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Hailed as the "world's best lifestyle & travel podcast" by 3 people who were paid $5, this is arguably the most highly anticipated new podcast of the year. Glean insightful lifestyle and travel advice mixed with hilarious, irreverent stories from our hosts, Lianne & Corey. They will connect you with fascinating expert guests, new destinations, useful products, and add a little of humor to your day. Season 1 is holding nothing back, delving deep into the theme of mindfulness. We've brought together world-renowned experts in a range of topics including self-love, meditation, relationships, epigenetics, personality types, and more. Lianne & Corey will take you on a journey to discover innovative ways to bring mindfulness into your life and discover the real you. Tip: For the best experience, start from Episode #1 and work your way through to #14 (not backwards). Unless you like that sort of thing.


S1E14: Money & Spending - Make budgeting easier + guidance from an Irish mom who saved €27,500 in 1 year 49:17 05/26/2020
S1E13: Media - Is your news source trustworthy? + healthy social media habits 59:04 05/26/2020
S1E12: Self Expression - Unleash your creative perspective + meet Singaporean artist, Francis Theo 34:09 05/26/2020
S1E11: Exercise & Yoga - Choose the right workout for your body and mind + 2 expert interviews 49:56 05/26/2020
S1E10: Healing - How to adopt a holistic approach to health with Naturopathic Doctor, Karen DeVore 53:55 05/26/2020
S1E9: Food - Busting diet myths + break unhealthy eating habits with Dr. Lynn Rossy 51:20 05/26/2020
S1E8: Attraction & Resistance - Discover the missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction 43:05 05/26/2020
S1E7: Sound & The Mind - Can soundwaves really affect the subconscious? + unlock this power to strengthen your mind 46:14 05/26/2020
S1E6: Epigenetics - What is inherited trauma and how does it impact your life? + break the cycle with insights from Mark Wolynn 60:45 05/26/2020
S1E5: Highly Sensitive People - How to tell if you’re an HSP + shedding light on this misunderstood trait 38:59 05/26/2020
S1E4: Love & Relationships - What are love languages? + communication & conflict resolution advice from Dr. Arthur Aron 46:11 05/26/2020
S1E3: Personality Types - Best tests to unlock the secrets of your type + how to interpret the results 48:04 05/26/2020
S1E2: Breathing & Meditation - Easy advice for beginners from Dr. Christopher Willard of Harvard Medical School 45:21 05/26/2020
S1E1: Mindfulness - What is it? How to switch off autopilot + tools to practice self-love 38:38 05/26/2020
Trailer: Season 1 03:13 05/09/2020