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Learn about and discuss the cutting edge of the ag industry and explore new perspectives on farming’s old adages. Field Posts is a weekly podcast by DTN/The Progressive Farmer that dives deeper into the most important trends in technology, policy, management, and business to explore the ag industry’s cutting edge.


E74: Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats in Ag 25:33 10/20/2021
E73: Waking the Bears with October WASDE 33:27 10/15/2021
E72: Soybean Surprises in Quarterly Stocks Report 23:07 10/06/2021
E71: Looking Ahead on Hay Markets 37:32 10/01/2021
E70: Power Up Your Farm Business 26:35 09/24/2021
E69: September WASDE Surprises 38:19 09/14/2021
E68: 2021 Pre-Harvest View from the Cab 57:39 09/02/2021
E67: Celebrating a Career in Ag Weather with Bryce Anderson 53:58 08/31/2021
E66: Secrets of the DTN Yield Tour 2021 33:34 08/17/2021
E65: Harvest in Focus in August WASDE 37:40 08/13/2021
E64: Eyes on the Future of Ethanol 43:47 08/06/2021
E63: Get Ready for the DTN Digital Yield Tour! 22:14 07/30/2021
E62: Keep the Good Times Rolling 46:11 07/23/2021
E61: Wheat Takes the July WASDE 31:14 07/14/2021
E60: 20 Inch Rows with Scott Wallis 25:37 07/09/2021
E59: The Future of Rural America's Infrastructure 45:59 07/02/2021
E58: The Trust Edge with David Horsager 29:39 06/25/2021
E57: Changes for the Beef Industry on the Horizon 50:23 06/18/2021
E56: Small Surprises in the June WASDE 36:19 06/11/2021
E55: Havoc in the Cattle Markets 30:43 06/03/2021
E54: Hard Winter Wheat Tour Predicts Top Yields 32:16 05/27/2021
E53: May the WASDE Be With You 36:32 05/20/2021
E52: How to Use Dicamba in 2021 29:05 05/14/2021
E51: Autonomous Machines Take to the Field 32:08 05/07/2021
E50: The Most Important Farm Input 42:06 04/30/2021
E49: The 2021 Weather Wild Card 53:34 04/23/2021
E48: April WASDE Brings May Questions 29:56 04/14/2021
E47: Harvesting the Wind 35:15 04/09/2021
E46: Where are the Millions of Missing Acres? 23:52 04/05/2021
E45: The Early Farmer Gets the Wheat 27:33 03/26/2021