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make joy normal: cozy homeschooling

In the context of promoting joy, fun and an environment of love, Bonnie welcomes you! Bonnie is a homeschool mom of seven kids, 31 years in - writer, speaker and cheerleader. Meet her cohosts who bring your questions and theirs to the table: Elizabeth, mom of five, in the thick of glorious family life, and Christina, just starting the homeschool journey with two littles. Join us for some honest discussion about how to make home education cozy. Just like you imagined.


listener questions - welcome Bianca! 31:08 08/06/2022
creating homes: record keeping and home education, part two, high school 27:43 07/30/2022
creating homes: cultivating ourselves 37:25 07/23/2022
creating homes: planning out the year 26:10 07/19/2022
creating homes: recording keeping and home education, part one 35:14 07/09/2022
creating homes: pursuing health and holiness in the domestic church: an interview with Mariette, the natural Catholic mom 50:25 07/02/2022
creating homes: well ordered lives 36:09 06/25/2022
creating homes: talking marriage with Monica and Renzo from Two Become Family 49:46 06/18/2022
road tripping 30:24 06/11/2022
when to push, when not to push 36:58 06/04/2022
why order matters 20:18 05/28/2022
my friend and mentor, Katherine the Awesome 32:51 05/21/2022
Krista from Tan: homeschooling with the whole family in mind 55:31 05/14/2022
"Adventure is the vehicle, connection is the destination." author Greta Eskridge 44:33 05/07/2022
An interview with Vivian Dudro, editor Ignatius Press: homeschooling, literature and getting to heaven 63:59 04/30/2022
favourite topic: favourite books 45:34 04/23/2022
my conversion 38:40 04/20/2022
sleep matters: an interview with Heather, a woman supporting tired parents 56:29 04/16/2022
sibling adventures 38:04 04/09/2022
the rut of negative thinking 51:29 04/02/2022
meet life coach mama 40:59 03/26/2022
Saintmaker....I need this. We all need this. 34:58 03/25/2022
best resources for: minimalist days/science/history 31:28 03/19/2022
time for reading and other reasons to slow down 37:26 03/12/2022
questions about discipline: a listener brings her questions to this episode 41:24 03/05/2022
a gentle Lent, a holy Lent: an interview with Father Jeffrey Kirby 38:53 02/27/2022
why community matters and how to be part of one 59:05 02/26/2022
homeschool DADS: the importance of our relationships with our children 58:45 02/19/2022
what order should we teach things in...and what if we miss something? 43:37 02/12/2022
Why and how can we teach current events? A deeper dive. 47:02 02/05/2022