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Welcome to the official Menswear Style Podcast hosted by Peter Brooker, who has past experience managing an independent men's clothing store and is the co-author of a book on the style of James Bond. In this men's fashion and men's style focused podcast show we speak to some of the most influential designers, innovative brands and truly inspiring entrepreneurs from within the fashion world to get a detailed insight into their start-up stories and to talk all things sustainability, marketing and eCommerce. Be sure to come back each week to get your fix of clothing industry insights, style inspiration and business motivation.


Peter Ricci, Co-Founder of MANTL 36:20 09/13/2021
Geoff Souster, Owner of Souster & Hicks 82:19 09/08/2021
Pierre-Yves Monnerville, Founder of Monnerville 24:43 09/01/2021
Andreas Christian von der Heide, Co-Founder of Les Deux 22:42 08/12/2021
Joakim Blom, Co-Founder of The Resort Co 27:58 08/09/2021
Scott Golbourne, Co-Founder of AREA CODE 46:52 08/04/2021
Sally Hughes, Founder of Kair 32:31 08/02/2021
Robert Tateossian, Founder of Tateossian 23:49 07/29/2021
Ivo Zuazo, Founder of Theodore Herald 20:53 07/27/2021
Jamie Lundy, CEO at 7L (SEVEN LAYER) 38:56 07/19/2021
Jacqueline Mozanowski, Co-Founder of OBLIVIOUS? 19:36 07/05/2021
From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films 24:14 06/08/2021
Jon Graham, CEO at Miller Harris 30:28 06/02/2021
Matthew Oliver, Founder of Oliver Co. London 20:31 05/27/2021
Mats-Ola Ström, Co-Founder of Tailor Store 22:48 05/20/2021
Enrico Casati, Co-Founder of Velasca 26:20 05/17/2021
David Cran, Vice President UK, Ireland & Iberia at SmileDirectClub 22:26 05/13/2021
Pierre André Senizergues, CEO at Sole Technology 33:04 05/10/2021
Adam Brown, Founder of Orlebar Brown 14:42 05/05/2021
Mark Winter, Founder of SWAY London 18:23 04/08/2021
Ben Farren, Founder of SPOKE 23:46 03/18/2021
Alec and Themy, Co-Founders of William Alexander Cosmetics 20:04 03/11/2021
Paul Clapham, Founder of Uskees 24:48 03/08/2021
Martin Parker, Co-Founder of Cut & Pin 25:10 02/23/2021
Caspar Mørch, Menswear Designer 20:53 02/15/2021
Freddy Furber, Founder of Percy Nobleman 21:45 02/11/2021
Simon Whitaker, Founder of Master Debonair 27:07 02/08/2021
Jan Juelicher, Co-Founder of Dalgado 19:10 02/04/2021
Philip Start, Founder of Mr. Start 32:59 02/01/2021
James Warwick, Founder of Illuminati Vodka 20:44 01/28/2021