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Listen to Powered by Learning, an award-winning podcast produced by d’Vinci Interactive, to learn best practices for designing, developing, delivering, tracking and evaluating your learning and performance improvement programs. Hear learning and development leaders discuss the latest approaches to creating learning experiences that engage learners and achieve improved performance for individuals and organizations. Powered by Learning received an Award of Distinction in the Podcast/Audio category from The Communicator Awards and a Silver Davey Award for Educational Podcast. The podcast is also named to Feedspot's Top 40 L&D podcasts and Training Industry's Ultimate L&D Podcast Guide.


L&D Leaders Discuss Training a Hybrid Workforce 12:24 08/05/2022
L&D Leaders Share Views on Today's Training Industry 13:15 07/22/2022
Upskilling Your Workforce to Reach Business Goals 28:38 07/08/2022
L & D Trends from TICE 07:54 06/28/2022
Integrating Gamification into the Learning Experience 22:38 06/14/2022
Using eLearning to Educate People Impacted by HIV/AIDS 18:40 06/01/2022
Using Empathetic Principles in Instructional Design 26:52 05/05/2022
Increasing Adult Learner Engagement Using K-12 Educational Strategies 22:54 04/18/2022
Instructional Design that Taps into Learner Motivation 30:52 03/28/2022
Designing a Learning Journey in a Hybrid Work Environment 25:34 03/17/2022
Building Competence and Confidence through Learning 25:20 03/07/2022
Taking Giant Leaps to Create a Culture of Learning 27:08 02/22/2022
Designing Learning Experiences that Improve Performance 16:16 01/19/2022
Growing Your Business Acumen (and Your Impact) 25:38 01/11/2022
Say I Do to the Art of Learning 20:03 11/30/2021
Think Like a Marketer and Be a Successful Learning Leader 18:14 11/01/2021
Training that Supports Healthy Communities 19:25 10/18/2021
Driving Retail Performance with Training 22:00 09/29/2021
Making Adaptive Learning 3.0 Work in Your Organization 35:11 08/20/2021
Streamlining Insurance Claims with Innovative Training 19:30 08/12/2021
Taking a Health System’s Workforce to the Next Level 36:15 07/11/2021
Using Video to Engage Learners 22:23 06/25/2021
Developing Mutually Beneficial Learning Relationships 27:46 06/04/2021
Designing Learning for Maximum Results 23:44 05/13/2021
Delivering Training Across the Customer Life Cycle 27:04 04/20/2021
The L&D Relevance of Certifying Medical Professionals 24:45 03/23/2021
Making a Training Impact at Stores Nationwide 27:32 03/10/2021
Improving Sales Performance with Training 26:16 02/15/2021
Create a Learning Journey with LXD 20:24 01/21/2021
Delivering Excellent Customer Service through Training 26:58 01/12/2021