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CADCAST is your all-CAD podcast. On this show, Nick Sweeney takes you around the world of CAD to talk about SOLIDWORKS, PDM, 3DEXPERIENCE, 3D Printing, Simulation, and everything in between. Guests will be a fixture on the podcast as well. We'll be bringing in professionals from GoEngineer and all around the Dassault channel community.


What CAN'T You Automate?
I finally got Paul Gimbel on the podcast! This week, Paul joins the show to talk about his adventures as a DriveWorks implementer, and some of the coolest things he's done with the tool. Stay tuned for some great reasons why you should attend DriveWorks World 2023 and what sessions you can look forward to.The projectile project Paul and I mention was done by Wade Anderson. Sorry, Wade, we couldn't remember it was you when we recorded it!Follow me on LinkedIn: Nick Sweeney
40:07 3/9/23
3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 Recap with Darin Grosser
Back for 2023 with a new episode recapping 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 in Nashville! We had a ton of fun in Nashville with everyone and learned a lot about the future of the Platform and the strength of the community. Tune in to find out what Darin and I took away from the conference and what's coming in 2023 to get excited about! We're excited for Dallas in 2024!Follow GoEngineer on LinkedIn
36:55 3/1/23
How Many Unicorns Actually Exist? - SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023
It's a valid question and one that Nick posed when talking about SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023. But Jeff's back for another episode because who else would be the guest for a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 discussion? Find out which enhancement neither of us originally included in our top 5 enhancements but is probably the best one of the entire bunch!Be sure to check out Nick's What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2023 blog that he referenced throughout the show.Happy Holidays!
31:56 12/21/22
Simplifying "Swoopy Curvy Parts" with SOLIDWORKS 2023
We're back with a new episode! This week, Brian Reel, our director of design engineering solutions, joins the show to talk about his 5 favorite enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2023. The best part? These are 5 examples that almost everybody is going to love and they will make your models way easier to work with.
37:35 11/30/22
Imagining a World Without Printers - 30 Years of Data Management
Can you imagine never needing to get ink cartridges for that annoying printer ever again? That would be amazing! Well, 30 years ago, nobody was thinking that way. In fact, we've gone from needing paper copies of every drawing to using things like Google Photos to store our family photo albums!This week, Joe Frank and Jeff Sweeney return to the podcast to talk about the past, present, and future of data management. Tune in for a fun conversation about how much life has changed and to find out why we're excited about how we'll manage our files in the future.
37:33 9/14/22
From Bag Phones to Electrical Schematics
I'll admit it, I honestly wasn't aware that bag phones were a thing in the 1990s... But what I am aware of is SOLIDWORKS Electrical and how it makes schematic designs in 2D and 3D much easier than it was 30 years ago when we had to draw everything on paper! This week, Corey Kubichka joins the show to talk all about SOLIDWORKS Electrical, where it's been, and where we're excited to see it over the next 30 years!
31:28 8/31/22
Got a Headache Yet?
Making the decision to move to a new CAD tool can be difficult. What are you going to do with all that legacy data? What about the new system, will it handle your files cleanly? Luckily, if you're looking at transitioning to a Dassault tool, we've got you covered. This week, Brandon Nelms and Keith Schaefer join the show to talk about how you can prepare to transition to a DS tool and what kinds of things you should be doing as you prepare for any kind of system change!
37:08 8/3/22
We Aren't Gonna Rage Quit Our CAD
I promised this a while back and we're finally getting around to putting this episode out there. This week, James Reeher joins CADCAST to talk with me about large assembly performance, video games, and why you shouldn't rage quit your CAD software. Sometimes, having the right tool for the job is all you need.Linus Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS hardware video
41:10 7/6/22
Pink Purple Elephant on Sunday - A DELMIA Introduction
Can you imagine what it would be like to know the status of anything about your company without having to be physically at work? That's the power of DELMIA, being able to understand your manufacturing process without that whole pesky "you gotta be here" restriction. This week, Mike Buchli from Dassault Systemes joined the show to help introduce both me and you to DELMIA, DELMIAWorks, and why this is something for anybody, not just the biggest companies in the world.
26:42 6/16/22
Does 3DEXPERIENCE Change Your CAD?
A few months ago, I talked about 3DEXPERIENCE and how it's going to affect people going forward. From a PDM perspective, they're certainly different tools, but how is SOLIDWORKS CAD affected by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform? The short answer is... not much! Sure, the data management changes and how you find files, but working in CAD isn't going to change much at all. What's the long answer? That's what we'll talk about this week - how do you "CAD" with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?
26:13 4/27/22
You made a Pokemon in SOLIDWORKS??
Have you ever seen something in gone, "how did they make that?" Well, that's exactly what I thought when I saw Kit MacDonald's LinkedIn post about making a Koffing. I thought it was so cool that I had to bring him on the podcast. This week, Kit joins me and we talk about the best Pokemon, how to approach complex modeling problems, and how you can make learning fun. Also, stay tuned for a bonus tip from Kit that EVERY SOLIDWORKS user can use.
29:15 4/6/22
Ay Ay Mate-y - Behind The Scenes
Ever wonder what goes into making a Top 5 3DEXPERIENCE World Presentation? Well, wonder no more! This week, Ryan Field joins the podcast to talk about what his inspiration was behind a presentation all about mates. Stick around for some talk about mates in SOLIDWORKS and how you can make the most out of them in your assemblies.
21:46 3/30/22
Sorry, my dog is going nuts...
We've all heard it over the last 2 years. With constant Zoom calls, Team's meetings, and Skype discussions, we've had to adjust and adapt to working from home. This week, Chris Snider joins the show to talk about some of the challenges we've had to overcome and how we can make this hybrid work environment better for everyone going forward.
27:34 3/17/22
It's All Relative
Have you ever opened a large assembly and thought, "man, this is slow!"? Well I promise you, you aren't alone. That's one of the most common questions I used to get on support. "My SOLIDWORKS is slow, how do I make it faster?" Brandon Nelms joins the show to talk about large assemblies and how we can improve our performance when we're working with them.Spoiler alert - "slow" isn't necessarily always SOLIDWORKS's fault!
36:07 3/9/22
What's a Floppy Disk?
Any time we can get a computer to do our job for us, it's a good day. This week, Joe Blubaugh and Don Glaske join the podcast to talk a little about SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWORKS and demystify this really cool product. Learn along with me as we talk about what the tool does, how it works, and how you can get started with a tool that you already own (yeah, like right now!).
40:12 2/23/22
I think Einstein said it?
"Never remember something you can easily look up." If there's one thing to take away from this episode of CADCAST, it's keep a backlog of your work so that you can plan for what's next. That's what Derek Lawson and I talk about on this episode. We talk about planning out any project and what we've found helps make them successful. We also talk about how our process has evolved and how we specifically plan for some DriveWorks projects.
40:37 2/16/22
3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 - Key Takeaways
3DEXPERIENCE World 2022 has come and gone and there's a lot they covered this week! Throughout the conference, I was taking note of some key points that I think will be important going forward and that's what I want to talk through today. This week, we recap 3DEXPERIENCE World and talk about what this all means for the future of SOLIDWORKS.
20:08 2/10/22
Do We Still Need Drawings?
Do we really need drawings anymore? Why can't we just interrogate our 3D models and use something like eDrawings to review our dimensions? Well that's what I want to talk about today. Jay Pinheiro and Bryan Pawlak join the podcast and we dig into if we really still need drawings and what it could look like going into a world without drawings.
29:57 2/2/22
My Blog is Wrong??
Does CADCAST have a 5-Timer club like SNL? If it does, we've got our first member of the club! Jeff Sweeney joins the podcast once again to go through his top enhancements for the latest release of SOLIDWORKS PDM. He starts off by telling me about my biggest omission for my what's new list and then we talk about some other enhancements that we think will have a huge benefit to PDM users.
25:36 1/26/22
Welcome to CADCAST
We're back! Under a new name and a whole new (well kinda new) set of topics, the CATI podcast has returned. To kick off the CADCAST era, Nick Sweeney breaks down what you should expect from our new podcast. Then, he gets into an interview with the President and CEO of CATI, Rich Werneth. They discuss CATI as a brand, why InFlow was ultimately absorbed into CATI, and what they're excited about for 2022.
23:31 1/19/22
What to Expect When You're Expecting!..... PDM
No, I don't have any news to share with all of you, but I do have some information! People always want to talk about how they can prepare for a SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation. When should they have their servers ready? What should they be doing with their data? All good questions, so I dove into those topics and more last week on my Innovation3D presentation about preparing for your SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation.Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
23:34 6/11/21
Innovation3D Preview
Get ready for Innovation3D! CATI's event all about innovation is already underway with exciting presentations happening each day. Next week, I'm doing 2 presentations and wanted to give you a sneak preview. First, we'll talk about getting ready for your PDM implementation. Then, we'll dive into preparing for your migration into SOLIDWORKS PDM. Don't forget to sign up for Innovation3D, hope to see you there!Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
17:09 5/28/21
It's All About Sharing Knowledge
"Let me Google that for you." That's one phrase that works for almost any question. So it's no wonder people are hesitant about calling support sometimes. What if they could have found the answer themselves? That's what we're talking about this week, how you can find answers yourself. Justin Maxwell and John VanEngen join InPod to talk about tools you can use yourself, great resources for finding information, and what keeps them coming back each day to help more users.Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
37:10 5/14/21
Engineers Like to Break Things
Let's be honest, it can be fun to break stuff! Sometimes it's a great way to blow off steam, sometimes it's just interesting to see how it breaks. I love simulation tools because it makes it so we can break things virtually, without worrying that maybe it's a little excessive. This week, Joe Formicola, founder of CAELYNX and the VP of CAE solutions at CATI joins the podcast to talk CAELYNX. We talk about the origins of the company, how Joe got where he is, one of his favorite studies, and why we're so excited about CAELYNX joining the CATI family.Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
22:28 4/30/21
How To Deploy (and Get Users to Fall in Love With) PDM
There are 2 main steps for getting started with SOLIDWORKS PDM. The first is installing and configuring the tool, server side. The second is getting users set up and to buy into the new solution. We're going to talk through that second point. Let's talk through setting up your users, what the installation process is like, and what you can do to get them onboarded faster. Get in touch with the show and follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
17:55 4/23/21
Answering some "Why does PDM do....?" Questions
Why? It's a question even a little kid can ask. Well with PDM, every engineer is like a little kid again. "Why do I need a license?" "Why are we using these big workflows?" You get the idea. This week, I tackle 3 common questions I've been getting a lot lately. Today, let's talk about templates, updating assemblies, and workflows.
13:14 4/9/21
How DriveWorks Solo Saves You Time
I did a presentation earlier this week that was diving into how DriveWorks Solo saves you time and money. I thought the content was worth sharing with all of the InPOD listeners as well, so let's talk about what makes Solo such an appealing tool. I start off talking about how you should think about DriveWorks, how to get started, and finally, I take a dive into an example. If you want to play with the example from the webinar, check it out here: out the InFlow YouTube page to watch all of our webinars! And don't forget to signup for our upcoming webcasts -'t forget to subscribe to InPOD and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
55:49 4/2/21
An Ounce of Prevention...
Is worth a pound of cure. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, disaster can strike any company at any time. When that happens, it's incredibly important that we have a disaster recovery plan in place. The biggest key to that? Backups! This week, Joe Frank joined the podcast once again to talk about what we should be doing to ensure we have solid backups and why it's so important. If you want to read up on backups, check out this blog post on the InFlow blog:'t forget to subscribe to InPOD and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
24:21 3/24/21
Be Open to Change with Lynn Allen
Nobody likes change. So it's no wonder that whenever I talk with engineers about new tools, they're a little hesitant. This week, Lynn Allen was kind enough to join the podcast to talk about her latest substitute to AutoCAD - DraftSight! If you've never heard about DraftSight, this is the perfect episode for you. Lynn and I talk about what makes DraftSight such a great tool to look into, some of her favorite features in DraftSight, as well as address one of my biggest questions for the engineering world.Don't forget to subscribe to CADCAST and be sure to follow me on LinkedIn
39:13 3/12/21
Work From Anywhere
We've all had to make adjustments this last year to how we work. One of the biggest ones is learning how to work from anywhere. That's what I want to talk about today, working from anywhere with your data management tool. This week, I talk about cloud hosted vs on-premise. Additionally, I talk about what you can do with tools like SOLIDWORKS PDM to access the vault from anywhere and how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform gives you a fully portable solution.Make sure you check out Kyle's Blog about hosting your environment. And also look at what Joe wrote (link pending) about how you can make working from home feel (from a performance standpoint) like working at the office.Don't forget to subscribe to InPOD and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @NSweeney_InFlow
18:00 3/3/21

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