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Help a Brother Out | James #15
In the season one finale, Ryan and Steph wrap up their conversation on the book of James. James concludes his letter with a challenge to come alongside and restore those who have drifted off course. Ryan and Steph also turn to the words of Paul in Galatians 6 and Jesus in Matthew 18 to better understand how to help the wanderer in a loving, biblical way.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(5:54) Bad Spiritual B.O.(12:23) Bear One Another’s Burdens(19:34) Church Discipline(34:06) Leave the Ninety-NineVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
45:07 11/10/21
The Power of Prayer | James #14
In this episode, Ryan and Steph discuss three truths about prayer from the book of James. First, prayer is more than a monologue or a wish list; it is communion with our Creator. Second, prayer is not meaningless or trivial; it has great power that moves the heart of God. And third, prayer is not reserved for the spiritual elite or the ultra righteous; it is equally accessible to each one of us. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(5:43) Prayer Is Relational(11:27) Prayer Is Powerful(23:21) Prayer Is AccessibleVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
36:36 11/3/21
One Degree of Glory | James #13
We are immersed in a culture of instant gratification. We want quick and easy results in every arena of life, including our spiritual growth. But, following Jesus is a lifelong journey of being transformed into His image, as the Apostle Paul puts it, "from one degree of glory to the next." This is why James instructs us to look at the patient farmer. Cultivating genuine faith takes a lot of patience and work, and there are no immediate results.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Do We Even Need Patience?(14:57) FarmVille Christianity(29:30) Two Examples of Patience(35:19) Two Hindrances of PatienceVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
48:00 10/27/21
The Misery of Materialism | James #12
Money is a tricky thing. It's necessary to pay the bills, it's nice to have a little extra, and there's nothing inherently evil about it. And yet, the biblical authors repeatedly warn us of the dangers of accumulating wealth. The big question Ryan and Steph consider is whether or not money, in and of itself, is the problem, or, as with everything else, is money an issue of the heart? CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(1:56) Unquenchable Thirst(19:47) The Love of Money(33:11) Follow the MoneyVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
49:19 10/20/21
Living with an Asterisk | James #11
In this episode, Ryan and Steph reflect on James' sobering reminder that we could die at any moment. "Your life is a vapor," James writes. "It's gone in a flash!" James points out the arrogance of living our lives under the assumption that we will see tomorrow. However, James is not suggesting we throw our hands up and live hopeless, futureless lives. Instead, James challenges us to make our plans and set our schedules while humbly submitting to the will of our God.CHAPTERS:(0:00) *If the Lord Wills(14:32) Trust God(26:45) Enjoy LifeVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
39:51 10/13/21
Don't Judge Me! | James #10
James echos the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount by telling us to not bring false accusations or judgment against one another. Does this mean that we are never allowed to "point out the speck in someone's eye?" How should we respond if someone brings a charge against us? Ryan and Steph explore these questions and more as they continue their study of the book of James. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(5:15) Do Not Judge(16:25) Splinters and Logs(32:39) Defense AttorneyVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
40:44 10/6/21
A Gospel Reminder | James #9
The Gospel is lightly peppered throughout James' letter, but he gives a strong Gospel reminder in the center. In order for the Gospel (which means "good news") to be good news, it must follow bad news. So first, James presents the problem of sin in our broken hearts. Then, James reminds us of the good news of God's abundant grace to heal our hearts.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(5:09) The Bad News(18:57) The Good NewsVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
35:31 9/29/21
Show Your Work | James #8
One of the key themes in James' letter is wisdom, and according to James, there is false wisdom and true wisdom.  False wisdom is the prevailing perspective that "I am the center of the universe and everything revolves around me." In stark contrast, true wisdom is the perspective that "God is the center of the universe and everything revolves around Him." If we truly have true wisdom, it will be evident by what our lives revolve around. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(3:00) Are You Wise?(7:28) False Wisdom(23:20) True Wisdom(31:27) How to Gain WisdomVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
43:27 9/22/21
Watch Your Mouth | James #7
James gives a strong warning about the power of our words. What we say may seem small and insignificant, but it can set our entire world ablaze with the fires of hell! James also points out the hypocrisy of using our words to worship God and also belittle those who have been made in His image. Ultimately, James teaches us that if we are to tame our tongue, we must begin with our heart.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:18) Set a Guard(18:01) Three Metaphors(28:12) Check Your HeartVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
48:43 9/15/21
Faith Without Works Is Dead | James #6
Ryan and Steph continue their study of the book of James by discussing the hotly debated words: "Faith without works is dead." Is James suggesting that our salvation can be earned by good works? Or, is James once again challenging us to cultivate a genuine faith that produces fruit worthy of repentance?CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:23) Calling Your Bluff(12:57) Consider Abraham(23:54) Consider RahabVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
30:28 9/8/21
The Royal Law | James #5
In this episode, Ryan and Steph turn the page to chapter two in the book of James and discuss James' strong warning against partiality. James says showing partiality and favoritism is evil thinking that is treasonous to King Jesus because it is diametrically opposed to the Kingdom of God. He then gives us three ways to guard against the treasonous mindset of partiality. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(5:21) Evil Thinking(14:18) Submit to King Jesus(28:21) Obey the Royal LawVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
42:54 9/1/21
Doers of the Word | James #4
Up to this point in his letter, James has been teaching us how to cultivate genuine faith. Now, James tells us faith that is truly genuine is going to produce good fruit. If we hear the Word but we don't do what the Word says, we can deceive ourselves into believing we are followers of Jesus when we are, in fact, not followers of Jesus. Ryan and Steph discuss this sobering warning from James.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:38) Slow to Speak(13:14) Look in the Mirror(28:23) Circling BackVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
39:17 8/25/21
Lizzie Borden & Demogorgons | James #3
Ryan and Steph continue their conversation on the book of James by heeding James' warning about temptation. Sin may seem harmless at first, but it will eventually turn and destroy you. James encourages us to overcome temptation by remembering who God is and remembering who we are in Christ. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(3:31) Testing vs Tempting(9:03) Sin Will Kill You!(20:21) Remember Who God Is(25:34) Remember Who You AreVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
34:45 8/18/21
Anchored in Joy | James #2
In the opening words of his letter, James instructs us to count it all joy when we face trials and difficulties, because the exercising of our faith develops endurance to weather any storm. This is certainly a tall order, but in this episode, Ryan and Steph discuss two ways we can be anchored in joy in the midst of the raging sea. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(3:01) Count It All Joy(15:11) Faith Muscles(24:06) Change Your Perspective(40:15) Change Your PursuitVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
53:21 8/11/21
Don’t Be a Hypocrite | James #1
In this episode of Bible Banter, Ryan and Steph begin a verse-by-verse study through the book of James. The key to understanding James' letter is a word he uses seven times: "perfect." This word, in the original Greek, means "whole, complete, genuine." James is challenging his readers to turn away from hypocrisy and cultivate a genuine faith that practices what it preaches. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(6:39) Who Was James?(21:45) To Whom Did James Write?(28:25) Why Did James Write?VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
49:12 8/4/21
The Call to Discipleship | Salvation #4
In the conclusion of their salvation conversation, Ryan and Steph shift gears slightly and talk about the invitation to become a disciple of Jesus. Every time someone asked Jesus, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" the answer He gave seemed to be very personalized. Ryan and Steph discuss how, in order to follow Jesus, we must turn away from our old identities and become new creations in Christ. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(3:40) Make Disciples(14:28) A Personalized Call(30:53) Repent and Be Baptized(44:10) A New CreationVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
48:21 7/28/21
Can You Lose Your Salvation? | Salvation #3
In part three of their conversation on salvation, Ryan and Steph tackle a mammoth question: Can you lose your salvation? First, Ryan presents a few key verses for the Eternal Security (once saved, always saved) side of the debate. Then, Ryan presents some key verses for the Conditional Security (you can lose your salvation) side. After considering both sides of the argument, Ryan and Steph discuss where they land. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(6:26) Eternal Security(20:11) Conditional Security(34:02) Hebrews 6(44:56) Which Is It?VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
62:49 7/21/21
Can You Earn Your Salvation? | Salvation #2
Ryan and Steph continue their conversation on salvation by asking the question, "Can you earn your salvation?" First, they consider the explicit words of Paul in Ephesians 2 that we are saved by grace through faith and not of works. Then, Ryan and Steph turn to James 2 and discuss the seemingly contradictory words that faith without works is dead. Is salvation a gift to be simply received, or is it something we must achieve through our good works?CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:20) Saved By Grace(14:33) Through Faith(26:55) Faith Without Works(43:10) Let Your Light ShineVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
49:21 7/14/21
The Story of Salvation | Salvation #1
What are we talking about when we talk about salvation? Is salvation a ticket to heaven, personal redemption, or perhaps so much more? In this episode, Ryan and Steph begin a four-part series on salvation by tracing the storyline of salvation throughout the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, God is on a rescue mission to deliver us from our sin and restore all that was lost and broken. CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:22) Waiting For Salvation(19:22) Unexpected Savior(37:45) Present Evil Age(47:38) The Age to ComeVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
57:44 7/7/21
The Theme of East in the Bible
In this stand-alone episode, Ryan and Steph explore the fascinating symbolism of east in the Bible. On the first page of the Bible, we are told that God plants a garden on the east side of Eden. After the humans rebel, God expels them eastward. As you continue reading the biblical story, humanity keeps moving further east, away from the Garden of Eden. But, the prophets envisioned a day when humanity would ultimately return to Eden.CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(4:06) A Garden in the East (14:26) Moving East (22:48) A Call Back Home (35:33) Wise Men in the East (43:33) The Sun Will Rise VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
53:42 6/30/21
The Fallout | The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil #4
In the fourth and final installment of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Ryan and Steph talk about the fallout from Adam and Eve's decision to eat the forbidden fruit. First, they consider the far-reaching fractures of sin that have left no part of our lives untouched. Then, Ryan and Steph marvel and rejoice in the fact that, before the dust had time to settle in Genesis 3, God had already set a plan in motion to make right what man made wrong through Jesus!CHAPTERS:(0:00) Introduction(3:04) Fracture of Sin(13:30) Submit & Serve(21:35) Snake Feet(33:45) Snake Crusher(43:28) A Sacrifice Is Made(52:34) ConclusionVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES ▶Support the show
55:48 6/23/21
The Choice | The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil #3
In this episode, Ryan and Steph consider why The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was even in the Garden of Eden in the first place. Was God setting Adam and Eve up for failure, or was He providing them a free-will choice to receive or reject His wisdom? Ryan and Steph also discuss the serpent's role in the story. It seems that all the serpent had to do was plant seeds of doubt in God's goodness and wisdom. Is it possible that all sin is rooted in this doubt? What would happen if we just took God at His word? CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. Meltdown(6:36) 2. Gift of Choice (19:25) 3. Theology Debate(29:16) 4. Seeds of Doubt(39:24) 5. The Choice Is Yours VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
49:42 6/16/21
Loss of Innocence | The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil #2
Ryan and Steph continue their exploration of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It seems that Adam and Eve were in their moral infancy, not yet having the knowledge of good and evil. After seizing the knowledge prematurely, they lost their innocence and became filled with shame. Is this story a metaphor for the human experience? There comes a moment for each of us when our eyes are opened to the knowledge of good and evil, and this knowledge usually brings much shame and dysfunction. CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. A Giant Onion(5:14) 2. Moral Infancy(17:00) 3. Innocence(34:50) 4. Shame(47:07) 5. Fear of the LordVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
51:56 6/9/21
Good and Evil | The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil #1
In the middle of the Garden of Eden were two trees: The Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this episode, Ryan and Steph begin a conversation on The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil by looking specifically at the words "good" and "evil." These two words in Hebrew are more nuanced than their English counterparts. By understanding the biblical meaning of "good" and "evil" we can begin to see the full scope of the destruction caused by sin.CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. A Disclaimer(6:12) 2. Good(21:19) 3. Evil(33:15) 4. Righteousness(46:39) 5. A Book RecommendationVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
49:52 6/2/21
The King's Decree | The Lord’s Prayer #4
Ryan and Steph wrap up their four-part conversation on The Lord's Prayer. First, they ponder the will of God. Christians desire to know God's will, but perhaps knowing His will is as easy as opening our Bible. Then, Ryan explains the difference between a test and a temptation. What the enemy means for evil, God uses to build our endurance in the faith, and we can trust Him to deliver us from the evil one because He is victorious! CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. A Little Flirting (3:32) 2. Knowing God's Will (17:37) 3. Passing the Test (31:37) 4. Jesus Understands (41:30) 5. Your Will Be Done (54:35) 6. Wrapping It Up VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
61:43 5/26/21
Kingdom Currency | The Lord’s Prayer #3
In the third installment of The Lord's Prayer, Ryan and Steph discuss forgiveness. Jesus tells us that if we don't forgive the sins of others, don't expect our Father in heaven to forgive our sins. This can be a difficult truth to accept, especially if you are struggling to forgive because of deep wounds from the past. However, as we see from the parable of The Unforgiving Servant, when we refuse to forgive we end up in a prison of our own making.CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. Welcome Back(3:10) 2. A Dangerous Prayer(17:32) 3. Cancel Our Debts (30:49) 4. The Unforgiving Servant(41:18) 5. Conditional Forgiveness(55:48) 6. What Jesus Is Not SayingVIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
69:51 5/19/21
Petitioning the King | The Lord’s Prayer #2
In this episode, Ryan and Steph continue their conversation on The Lord's Prayer. First, they look at the opening words of the prayer and consider the immense privilege and responsibility we have as children of the King. Then, Ryan and Steph have a lengthy chat about bread. Is it possible the translation "daily bread" is not completely accurate? What if the bread Jesus is teaching us to pray for is Himself—the Bread of Life that came down from heaven? CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. A (not so) Quick Recap(5:22) 2. Children of the King (20:06) 3. A Bold Approach (29:29) 4. Daily Bread (46:09) 5. Supersubstance? (1:01:03) 6. Up Next VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
62:07 5/12/21
Teach Us How To Pray | The Lord’s Prayer #1
When the disciples asked Jesus for a prayer lesson, he taught them to pray what is now known as The Lord’s Prayer. For two millennia, Christians have been reciting these beautiful words among our homes, churches, hospitals, and gravesites. However, have we become so familiar with The Lord’s Prayer that it has lost its luster? In this inaugural episode of Bible Banter, Ryan and Steph begin a four-part rediscovery of the radical way Jesus is teaching us to pray.CHAPTERS:(0:00) 1. What Is Bible Banter?(6:59) 2. A Prayer Lesson(12:07) 3. Old Testament Flyover(29:58) 4. Love God. Love Others.(39:17) 5. Praying Communally (58:20) 6. Where Are We Going Next?VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES HERESupport the show
61:18 5/5/21