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The Inventive Journey podcast is a captivating series that delves into the personal and professional stories of startup founders and small business owners. Each episode features an in-depth interview where guests share their unique paths to success, the challenges they overcame, and the pivotal moments that defined their entrepreneurial journeys. Listeners gain valuable insights and inspiration from these real-life experiences, making "Inventive Journey" a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the dynamic world of startups and small businesses.


"Believe and Push: Essential Advice for Entrepreneur" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Robert Herr
Have unwavering faith in yourself, despite the doubts that may arise from within or be projected onto you by others. Doubt and disbelief will inevitably surround you, but resisting their influence is key to your success. Stay committed to believing in yourself, regardless of the challenges, and persevere. This is the foremost advice I offer to first-time founders or anyone pursuing their own path. --- Send in a voice message:
36:03 4/29/24
"The Customer Obsession Advantage" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Louis Long
In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, one invaluable piece of advice stands out: be utterly obsessed with your customer. This philosophy has been pivotal in the success of ventures like Conquer, where founders like Matt and I have made it a priority to stay intimately connected with our target audience. From hosting games on our platform to engaging in extensive competitor research, we've immersed ourselves in understanding their needs and desires. In today's startup landscape, where launching a business is facilitated by an array of tools and resources, the real challenge lies in creating something truly desirable amidst the noise of countless offerings. This underscores the crucial importance of knowing your customer inside out, as ultimately, you're crafting a product for them. My advice? Dive deep into understanding your customer, embrace their problems, engage with them relentlessly, and iterate swiftly. Despite your assumptions, it's the market that ultimately dictates what's in demand and what's not. Therefore, staying closely attuned to your target demographic is paramount in tailoring your product to their exact specifications. --- Send in a voice message:
27:45 3/23/24
"Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: Who, Not How" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Corinne Auman
In the world of entrepreneurship, there's a game-changing book that many might have heard of: "Who, Not How." This book has become a go-to recommendation for me when I meet or speak to new entrepreneurs. Why? Because it highlights the importance of not trying to do everything yourself. Building a successful business isn't about being a lone ranger; it's about assembling the right team to help you grow. This concept of finding the right people for the right tasks is crucial for any budding entrepreneur. Another key lesson I've learned on my journey is the importance of patience and realistic expectations. When I first started, I was full of enthusiasm, thinking success would come overnight. But reality hit hard. Building a business takes time—a lot of it. So, if you're starting your entrepreneurial journey, remember this: don't try to do it all alone, and be patient with your progress. Success will come, but it's a journey, not a sprint. --- Send in a voice message:
22:14 3/23/24
"The Power of Mentorship and Collaboration" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Kody Thompson
In the quest for success, seeking guidance from those who have already walked the path you aspire to traverse is invaluable. I am a staunch advocate of mentorship, firmly believing in the wisdom gained from learning from others' experiences and missteps. Attempting to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship solo is a surefire path to exhaustion. Collaboration is key; surrounding yourself with mentors and empowering your team members is essential for sustainable growth. Building something of significance necessitates nurturing relationships, both with mentors and employees, rather than attempting to micromanage every aspect alone. True achievement emerges from these connections, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing meaningful relationships in any endeavor. --- Send in a voice message:
26:09 3/23/24
"Navigating Business Challenges" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ William Reagan
Be patient as you embark on your business venture. Expect numerous fluctuations along the way. What you initially perceive as a brilliant plan may reveal itself to be flawed. It's crucial to be truthful with yourself and adapt swiftly when necessary. This is the time for adjustments and flexibility, especially since your business is still small – like a nimble ship that can change course easily. Don't hesitate to reorganize and revisit your strategies with humility. Acknowledge that you don't have all the answers and that your business is a dynamic entity requiring constant attention and nurturing. With care and perseverance, it will evolve into something manageable and successful. --- Send in a voice message:
30:47 2/28/24
"The Power of Patience in Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Marcus Washington
I believe patience is key. It's essential to remain very patient because things don't happen overnight. For us, it took about four years from the inception of our idea in 2019 to finally securing placement in our first store in 2023. Even then, challenges persisted as we navigated the retail landscape and learned firsthand about dealing with retailers. Setting a clear Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) became imperative for effective communication. These experiences prompted us to carefully reassess our approach, particularly with just four bars. Understanding that success doesn't come instantly and being prepared for uncertainties are crucial when embarking on a business venture. --- Send in a voice message:
21:06 2/26/24
"Balancing Consistency and Flexibility" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Diana Chaloux LaCerte
I'd advise to maintain consistency and persistence throughout your journey. Perfection isn't attainable; hurdles will always arise, especially in entrepreneurship. It's crucial to have a clear mission and purpose, yet remain adaptable in your approach. Your vision shouldn't waver, but be open to adjusting your methods as challenges emerge. Remember, reaching your goals might not unfold exactly as you envisioned, and that's perfectly fine. --- Send in a voice message:
24:14 2/23/24
"Fearless Entrepreneurship: Taking the Leap" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Bennett Mortensen
I'd say the anticipation of starting something new often magnifies its perceived challenges, making them seem much more daunting than they actually are once you're immersed in the experience. I remember delaying my own ventures for quite some time due to this fear factor. The prospect of launching a business, being self-employed, or taking on the risks inherent in any startup venture can be overwhelmingly intimidating in thought. However, once you're in the midst of it, it becomes more manageable, more about the day-to-day grind of problem-solving, adapting, and finding solutions on the go. You realize you can handle the challenges as they come. Overthinking tends to paralyze action more often than not. So, my advice would be: if you're intrigued by entrepreneurship, if starting your own business appeals to you, take the leap. The worst-case scenario is that you end up back where you started, without a business, but with valuable lessons learned. Embrace the journey. --- Send in a voice message:
26:50 2/21/24
"Nurturing Your Business's Lifeblood: Your List" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Phil Tyreman
Your list, whether cultivated from physical or online ventures, stands as the lifeblood of your business. Unlike transient social media platforms, your list provides stability and ownership. Treat those on your list with the reverence they deserve; they've entrusted you with their contact details and consent, a valuable asset not to be taken lightly. By respecting their trust and providing meaningful content aligned with their interests, you forge a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters loyalty and rewards both parties with growth and success. --- Send in a voice message:
33:17 2/19/24
"Invest Wisely for Business Growth" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Mark Goldman
Be prepared to invest in quality services. Although this may appear somewhat self-serving coming from a business coach, the principle extends to various fields, including law and accounting. I've observed this pattern not only in my current work with business owners but also during my own entrepreneurial ventures. Often, when embarking on projects or seeking services, new business owners determine their budget first and then settle for a service that fits within those financial constraints. To foster genuine business growth, it's crucial to identify your needs first and then strategize how to allocate the necessary resources to meet those needs effectively. --- Send in a voice message:
31:21 2/9/24
"Entrepreneurial Success: Planning and Support Matters" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Erin Khan
I would like to emphasize a couple of key points, with one being the importance of ensuring you are in a comfortable position to take the risk of starting a new venture. Personally, I found peace of mind by meticulously planning before taking the leap. Rather than abruptly leaving my corporate job, I had saved up and strategically prepared, providing me with a financial cushion and the confidence to make informed decisions. This approach allowed me to concentrate on the business during its initial year without unnecessary distractions. Additionally, having a supportive network, whether it's a team or individuals in your life, is crucial. Going solo as an entrepreneur can be challenging, and having a reliable support system can make a significant difference in navigating the journey. --- Send in a voice message:
28:24 2/7/24
"Patience and Consistent Content" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Nearchos Nearchou
First and foremost, patience is key. Individuals need to recognize that significant achievements often have humble beginnings. Begin by testing the waters on a small scale—invest a modest amount and assess the outcome. Gradually increase your investments as you gain insights. The key to success lies in consistently producing content. --- Send in a voice message:
24:07 2/5/24
"Mastering the Art of Brand Consistency in Marketing" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Wendy Pace
Effective marketing is crucial. In times of budget constraints, individuals may think they can handle it themselves. However, if you lack a deep understanding of marketing dynamics and messaging, it's advisable to outsource the task. Remember, you have only one opportunity to create a compelling first impression. While some argue that they can make an impression later on social media, it's vital to recognize that brand consistency plays a pivotal role. Emphasizing brand consistency should be a top priority in your approach to marketing. --- Send in a voice message:
23:41 1/29/24
"Confronting Fears and Embracing Joy" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Michele Smith
I am considering confronting my fears and pushing through them. It's essential to emphasize that I don't mean taking extreme risks like jumping out of planes or off cliffs. Instead, it's a two-pronged approach. Firstly, trust your instincts and listen to your intuition. If fear is the factor holding you back, challenge it and proceed anyway. We all harbor limiting beliefs, such as thinking we can't achieve something or aren't good enough. The truth is, time keeps moving forward whether we pursue what we love or not. Age shouldn't be a barrier; the notion of being "too old" is often just another limiting belief. Whatever your fear or limiting belief may be, set it aside, because tomorrow is uncertain. Engage in activities that genuinely fulfill you, as tomorrow is never guaranteed, and it's crucial to prioritize what brings you joy. --- Send in a voice message:
25:27 1/26/24
"Effective B2B Sales: Beyond the Website" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ John Frechette
The markets for every business are unique, influencing diverse approaches to various aspects like sales strategies and procurement practices. While there's value in creating an appealing website, crafting polished materials, and engaging in activities like focus groups or primary research, it's crucial to not lose sight of the core advice I received from my successful entrepreneur brother. In our specific industry, where we primarily target business-to-business interactions with stakeholders within large corporations, the key lies in direct and proactive outreach. Rather than solely relying on elaborate online presence or content creation, the effectiveness often stems from picking up the phone and engaging in direct sales calls. --- Send in a voice message:
23:33 1/22/24
"Embracing a Carefree Approach to Life" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Darryl Lyons
If I could go back in time, I would choose to worry less. Despite the common belief that worrying about the future is necessary, I've come to realize it served me no good. The challenges of life tend to resolve themselves through hard work, commitment, and persistence. Business is inherently tough, but excessive worry only robbed me of calm communication, conviction, and essential sleep. Looking back, I see that worry needlessly prolonged my journey to success, stealing valuable time from loved ones. If given the chance, I would embrace a more carefree approach, understanding that excessive worry added little value to my life. --- Send in a voice message:
22:16 1/17/24
"Navigating Business with AI in Content Creation" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Betsy Wuebker
If someone is just entering the digital content creation industry or venturing into online business, my top advice, which is also applicable in traditional business settings, is to acquaint themselves with artificial intelligence. It's a transformative force, impacting not only content creators but also those involved in various business processes and anyone producing goods for sale. Leveraging AI allows you to delegate routine tasks within your business, liberating your cognitive resources to focus on developing and strategizing for your business rather than being entangled in day-to-day operations. --- Send in a voice message:
33:59 1/15/24
"Unlocking Hidden Resources: The Power of Networking" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Julie Griggs
I would advise you to maximize your resourcefulness. I discovered that I wasn't fully aware of the professions of my friends, their spouses, or even my family members until I inquired. It turned out that their expertise and connections were immensely valuable for my business in its early stages. Simply reaching out and asking for assistance can make a significant impact, and more often than not, it doesn't come with a price tag. By tapping into the resources available within our network, we managed to save a considerable amount of money and time. Therefore, my suggestion is to engage in open conversations with the people you know, discovering their skills and expertise to uncover hidden opportunities. --- Send in a voice message:
24:15 1/8/24
"Purpose-Driven Business Resilience" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ryan Warner
Recognize the inherent challenges within the day-to-day operations of business. Each day presents a unique set of obstacles that must be navigated. Amidst these hurdles, it is crucial to ascertain your purpose. What motivates and propels you forward? Define the ultimate goal you are striving to achieve. Consider the gap you are filling, the positive impact you are making in the world, and how your contributions may enhance the organization you are a part of. Whether you are providing a service that betters society or offering a product that improves lives, align these endeavors with your overarching purpose. This alignment will serve as your guiding light, assisting you in surmounting obstacles, bolstering self-belief, and sustaining your momentum even during challenging times. This advice encapsulates a profound insight into navigating the complexities of the business landscape. --- Send in a voice message:
19:51 1/5/24
"Cultivating Connections for Career Triumphs" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Casey Saran
I've found that most of my career advancements can be attributed to the relationships I've cultivated. It aligns with the advice that emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed. Continuously expanding your network and seizing opportunities to collaborate with diverse professionals can be transformative for your career. In essence, maintaining close connections within your network and keeping communication channels open is crucial. I consider myself fortunate to have a strong and supportive network that has greatly contributed to my professional journey. --- Send in a voice message:
30:34 1/3/24
"Two Vital Practices for Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Scott Beebe
I advocate for two essential practices. Firstly, commit to "One a" by writing down your vision; it's crucial to avoid mere mental retention. As an ancient proverb suggests, "Write the vision down so that those who read it may run." This serves as a constant reminder amid distractions and enables effective service. Secondly, embrace "One b" by doing the hard work of engaging directly with people instead of outsourcing marketing from the start. This direct interaction not only provides marketing benefits but also allows for message refinement and insights from your client and customer base, enhancing your ability to serve effectively. --- Send in a voice message:
25:47 1/1/24
"Strategic Tips for Lean Startup Spending" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Vashon Gonzales
The primary advice I'd offer is to actively seek out perks and deals. Explore platforms like F6S, Gust, and various accelerators associated with companies that provide software discounts. For instance, UC Hastings has a program called Startup Legal Garage, offering free legal assistance for startups. Many similar programs exist, so thorough research is crucial. Adopt a lean approach and adhere to the philosophy that if you can build what you need, do so. If it's beyond your capacity, reconsider whether it's truly necessary. Be frugal, especially in the early idea stage; unnecessary expenditures should be minimized. --- Send in a voice message:
24:17 12/29/23
"Authenticity and Conscious Creation: Keys to Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Eric McHugh
My primary advice for individuals would be to embrace authenticity. Be true to yourself and pursue your intellectual curiosity. The rationale behind this is that, when you remain genuine, you become unparalleled – the foremost version of yourself. I am the best Eric, just as you are the best Devin. If I were to emulate your actions, Devin, I wouldn't excel because I am not you, and vice versa. We naturally excel in areas aligned with our talents. Authenticity is perceptible, and when people sense it, they are more inclined to collaborate with you. Another valuable piece of advice is recognizing that everyone is a conscious architect of their reality or business. When embarking on a business venture, adhere to two principles: refrain from causing harm or taking advantage of others. By abiding by these principles, you are likely to navigate successfully. --- Send in a voice message:
21:08 12/27/23
"Navigate Success: Persevere and Pivot" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Uche Okoroha
One valuable piece of advice I'd offer is the importance of perseverance, coupled with the ability to recognize when a strategic shift is necessary. Perseverance is often emphasized in today's world, with the abundance of resources like technology and platforms such as YouTube. Observing various entrepreneurs sharing their success stories, it's tempting to believe that instant millionaire status is easily attainable within a few months of starting a new business. While this may happen for a select few, the reality for most is a gradual journey. It has taken me a considerable amount of time to reach a point where I feel a sense of accomplishment and success. --- Send in a voice message:
28:13 12/25/23
"Validation First, Passion-driven Pursuits" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ethan Berg
Absolutely ensure validation before construction. Without a doubt. Additionally, prioritize positive cash flow—it reigns supreme, no exceptions. Pursue something you are genuinely passionate about. Identify the challenges that resonate with you deeply, the ones you are eager to address. Lastly, based on my observations, many venture into building ventures unrelated to their core passions. While I can't guarantee the success of what I'm working on, the driving force behind my commitment is an authentic love for the daily pursuit of solving a meaningful problem. --- Send in a voice message:
24:48 12/22/23
"Simplify Success: One Problem, One Solution" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ RJ Parrish
Focus on mastering the resolution of a single issue initially. When embarking on a new venture, the temptation, which I personally experienced, is to branch out in numerous directions, offering a plethora of services to diverse audiences, thinking this is the key to expansion. However, this approach complicates growth and scalability. The key is to develop one product that effectively tackles a specific problem for a particular customer segment. Dedicate a year to this focused effort, and you'll find yourself significantly more advanced than if you attempt to cater to a broad audience, maintain a presence on numerous social media platforms, and market across the board. Specialize in solving one problem for one demographic. --- Send in a voice message:
32:23 12/20/23
"Perspective-Sharing Over Prescribing Advice" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Pete Sena
Rather than prescribing advice, my approach is to share perspectives, especially when individuals starting a business seek guidance. I prioritize understanding the deeper motivations behind their entrepreneurial journey, comprehending the business context, strategy, and thought processes. I've learned that people value advice when they explicitly seek it. Offering unsolicited advice to those who haven't asked for it can be unproductive, as it may be perceived as a waste of time. Recognizing the genuine interest in advice when it's sought ensures a more meaningful and effective exchange of insights. --- Send in a voice message:
33:30 12/18/23
"Navigating Rejections: The Path to Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Maurice Manswell
Success is tough, especially for startups. Rejections are a big reason many fail. I've faced numerous "no's" in my journey, but I don't let it stop me. Some people give up after just one rejection, but that's not the right approach. Keep pushing forward because behind every "no" lies another opportunity. I've seen others quit after a few setbacks, but the trick is to see each rejection as a step closer to a "yes." Eventually, someone will believe in your vision, and when that happens, prove them right. Life throws a lot of rejections your way, but if you persist, you'll get those crucial "yeses" that push you to the next level. --- Send in a voice message:
21:05 12/15/23
"Balancing Advice: Trusting Instincts in Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Erica Buyalos
I believe a crucial piece of advice is to seek input from various sources by openly sharing your business with others and absorbing their insights. However, it's essential to recognize that individuals without a vested interest may offer well-intentioned yet generic advice. Seasoned professionals from unrelated industries might not provide the most pertinent guidance for your specific venture. Reflecting on my own initial business experience, I may have placed excessive reliance on the recommendations of admired figures from different fields, adapting my approach accordingly. In hindsight, I realize the importance of balancing external advice with trusting my instincts. While soliciting diverse perspectives is valuable, it's equally crucial to stay attuned to your own intuition. Additionally, the vast resources available on the internet can serve as a valuable supplement to conventional advice channels. --- Send in a voice message:
19:58 12/13/23
"Customer-Centric Success: Unveiling Genuine Needs" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Arnold Kadiu
Engage in meaningful conversations with your customers. My advice is to genuinely connect with them and grasp their true needs, as opposed to mere desires. This process involves ongoing learning, honing the skill of deciphering unspoken cues. Reflecting the sentiment of Henry Ford's timeless wisdom – "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" – it underscores the importance of understanding the underlying challenges hindering business growth or causing issues. Distinguishing between essential requirements and nice-to-haves is a skill worth mastering. The ability to discern and address core business obstacles ultimately contributes significantly to the success of the enterprise. --- Send in a voice message:
21:20 12/11/23

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