative AI, the radical mindset behind his brand new book ‘The Geek Way,' and how traditional businesses can harness innovation for a future reshaped by technology.
42:05 12/11/23
HPE Empowers Users with Generative AI through Advanced Computing & Cloud Solutions
Discover how HPE is revolutionizing the future of AI at scale, with insights from Mark Armstrong, VP & GM of HPE, as we delve into the challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends of Generative AI.
24:50 11/9/23
Future of Cloud: The Technologies Driving Change
I am joined by Nick McQuire, Director of Product Management, Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft to discuss how technologies including generative AI, 5G, Quantum Computing and Space Connectivity are transforming out world and making cloud more powerful than ever.Please also check out:Subscribe to The Future of Cloud NewsletterFuture of Cloud Series Main  PageFuture of Cloud First Episode PageFuture of Cloud Second Episode Page
34:02 11/7/23
How Generative AI Is Revolutionizing Music
For this captivating conversation I am joined by Rory Kenny, the visionary CEO and Co-founder of Loudly. We will unravel the intricacies of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the music sphere.The dialogue will traverse Rory’s inspirational journey, Loudly’s revolutionary AI-powered platform, the transformative role of AI in music consumption and creation, the evolution of human creativity, copyright nuances, and exciting future prospects, illuminating the harmonious intersection of AI and music.
54:32 10/13/23
Artificial Intimacy: How Generative AI Can Now Create Your Dream Girlfriend
In this fascinating conversation we dive into the world of artificial intimacy as DreamGF pioneers AI-generated girlfriends, exploring the innovation behind virtual companionship, the booming business model, ethical dilemmas, and a future where hybrid models and real-life robots blur the boundaries between digital fantasies and reality.To help me discuss, I am joined by Georgi Dimitrov, CEO and Jeff Dillon, Chief Business Development Officer.
47:31 10/11/23
The Role of Data Storage in Accelerating Time-to-Insights
In this interview we explore the often overlooked yet critical role of modern storage infrastructure in accelerating time-to-insights in the data analytics realm. I am joined by industry expert Shawn Rosemarin to discuss how making informed storage decisions can not only foster speedy insight delivery but also significantly enhance AI and analytics initiatives, potentially steering organizations towards a more sustainable and efficient future.
34:39 9/25/23
Data, AI And Cloud At The Natural History Museum
I am joined by Dr John Tweddle, Head of Angela Marmont Centre For UK Biodiversity at the Natural History Museum, to discuss the role of data and cloud to help them with research into bio diversity and urban nature.
08:45 9/5/23
The Amazing Role Of Data, AI And Cloud In Formula 1
For this interview, I am joined by Rob Smedley, a former race engineer for the likes of Ferrari and Williams who now works as a Technical Consultant for the Formula One Group. We explore the pivotal role of data, connectivity, cloud and artificial intelligence in the sport and the partnership between Formula 1 and AWS.We cover the role of data and AI in F1 car design, race strategy, fan engagement, and more.
17:55 9/1/23
Delivery Hero and AWS: Cost Optimization in the Cloud
In this livestream I am joined by Michael Krenz, Engineering Director at Delivery Hero, to discuss the company's strategic approach to leveraging AWS cloud services for cost optimization. The conversation touches on how Delivery Hero integrates AWS features, like "spot instances," to achieve operational savings, their collaboration with AWS in building a customer data platform (CDP) using machine learning, and the broader cultural shift in prioritizing cost efficiency alongside performance and growth.
12:53 8/31/23
How The Bundesliga, Germany's Football League, Achieved Cost Optimisation In The Cloud
Join me in an engaging live stream as I sit down with Alexander Altenhofen, Director of Product and Technology at Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL). We'll uncover the secrets behind Bundesliga's rise as the world’s most digitally-driven football league.Dive deep into:• "Glass to Grass" Strategy: Explore the fascinating journey of content from stadium cameras to the screens of millions.• The AWS Partnership: Discover how more than 80 AWS services have been employed to revolutionize the Bundesliga experience for fans across the globe.• The Personalized Fan Experience: Delve into the league's use of AWS services like Lambda, Fargate, and Sagemaker to capture real-time "match facts" that offer deep insights into game analytics and player performances.• Cost Optimization: Hear firsthand from Altenhofen about DFL's mission to boost efficiency and reallocate budget for strategic innovation without compromising the user experience.• The Future: Get a sneak peek into DFL's future initiatives, from generative AI content creation to personalized user experiences tailored for each Bundesliga fan.Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at the future of football (or soccer) and how technology is transforming the way we engage with sports.
12:07 8/30/23
The Future of Work: The 3 Digital Challenges Every Company Must Address Guest: Kate Porter, Intel
In-Depth on the Future of Work. With the digital revolution reshaping our workplaces, we stand at a crossroad of numerous opportunities and challenges. But how exactly are companies gearing up to face these headwinds?What strategies are they employing to harness the power of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and still maintain a sustainable, secure, and flexible work environment? To bring light to these burning questions, I am joined by  Kate Porter, Senior Director of Segment Insights and Strategy at Intel’s Commercial Client Business Group.To find out more about the Intel vPro Platform head to
35:45 8/23/23
The Amazing Ways Indeed Uses AI To Create A Career Companion
Discover how Indeed, the world's leading job platform, is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the hiring process, create personalized connections, and improve job seekers' chances of finding the perfect match in this thought-provoking article. I am joined by Raj Mukherjee, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Employer at Indeed.
35:00 8/4/23
How IBM And AWS Are Partnering To Help Clients Address Cybersecurity And Sustainability Challenges
Join us for an enlightening conversation with Mark Fitch, IBM's client partner for AWS in the UK, as we delve into the transformative IBM and AWS partnership.In this video, Mark shares unique insights into how the partnership is navigating AI and cloud computing landscapes, propelling sustainable IT infrastructure, bolstering cybersecurity measures, and harnessing the potential of generative AI. Gain an in-depth understanding of how this powerful alliance is driving change, preparing businesses for future challenges, and shaping our digital future, all while delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.A must-watch for all tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.
13:00 7/26/23
AWS Security Assessment
In this conversation we are discussing security assessment for the AWScloud . I am joined by Artur Schneider, Senior Cloud Consultant at T-Systems
08:25 7/26/23

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