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Three cigar guys talking about life, sex, friendship, Las Vegas, and oh ya, cigars!


211 | FOX 5 Las Vegas Interview Recap - Vlad's Life Story
Featured Guest: Vlad from Casdagli Cigars Vlad's upbringing in Serbia, from dishwasher to cigar distribution. Find us at  
53:33 2/12/21
210 | Joe G's big Poker Tournament
Mike, Shar, and Joe chopping it up about the big Poker Tournament coming up.
40:36 2/5/21
209 | Holy Smokes, they're actually talking about cigars!
Michael, Shar, and Joe at with special guest Scully from Little Rock, AK saying hi to Mike & Louie in Miami.
39:25 1/29/21
208 | Poker, Remodeling, and Russian Brides
Mike, Shar, and Joe talk about poker, remodeling En Fuego Las Vegas, and the Mexico Russian Bride horror story.
21:31 1/15/21
207 | Holiday blessings and acts of defiance
Michael, Shar, and Joe are back on air, catching us up with family blessings, holiday presents, and a few unexpected acts of defiance.  
38:33 1/8/21
206 | Happy Birthday Shar!!!
Topics: Shar’s Birthday Today – Mike Sings “Happy Birthday” in Farsi. Last night's poker update.  Discussion about systemic inequalities. Mason jumps into the podcast vis-à-vis police behavior.  Aaron Coggins Chimes in to explain the “Crab in the Bucket” Syndrome.
42:26 9/11/20
205 | Big Head Mike tells us why he's opening rehab centers
Michael, Shar, & Dave talk with Big Head Mike about the need for rehab centers and what will separate his centers from all the rest.
42:58 8/21/20
203 | Did he really just give us his top 3 cigar recommendations?
Hosts: Mike, Shar, and Joe with David Gomez. Topics: Shar's mad poker skills.  Joe fails the COVID test and still negative.  Mike's top 3 cigar recommendations.
38:20 8/8/20
202 | Michael on cigar shortages and his acting career
Hosts: Michael, Joe, and David Topics: Ian Chase’s birthday.  How Michael is dieting.  Cigar shortages due to shutdowns.  Stories about Antonio (the House Master Roller).  Joe is roped into working for En Fuego Cigars (He just can’t really quit).  Michael's acting career: When He's Not a Stranger (1989).
40:45 7/17/20
201 | Should we get rid of Shar and Joe?
Hosts: Michael, Shar, and Joe Topics: Mike's back injury, last night's poker game, more COVID political rants, Joe quits.
35:12 7/10/20
200 | Special guest LBC Law Group
Michael and Shar with special guests Dean Gronemeier, Christopher L. Blakesley II, and John C. Courtney (Gandalf) from LBC Law Group and Vegas Ticket Fix.  Need a cigar? Click here
60:07 6/12/20
199 | Special guest Todd Peterson. Fri. 6/12/20 come smoke with Nick from Oliva.
Michael and Joe with special guest and poker aficionado, Todd Peterson.  Friday 6/12/20, Nick Zaglifa from Oliva Cigar Co. will be hanging out at En Fuego Las Vegas (on Sahara).  Drop on by and enjoy a stick with Nick.  Need to reload? click here
43:07 6/5/20
198 | Michael on marketing, cigar rolling, and Cinnamon
En Fuego re-opens in Phase II.  Michael making marketing progress!  Hear him say 'CTA'!  mediaLyon continuing to exceed expectations on a zero budget and no pay.  Happy birthday to Joe!  Reward out for Kid Poker, Dana White, and Cinnamon.
38:38 5/29/20
197 | Shar's Emily Blunt crush and more
Michael, Shar, and Joe on movie reviews, restaurant reviews, and Emily Blunt doing Bikram yoga.
42:51 5/22/20
196 | Coronavirus bitch fest
Listener discretion advised - Michael, Shar, Joe, and David airing their opinion on Nevada's coronavirus mismanagement. This week's deal:1) Buy any 2 Avo Syncro five packs and get a $40 Avo carrying case free.
52:18 5/16/20
195 | Covid-19 and Nevada’s Phase 1 opening plan
Michael, Shar, and Joe:  If you were the Governor of Nevada, what would you do differently?  Opening predictions.  What do you miss while quarantined?
46:17 5/1/20
194 | Lives before dollars my ass
Michael, Shar, and Joe reflect on the coronavirus fear factor, what they’re grateful for, and Michael’s new bidet and clean anus.
48:21 4/18/20
193 | All things betting with Las Vegas sports book manager, Mr. X
Michael, Shar, Joe, and “Chris”, chop it up about March Sadness, the toilet paper pandemic, a car wash for your asshole, and bad poker beats.
55:21 3/13/20
192 | Drink, eat, have sex, play poker, & smoke cigars
Michael, Shar, Joe, and Chubba on poker, UFC 248 Jedrzejczyk vs Zhang and Adesanya vs Romero, Roger Goodell, and smokes of the day.
40:41 3/8/20
Podcast Episode 191
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Joe – Guest: Todd Denkin (Digipath Labs) History of the Legal Marijuana Business, Thursday Night Poker
58:08 2/16/20
Podcast Episode 190
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Joe – Guest: Aaron Coggins, Antonio Martinez (En Fuego’s Master Cigar Roller) and Lots of funny Schtick.
38:25 2/7/20
Podcast Episode 189
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Joe – Guest: “Big Head Mike the Cuban Snob”, Abdulla’s Poker Mastery
46:15 2/5/20
Podcast Episode 188
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Joe – Topics: China Virus from Eating Bats, McGregor – Cowboy UFC, Abdula Poker Tour, Shar’s New Tile Roof.
28:36 1/27/20
Podcast Episode 187
Hosts: Mike, Joe and David – Topics: Last Week’s Failed Podcast, ICPCR Cigar Show in Town This Week – Four Largest Exhibitors Not Attending and Why, Football Weekend, What We’re Smoking Today, How Mike Felt After 13 Cigars, Linda Ronstadt Documentary.
35:09 1/11/20
Podcast Episode 186
Hosts: Mike and Shar – Topics: The Xmas Podcast, Shar Steps on a Tack, Shopping for the Kids, Mike’s Poker Night, The New Puppy, Confession Killers, Du Pont Cheats Shar
29:16 12/20/19
Podcast Episode 185
Hosts: Mike, Shar, Joe and David – Topics: $100K for Your Cat, Idiot Customers Who Don’t Take Advantage of the 50% Generous, Benevolent Cigar Discounts, Parking Issues, Mike Rags on Poor Antonio the En Fuego Cigar Roller
38:24 12/8/19
Podcast Episode 184
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Ian – Guest: Oscar Valladares (Oscar Valladares Cigars, Honduras)
49:11 11/19/19
Podcast Episode 183
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Ian – Topics: Ian’s Move to S.F. – Thursday Night Poker Hand Recap – Channel 8 News In Store Interview – New Punitive Nevada Cigar Tax Collection – Upcoming UFC Fights
35:40 11/13/19
Podcast Episode 182
. Hosts: Mike, Shar and Ian – Topics: San Francisco Homeless Shitting Everywhere in the Streets, All the People Saying We Have to Keep Doing the Podcast, Nov. 14th Fourth Anniversary Party at Henderson Store, Dec. 18th En Fuego Xmas Party, Ian Answers the Store Phone.
33:34 11/13/19
Podcast Episode 181
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Ian –The big question is: Should This Be the Last Podcast? Please comment!
33:21 11/13/19

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