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Lost in the Woods Fairy Tales

Host Autumn Woods invites you to get lost in the fairy tale forest as she reads favorite childhood stories and provides insight on the truths they reflect about female identity and walking with God. You'll never look at your favorite stories the same way again!


Wise Women: "Hansel and Gretel" - My Brother's Keeper
How can you be anything but evil when evil is all you know? Only by the grace of God. Join Hansel and Gretel as they plunge into the dark forest to face off with evil incarnate, armed with faith, determination, and hard-won wisdom.Support the show
55:28 11/17/23
Christmas Bonus E.3: "For Unto Us: A Christmas Story"
The heart of the Christmas holiday tends to get lost in the shuffle, especially for the bitter protagonist drowning his sorrows in the local pub. Plunge into the blizzard with him as encounters with unlikely characters help to restore the joy of his salvation. Written and performed by Trenton James Stephenson. the show
25:17 1/3/23
Wise Women: "The Forest Bride" - Just Being Myself
Ever get tired of being underestimated? Come to a tiny hut in the forest to meet a little mouse with a big secret as she overcomes prejudice, wins love, and saves what has been lost, all by being herself. What was that Hebrew word again? Tuesday Audiobook the show
47:57 11/9/22
Bonus Episode E.3: "The Haven Tree"
In this original fairy tale by Trenton James Stephenson, the cocky Miss Mousy learns that true bravery comes from knowing  Whose you are. Look out for a surprise voice guest!Support the show
21:02 4/13/22
Christmas Bonus E.2: "The Red Ornament"
A little bit of Christmas from the fairy tale forest! My husband, Trenton James Stephenson, is a wonderful writer of original fairy tales, and we thought it would be fun to share his newest Christmas story with you. I even got to help a little with this one. No long analysis in this episode, just a little something to make you smile and help us celebrate God's love this holiday season. Support the show
11:49 12/22/21
Rise Above This: "Snow White" - Little Girl, Arise
Who's the unfairest of them all? The enemy, that's who. And jealousy is one of his weapons of choice. Join Snow White and the evil queen in this cautionary tale of what happens when a woman is ruled by fear rather than love, choosing to abuse the one she is meant to nurture. We'll also explore the perils of “growing up girl,” and the triumph of choosing to reject the enemy's paralyzing poison for the redeeming love of Christ. Liver Functionality Lung Functionality was that cool Greek word for gentleness again? about the one for quiet? the show
73:42 11/16/21
Rise Above This: "Maid Maleen" - Maybe It's Maid Maleen?
Ever fought so hard to get somewhere only to question if it's really where you belong? Escape the tower with Maid Maleen as she rescues herself from her physical prison and finds the valor needed to shatter the chains binding her heart and reclaim her rightful place. Author Melinda Michelle About Nettles Woods the show
50:04 10/21/21
Rise Above This: "Rapunzel" - Come to My Window
What happens when you’ve been born in the thick of battle, with no say over the darkness plaguing your life, and have to claw your way out? Climb into a tower on a rope of golden hair to meet our heroine as she’s sold into darkness before birth, imprisoned through manipulation and fear, meets hope face to face, and finds the courage to break free from the enemy’s hold on her life. Prayers, Peace and Praise: Guidance for Prayer Through Poetry's all this about radishes? you know that the real Rapunzel was a Christian martyr? the show
43:09 9/30/21
Rise Above This: "Little Red Riding Hood" - I Know Things Now
Forests are places of transformation; you cannot leave unchanged. An innocent girl may emerge a valiant warrior, and a vicious wolf may depart as a fur coat. Journey into the woods with Red as she rises from the ashes of ignorance and victimhood to become a cunning adversary against the enemy. What does Red's story have to do with spiritual warfare? You'll just have to listen to find out. **PG for brief thematic discussion**Healing Through Communion Brief History of Velvet the show
48:16 9/11/21
The Lost Husbands: "The Snow Queen" Part 3 - Beware the Frozen Heart
Armor up. It's about to get ugly. The closer you get to your goal, the harder the enemy fights to take you down. Can Gerda reach the Snow Queen's palace and thaw Kay's frozen heart? Why'd you ruin the word bae? symbolism of Spitzbergen. in the world are we in Europe?'s that disgusting fish dish again? the show
64:13 6/25/21
The Lost Husbands: "The Snow Queen" Part 2 - Beware the Frozen Heart
Ever felt like cancelling in the middle of a quest? Gerda definitely has. It's hard to keep going and stay encouraged on mission when your own issues are weighing you down on the journey. Come sit in the garden with her as she digs down to the roots of her heart trouble and cultivates a renewed heart in The Snow Queen: Part 2.**PG for thematic discussion**Suttee with all these flowers? Snow Queen Text the show
68:19 6/8/21
The Lost Husbands: "The Snow Queen" Part 1 - Beware the Frozen Heart
Do you wanna hear the story... that movie "Frozen" is based on? Join a brave girl named Gerda as she battles forces seen and unseen, determined to snatch her would-be love from the clutches of the enemy, and thaw his frozen heart. Click to listen to The Forgiven Podcast: Bible Scandals Retold Credit for The Forgiven Podcast:Heroism by MaxKoMusic | promoted by https://www.chosic.comCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported the show
46:52 5/14/21
The Lost Husbands: "Beauty and the Beast" Part 2 - The Wild Beloved
Return to the enchanted castle to experience the marvelous power of transformative love in the exciting conclusion of "Beauty and the Beast!"Michelle Tumes - Untame Lion to read the de Villeneuve "Beauty and the Beast?" the show
52:14 4/30/21
The Lost Husbands: "Beauty and the Beast" Part 1 - The Wild Beloved
No chance. No way. She won't say she's in love. Beauty wants adventure in the great wide somewhere alright, but is she in a cage of her own making? Join this mighty woman of valor on her quest to free not one, but two imprisoned hearts, and release the Wild Beloved within. What was that beautiful Jewish phrase again? Tumes - Untame Lion the show
50:24 4/23/21
The Lost Husbands: "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" - Go The Distance
Journey with a young woman who scours the earth to accomplish the impossible, plunging into the darkness that keeps her husband captive and wrenching him free from the enemy’s clutches, armed with a few household objects, a riddle of a clue, and a determined heart.***PG for thematic elements***Is there a real place that is east of the sun and west of the moon?  Where can I learn more about ancient Jewish wedding customs? the show
79:06 4/1/21
Shield Maidens: "Katherine Crackernuts" - Watch Your Head
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And you'll need it to keep your wits about you when everyone else is losing their heads! Journey through the hazel wood with Katherine, a woman who chooses truth over tradition, has no patience for evil, and uses her wits, resourcefulness, and a handful of nuts to tear down the strongholds of the enemy and rescue those in her charge.What was that cool Greek word for gentleness again? about the one for quiet? true meaning of gentleness. smart are sheep? the show
66:45 2/12/21
Shield Maidens: "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" - Armed and Dangerous
What happens when everyone around you becomes deceived and sides with the enemy? What do you do when your fellow soldiers are losing heart right and left and you can’t get to everyone in time before they are taken captive?  You pick up your weapon and fight, that's what! Join a mother goat and her youngest kid as they survive a brutal home invasion, faithfully cling to their convictions, rescue those they love, and take down the adversary once and for all. Support the show
39:01 1/29/21
Shield Maidens: "The Little Girl and the Winter Whirlwinds" - Be Strong and Courageous
Trek through the snowy woods of Bulgaria with a brave little girl armed with a warm heart, determined to rescue the world from endless winter. Join our lion-hearted heroine as she battles blizzards, whirlwinds and childhood wounds, triumphing over storms around and inside her to save the day. More about snowdrops 18 on the armor of God of my weapons of choice the show
37:47 1/15/21
Christmas Bonus E.1 - "The Dirty Snowflake" and "The Hedgehog's Song"
A little bit of Christmas from the fairy tale forest! My husband, Trenton James Stephenson, is a wonderful writer of original fairy tales, and we thought it would be fun to share two of his Christmas stories with everyone. No analysis in this episode, just some holiday fun to brighten your spirits and celebrate God's love this holiday season. Support the show
31:50 12/18/20
Shield Maidens: "The Six Swans" - Her Royal Silence
Sometimes the greatest victories are won through stealth and silence. Join our heroine as she  courageously sets out to break a family curse armed with determination, fierce love, and a needle and thread. Did I mention she is also the all-time champion of the quiet game?Support the show
52:50 12/5/20
Shield Maidens: "The Nightingale" - Uncaged
Ever had to rebound from rejection in order to save the day? You're not alone. Fly through the green wood with the nightingale as she battles the cruelty of comparison and societal dismissal, and courageously faces off against death itself. Where did I get all these facts about nightingales? the show
67:56 11/11/20
Shield Maidens: "Baba Yaga" - Come to the Light Side, We Have Cookies!
We're heading back to the dark and scary forests of Russia to battle evil with nothing in our tool belts but love, kindness, and cookies. Why? To learn about community, of course!Support the show
39:08 10/22/20
Shield Maidens: "Fitcher's Bird" - Free to Fly
Ready for battle? Come into the dark woods with our heroine on a covert mission as she infiltrates the enemy's camp, rescues those she loves, and destroys her adversary once and for all. **PG for violence**Fitcher's Bird Kenegdo Offenhauser Touch Ch 4 the show
47:25 10/8/20
Lost and Found: "Vasilisa the Beautiful" - A Lamp Unto My Feet
Want to make it out of the dark forest alive? Make sure you've got your guiding light with you. Brave the perils of Baba Yaga's woods with Vasilisa, as she discovers that sometimes, a little danger is needed to bring out the best in us. http://www.melindamichelle21.comTranslation of Baba Yaga the show
56:32 8/6/20
Lost and Found: "Thousandfurs" - Pieces of Me
What do you do when someone meant to protect you is bound and determined to ruin your life? Grab a coat and curl up in the forest with Thousandfurs, as she strikes out on her own in the name of integrity. *This episode is rated PG for thematic elements. Audible Free Trial Link the show
47:59 6/25/20
Lost and Found: "The Goose Girl" - The Wind in My Hair
Ever wonder if you're qualified for your calling? You're not alone. Come sit in the pasture with the goose girl and find the courage to take hold of your destiny. Audible Free Trial Link the show
46:24 6/11/20
Lost and Found: "Thumbelina" - Dearie, Don't Marry the Mole!
Navigate the waters of "growing up girl" with Thumbelina as she thwarts the plans of everyone who tries to make her fit into their world. This little girl is meant for great things, just like you!Thumbelina translation pics and info the show
57:56 5/21/20
Lost and Found: "Cinderella" - Beauty for Ashes
Journey through the fairy tale forest on a quest to rediscover your value with the Brothers Grimm's "Cinderella".Support the show
53:26 5/8/20

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