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Does the world need another f’in' marketing podcast? Find out, with me Ian Truscott, for a podcast that serves as my excuse to chat with friends old and new that I've met through my marketing career, as a marketing leader, trusted advisor and analyst as we share some marketing street knowledge we've picked up along the way. Come say hello, we are RockstarCMO on Twitter and LinkedIn


The Virtual Insanity of Predictions, Melissa Sargeant of Litmus and a Well Planned Cocktail Episode 75:08 12/04/2021
The Say Thanks Like You Mean It, Jeff Coyle on Content and is That a Rut or a Grave Cocktail Episode 51:16 11/27/2021
The Small Budgets, Renegade Drew Neisser and a Cocktail of Choices with Robert Rose Episode 72:29 11/20/2021
The Budget Planning and The Only Way Out Is Through a Cocktail Episode 75:08 11/13/2021
The Quiet Community, Eric Fulwiler Founding Rival and Agreeing Goals over a Cocktail Episode 51:02 11/06/2021
The Change with Jeff, The Next Women with Anne-Marie, and Cocktail Strengths with Robert Episode 72:38 10/30/2021
The Backstage Advice for a New Gig, Christopher Willis, CMO Acrolinx and a Cocktail for Change Episode 63:39 10/23/2021
The Jeff has Requirements, Ilaria Inspires Young Marketers and Robert Differentiates with a Content Cocktail Episode 71:07 10/16/2021
The Buying Something Shiny, Dennis at Content Marketing World and Maybe Less Content Cocktail Episode 71:07 10/09/2021
The Jeff is Corporately Responsible and a Trip to Amsterdam to Discuss CMO and Tech Episode 39:56 10/02/2021
The How Did I Tech Here, We Are All Liars and Output after an Epic Fail Cocktail Episode 74:33 09/25/2021
The Sustainable Jeff, Christina on T for Tech and Robert's Big Picture Cocktail Episode 65:22 09/18/2021
The Agile Rhapsody, Getting Intentional with Christina Del Villar and Getting Personal Episode 45:47 09/11/2021
The Jeff on Waste, Christina on RPM and Robert on Time for a Cocktail Episode 68:15 09/04/2021
The Customer Needs, Christina's G in GRIT and it's time for a Proper Job over a Cocktail Episode 61:46 08/28/2021
The Firestarter, Maureen Blandford Unleashing B2B and a Gift with a Cocktail Episode 53:56 08/21/2021
The Plan to Plan, David Rodnitzky, and Coordinating Thinner Diapers over a Cocktail Episode 71:24 08/14/2021
The Who's Driving the Bus, SEO Steve Wiideman, Cocktail for Change and a Parrot Episode 54:53 08/07/2021
The Jeff Clark Masterplan, Kirsten Allegri Williams and Explaining Explained over a Cocktail Episode 74:25 07/31/2021
The Jeff Clark Makes Plans for Nigel, Michael Loban on Data and Robert Rose Brings an Elephant to the Room Episode 61:10 07/24/2021
The Dennis Shiao Gets Personal, Marketing is not Tax and Dropping a Cow Cocktail Episode 51:54 07/17/2021
The Keith Smith Virtual Selling, Free Content and a Libation from the Archive Episode 36:50 07/10/2021
The Purpose as a Business, Margie Agin on Brand and a Fancy Best Practice Cocktail Episode 63:57 07/03/2021
The Purpose of Innovation, Julia Bennett (finally!) and a Well Tagged Content Cocktail Episode 58:16 06/26/2021
The Jeff has Purpose, Preston So on Voice and a Flawed Content Cocktail Episode 67:22 06/19/2021
The Ogilvie on Message, Thomas Peham as a Service and Friends Cocktail Episode 60:00 06/12/2021
The Julie on Influencers, Richard Medcalf on the CEO and a Magical Cocktail Episode 62:27 06/05/2021
The Julie Defines Categories, Christina Del Villar Sways, and the Content at Scale Cocktail Episode 64:39 05/29/2021
The Marketing Orchestration, Misia Tramp and a Neighborly Cocktail Episode 59:17 05/22/2021
The Intent, Darren Guarnaccia of Hootsuite and a Fancy Brand Cocktail Episode 57:53 05/15/2021