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"Keep An Open Mind" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Matt Soriano
Keep an open mind to everything you do. If your customer is talking to you listen to them. You can't tell people how to use your product you can't say you're holding it wrong, you're using it wrong. You're there to serve them. If they need something and they are willing to pay and you can do it which wouldn't impact you that much you can try it. --- Send in a voice message:
26:16 09/26/2022
"Test It Out" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Anya (Taelor) Cheng
The best way to figure out what to do is to test it out. Once we start testing even on just 100 or 50 customers, the needs are really clear. They don't care for example about the package of the box or the big logo. They just want to feel comfortable with the high-quality item. There are so many small details that we don't know or even can't imagine but once we start testing people would tell you the same thing. So testing your hypothesis is a minimum viable product. --- Send in a voice message:
28:59 09/23/2022
"Be On LinkedIn" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Rachel Lee
Be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is such a treasure cove for building your brand, growing your visibility, and really finding your audience so that you can create new opportunities. --- Send in a voice message:
25:37 09/19/2022
"Having A Network Is Important" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Michael Yinger
Having a network is important. Having people that you can talk to, having people that you can share your challenges with who aren't gonna judge you who aren't beholding to you in some way so that you get some honest feedback. It's surprising how differently someone else might look under the same set of circumstances that you do and give you the complete insight you might not have thought of. If you're starting a journey and you don't have a network of peers, create that network of peers because you're gonna need the moral support if nothing else and you're gonna need somebody to talk to. --- Send in a voice message:
32:24 09/16/2022
"Decision Making As A Leader" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Aaron Weiche
Once you start growing teams and managing people, the power of being intentional with your decision-making as a leader whether you are a leader of one or leader of 100 is incredibly important. When you make intentional decisions, even if you're just holding intentionality to yourself you're doing the right amount of do-diligence, you're exploring why you're making that decision, and also you're weighing out if you have multiple options, what are the pros and cons of each of these options and then when you go and make that decision or you're helping your team understand why that decision was made and helping your customers understand why that decision was made they are able to see that intentionality behind it because of the way you are able to express it. --- Send in a voice message:
30:30 09/12/2022
"Be Curious, Be Empathetic" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Sean Baxter
Just be curious, you have something in you that you want to offer, and being curious and talking to people, being empathetic and listening to their stories, you begin to match what you have in you to what the world needs from you. --- Send in a voice message:
27:38 08/31/2022
"Don't Quit Your Day Job" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Terri Loftus
Don't quit your day job, not that you won't succeed, don't take it that way but when somebody has an idea that they would like to pursue it does take a lot of time to do it but when start to run out of the money because it not taking off like you wanted it to, it does put a lot of stress. --- Send in a voice message:
28:39 08/29/2022
"Obsession To Solve A Problem" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Rishabh Jain
Make sure you have a single problem that you are focused on at any given point in time and treat it as existential. It is just what is the single thing that is the most critical for your business at this point in time and actually worry about that one thing and then move on to the next thing. It is the behavior that could be the most useful. --- Send in a voice message:
35:14 08/24/2022
"Be Very Clear About Where You're Headed" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Cary Prejean
Be very clear about where you're headed. What is it that you want to do, what timeline, how much revenue, how big a company, how big a footprint, and what is your market? Be very clear on all these things that will take to satisfy you because in the end getting exactly what you want is what's going to be the ultimate satisfaction in life. --- Send in a voice message:
20:06 08/22/2022
"Be Valued" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ruby Brown Herring
Work with folks who value what you bring to the organization. Whether you are a subcontractor or not, you bring value and should be valued. Folks should respect that and if they don't you can walk away. All money ain't good money. --- Send in a voice message:
24:07 08/19/2022
Never Get Too High, Never Get Too Low
Never get too high, never get too low. The swings in the startup are insane. One day you'll go from "Wow we just got 500 users on your platform" to "Wow this platform sucks because of the way it's built". Find the silver lining in everything and always try to learn and be better the next day you came in the day before. --- Send in a voice message:
27:03 08/17/2022
"What Are Your Goals?" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Natalie Cook
What are your goals? Goals are like road maps; they get you from one point to another. Goals provide the direction you need to reach your destination, the motivation to sustain you on your trip, and a way to measure your progress. --- Send in a voice message:
28:31 08/15/2022
"Put Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Will Read
Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Do things that make you uncomfortable because that's how you grow as a person. So when it comes time to make decisions as an entrepreneur, they are never emotional you're just doing it because you know you have to and growing is uncomfortable. --- Send in a voice message:
30:48 07/29/2022
"Have A Plan" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Brian Kail
Have a plan. Maybe you have heard this before, create one page about what your business is gonna be about, what's your product and services, what you think your market will be, what your pricing would be, and do some quick math if you can make money and have all that in a place. Start with a one-page plan. --- Send in a voice message:
32:31 07/22/2022
"Do You Know Yourself?" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Karmen Berentsen
Know yourself. Absolutely know yourself. You are the leader. At the end of the day, you are launching something and you have to innately know your strengths and your weaknesses and who you are and what makes you tick, and what you need. It's like you are the generator, you're the sole inspiration. --- Send in a voice message:
32:33 07/20/2022
"Build An Email Course" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Joe Sanok
Build an email course. Building out an email course is the best way to have something of value right from the beginning and to stay in constant communication with your ideal client. It gives you a place to point people towards. --- Send in a voice message:
31:43 07/18/2022
"Pain Points Of Your Customers" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Danny Gold
Go find the customers and talk to them. Never stop talking to them and just ask questions about their pain points. The thing that will make you successful or not is going to be - Do you understand these customers' pain points, can you find more of them, and can u solve them a solution. --- Send in a voice message:
25:52 07/14/2022
"Build What Makes You Happy" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Chris Denny
Decide what kind of business you want. Be true to yourself. If you're an introvert or if you don't like managing projects or don't want to be a manager or whatever it is. If you just want to work 2 days a week. It's up to you to be real with yourself about that don't try to make something giant. Build what makes you happy. --- Send in a voice message:
33:44 07/12/2022
"Don't Underestimate The Power Of Personal Branding" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Carl Robinson
Don't underestimate the power of personal branding. You go from nobody to suddenly somebody who a lot of people want to speak to and that really open doors because suddenly you got contacts, you can engage with them on social media people see that you're offering value upfront, you get to learn from them, you get to have really engaging conversations with people. There are just so many benefits. --- Send in a voice message:
33:53 07/08/2022
"Just Get It Started" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Brad Rice
Just go for it. There are a lot of inexperienced founders who take way too long developing an idea, getting a lot of opinions, and not just starting. That is really the number one thing, is go for it and get started right away. It doesn't have to be perfect you can always fix it as you go along. --- Send in a voice message:
27:25 07/06/2022
"Go Take A Startup Course" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Benett Maxwell
Go take a course on what a start-up is. With high rates of failure, getting any startup off the ground is a time-consuming and difficult task. The courses can give you the help you need, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to see your startup grow and prosper. --- Send in a voice message:
26:27 07/04/2022
"Charge For Your Work" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Andrew Kamphey
Charge for your work, charge something. There are some people who know what they are selling and are starting to sell it and there are some people who have no idea what to sell. Connect with people, and talk to people, which is hard sometimes, especially online and when you are remote. Dm them on LinkedIn, and email them to get their feedback. --- Send in a voice message:
48:19 07/03/2022
"Hire A Copywriter" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Inbal Claudio
Hire a copywriter first and foremost. The person who can really put your thoughts into words is a copywriter. It makes a big difference not just in influence platforms but also in the social communities. So it's nice to really be able to get your message across in a concise manner on your website, or when you're pitching just in general. --- Send in a voice message:
28:31 07/03/2022
"Be Adaptable To The Change" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Salvatore LoDuca
You need to become open because of the journey and the process of developing a company you're always going to learn. Be adaptable to change in a dynamic environment. So as a business person, you need to be adaptable to change and don't always be too headstrong. Listen to the advice of the others and take what is needed to be incorporated, don't be too closed. --- Send in a voice message:
31:37 07/02/2022
"Find Your Motivation" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Anurag Kamal
We need to be clear about what exactly our motivations are, they could change over time. Your mission could evolve to a bigger one or a more narrowly focused one. The first question you need to ask yourself is why exactly you are doing this. What exactly motivates you will help you get through the challenges as the path is tough most of the time. --- Send in a voice message:
35:53 07/01/2022
"Fortune Favors The Brave" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Richard Blank
Fortune favors the brave. Those who take risks often reap great rewards; those who are courageous are often the most successful. Take a chance in order to get what you want. --- Send in a voice message:
27:51 06/30/2022
"Keep Your Finances In Good Spot" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Daniel Felt
Make sure that your finance is in a good spot. When you're trying to start a new company and you are financially stressed you will make really hectic decisions. Get more money than you think you need. If you need 50k to start this get 75k, you can always pay back the loan super fast. Have a plan in place so that strategically you can make confident decisions and invest in the company properly in the very beginning. --- Send in a voice message:
27:10 06/29/2022
"How To Build Prelaunch Hype Organically" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Jenna Zeng
Launching is the big deal. So, making sure that there is the hype about what you are going to be offering in terms of service or product for the prelaunch is massive even if you are still a couple of months away, the build-up is really important. --- Send in a voice message:
26:18 06/28/2022
"Work On Your Business Not In Your Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Kim Becker
You need to work on your business and not in your business. It's not the "what" it's the "who". It's not what you need to do, it's who can you help to what you need to do. Spend more time working on your business by valuing and educating yourself and the employees instead of just pleasing your customers. --- Send in a voice message:
34:20 06/27/2022
"Strong WHY Of Your Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Saul Sutton
Make sure the "Why" of your business is bigger than yourself. That's what going to motivate you to really get up every day when it's tough and hard and also help you to seek that community to support you. So, make your why bigger than yourself and be willing to pivot. --- Send in a voice message:
28:48 06/26/2022