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A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk into a Bar

The podcast where we mix a sometimes weird but always delicious cocktail of theology, philosophy, and spirituality. We're a pastor and a philosopher who have discovered that sometimes pastors need philosophy, and sometimes philosophers need pastors. We tackle topics and interview guests that straddle the divide between our interests. Who we are: Randy Knie (Co-Host) - Randy is the founding and Lead Pastor of Brew City Church in Milwaukee, WI. Randy loves his family, the Church, cooking, and the sound of his own voice. He drinks boring pilsners. Kyle Whitaker (Co-Host) - Kyle is a philosophy PhD and an expert in disagreement and philosophy of religion. Kyle loves his wife, sarcasm, kindness, and making fun of pop psychology. He drinks childish slushy beers. Elliot Lund (Producer) - Elliot is a recovering fundamentalist. His favorite people are his wife and three boys, and his favorite things are computers and hamburgers. Elliot loves mixing with a variety of ingredients, including rye, compression, EQ, and bitters.


Shoutin' in the Fire: Interview with Danté Stewart 56:03 10/21/2021
What Happens When We Die? 69:18 10/06/2021
Two Pastors and Two Philosophers Walk Into a Bar 71:33 09/23/2021
Prey Tell: Silencing or Believing Women in the Church with Tiffany Bluhm 51:20 09/08/2021
Reparations, Hot Dogs, and Owning Our History: An Interview with Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson 59:56 08/25/2021
The End of Reason: Thinking about Faith with Kierkegaard 54:34 08/11/2021
The Only God Ordained Podcast Episode on the Internet: An Interview with Pete Enns 57:21 07/28/2021
Biblical Translations, Agendas, and Gender Bias with Beth Allison Barr and Scot McKnight 78:11 07/14/2021
Incarnation, Unity, and the Femininity of God: An Interview with C. Baxter Kruger 72:49 07/01/2021
Why the World Will End on September 23, 2023 64:05 06/16/2021
Deconstructing Salvation with Megan Westra 77:04 06/02/2021
A Catholic and a Protestant Walk into a Bar: Interview with Shaun Blanchard 88:51 05/19/2021
A Philosopher and a Philosopher Ruin Your Theology: Interview with Nick Oschman 77:04 05/05/2021
Complementarian Cemeteries and Smashing the Patriarchy: An Interview with Beth Allison Barr 75:22 04/21/2021
What Is Truth: Wrestling with Absolutism, Relativism and Alternative Facts 81:00 04/07/2021
Faith After Doubt: An Interview with Brian McLaren 66:37 03/24/2021
Feminist Pentecostalism: It's a Thing - Interview with Cheryl Bridges Johns 76:39 03/10/2021
Tov or Toxic Church? An Interview with Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer 66:45 02/24/2021
An Ash Wednesday Gift - Mark Werner and Contemplative Spirituality 68:49 02/17/2021
The B-I-B-L-E, Part II 64:23 02/10/2021
The B-I-B-L-E 62:31 01/28/2021
Holy Balls: Power, Masculinity, and the Making of White American Evangelicalism w/ Kristin Kobes Du Mez 87:45 01/14/2021
Revelation, America, and Bob Dylan: Interview with Brian Zahnd 77:12 12/30/2020
Evolving Creationism 63:49 12/16/2020
William Paul Young & Brad Jersak: Judgment, Wrath, Hell, and the God Who Is Love 77:09 12/02/2020
Cheap Whiskey and the Atonement 78:31 11/18/2020
Prayer, Activism, and Racial Justice: Interview with Lisa Koons 64:16 11/04/2020
Evangelicalism. Ugh. 74:38 10/21/2020
How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner: Interview with Dr. Jim Vining 32:31 10/07/2020
Proud to Be an American? 74:08 09/23/2020