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Tech Intersectâ„¢ with Tonya M. Evans

Tech Intersect, hosted by attorney, law professor, keynote speaker and entrepreneur Tonya M. Evans, is a engaging, informative and lively show that explores the intersections of technology, business, law, culture and future of work, wealth and creavity. No law degree or tech background is required. Just an open mind and an eye focused on the future. Let's meet where law, business and tech intersect! #TechIntersect


Tech Intersect #121: Keith Kupferschmid: The CASE Act & What it Means for Small Claims Copyright Enforcement & the Future of Creativity 42:07 06/28/2022
Tech Intersect #120: SPOTLIGHT Ep #51: Isaiah "Bitcoin Zay" Jackson-Bitcoin, Black America & Financial Freedom in the Digital Economy 38:59 06/21/2022
Tech Intersect #119: SPOTLIGHT Ep #26: Cleve Mesidor-Reflections on Juneteenth, Crypto and the Future of Financial Freedom 34:15 06/14/2022
Tech Intersect #118: SPOTLIGHT Ep. 109 Michele Neitz-Educating Regulators, Lawmakers and Stakeholders about Blockchain & Social Good 36:07 06/07/2022
Tech Intersect #117: Summer Watson-Aku Dreams and the Future of IP in the New Economy 56:13 05/31/2022
Tech Intersect #116-SPOTLIGHT Ep. 61: Ping The Prof 3-What Every NFT Creative Collector Should Know About IP 26:42 05/24/2022
Tech Intersect #115-Rev. Wendy Hamilton: The Politics of Crypto and a Human Centered Economy 49:35 05/17/2022
Tech Intersect #114-Maxwell Frost: Congress, Crypto and the Future of Economic Justice 35:13 05/10/2022
Tech Intersect #113: SPOTLIGHT Ep. 3-Andreas Antonopoulos-Bitcoin for the other 6 Billion 53:06 05/03/2022
Tech Intersect #112: Ping the Prof-Black Crypto Investor Data-FUD or Economic Justice? 29:24 04/26/2022
Tech Intersect #111: SPOTLIGHT Ep. 87 - Lamar Wilson-Black Bitcoin Billionaires & the Great Wealth Transfer 66:40 04/19/2022
Tech Intersect #110: Dawn Dickson: Creative Justice & the Business of Fashion NFTs 38:36 04/12/2022
Tech Intersect #109: Prof. Michele Neitz-Educating Regulators, Lawmakers and Stakeholders about Blockchain & Social Good 35:16 04/05/2022
Tech Intersect #108: SPOTLIGHT Ep 91-Sterling Schuyler-Extraordinary Women in the Future of Wealth, Work & Creativity 31:18 03/29/2022
Tech Intersect #107: Jomari Peterson-How Avalanche is making Defi Better, Faster, Cheaper and Eco-Friendly 36:17 03/22/2022
Tech Intersect #106: Linda Dounia- BLACKRARE Voices of 'Black experience and imaginary' in digital art 33:44 03/15/2022
Tech Intersect #105: Jamiel Sheikh-The Role of Education in the Adoption, Regulation and Security in Crypto 34:52 03/08/2022
Tech Intersect #104: Morgan Harper-A Senate Candidate Reimagining the Politics of Community, Consumer Protection and Crypto 28:38 03/01/2022
Tech Intersect #103: SPOTLIGHT Ep 100 Laura Shin-Cryptopians and the Transformative Impact of Ethereum on Crypto, NFTs, DeFi and Beyond 39:08 02/22/2022
Tech Intersect #102: Jason Civalleri-What's on the Legal Horizon for Crypto Lending, DeFi, DAOs and NFTs 47:28 02/15/2022
Tech Intersect #101 - SPOTLIGHT Ep 63: ONE/OFF-NFTs & Liberating Black Arts + Culture on the Blockchain 47:32 02/08/2022
Tech Intersect #100 part 2: Laura Shin-Cryptopians and the Transformative Impact of Ethereum on Crypto, NFTs, DeFi and Beyond 41:04 02/01/2022
Tech Intersect #100 part 1: Minda Harts-From Surviving to Healing & Thriving in the Future of Work 37:47 01/25/2022
Tech Intersect #99: Ping the Prof-NFT Art Infringement Scams and What You Can Do About It 17:59 01/18/2022
Tech Intersect #98: Anthony Ware-Mental Health and Wealth Strategies of Success in Crypto 55:27 01/11/2022
Tech Intersect #97: Iris Nevins-Black NFT Art, Empowerment & the Future of Creativity 47:21 01/04/2022
Tech Intersect #96: Sian Morson-Empowering Diverse Voices in the Future of Creativity 40:53 12/28/2021
Tech Intersect #95: Matt West-DeFi's Candidate for Congress 45:43 12/21/2021
Tech Intersect #94: SPOTLIGHT Akin Sawyerr #44-Are Blockchains & Defi Lending the New Esusu Wealth-Building Model? Lessons from Nigeria 39:22 12/14/2021
Tech Intersect #93: JoAnn Holmes, Esq.-How to (Successfully) Mind Your Business and IP in the Future of Web3 43:50 12/07/2021