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145: Billy Summers with Matt Braunger
Billy Summers is a damn good hitman out on his final job, so of course things go wrong. Today's episode takes a look at one of Stephen King's more recent books that is soon to be adapted by JJ Abrams and Ed Zwick.
95:28 09/28/2022
144: Suffer the Little Children with Clay McLeod Chapman
Originally published in Cavalier magazine in 1972, Suffer the Little Children is a bleak, twisty short story of a stern teacher who begins to suspect her third grade students are turning into evil creatures and takes... well, desperate measures. 
75:49 09/21/2022
143: Creepshow with Greg Mottola
The conversation once again turns to Stephen King's collaboration with George A. Romero. Creepshow and each of its segments is up for discussion in this lively chat.
79:10 09/14/2022
142: You Know They Got a Hell of a Band with Eve 6's Max Collins
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band is a short story that sees a couple on a road trip stumbling across a small country town with a ton of undead rock stars. It might be tempting to stay and enjoy the great music, but there's something sinister underneath this seemingly peaceful town. Like the song says, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
85:45 09/07/2022
141: The Stand with Karen Kilgariff
It takes a brave guest to pick a 1200 page book to cover, but by God we found such a guest to once again journey into The Stand and its two TV adaptations. Plus, our guest is such a King fan that we can't help but cover a couple dozen other King books and short stories while we're at it.
103:51 08/31/2022
140: The Dark Tower (2017) with Molly Quinn
We made our poor guest watch 2017's questionable (at best) adaptation of Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower and she hadn't even read the books. The goal was to find out if the movie was at all coherent to a Dark Tower newbie and... well, you'll just have to listen to find out.
82:06 08/24/2022
139: The Jaunt with Gary Whitta
Stephen King's most existentially terrifying short story is under the microscope in today's episode. At nearly 2 hours, this episode is longer than you think.
112:57 08/17/2022
138: Carrie: The Musical with Joe Iconis
Before Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark burned a mountain of cash, the poster child for high profile Broadway failure was a stage adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie. Ten million dollars down the toilet for a show that was a critical disaster and closed in a week. However there is a vocal contingent that holds that Carrie the Musical is a misunderstood masterpiece so it's about time The Kingcast boys take a hard look at this baffling adaptation.
89:42 08/10/2022
137: The Raft with Dan Trachtenberg
The topic is The Raft, with a focus on both the short story and its adaptation in Creepshow 2. It's a fun little ditty about some horny college friends who take a swim where they're not supposed to and are picked off by a malevolent and very hungry oil slick in the water.
85:23 08/03/2022
136: The Long Walk with Timothy Simons
One of Stephen King's best stories is up for discussion this week. That's right, we're talking about The Long Walk, the dystopian tale and likely Vietnam allegory that has America sending its young men off to die while the adults cheer them on in a cruel contest that can only have one winner.
123:55 07/27/2022
135: A Conversation with It Mini-Series stars Emily Perkins, Brandon Crane and Ben Heller
That's right, we got the OG Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom and Stan Uris from the 1990 It mini-series on the show to talk about their experiences filming the landmark adaptation, dealing with the legacy of that show and what they're up to now.
104:07 07/20/2022
134: Children of the Corn Part IV with Ben Mekler
The journey through the two thousand Children of the Corn movies continues with The Kingcast boys tackling 1996's Children of the Corn Part IV: The Gathering which inexplicably stars Naomi Watts and a bunch of pissed off corn children.
104:45 07/13/2022
133: It: Chapter 1 with The Whirl Girls
Finally, The Kingcast focuses an episode on Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter 1, the blockbuster success that launched this current Stephen King cinematic renaissance with an iconic horror villain performance and a bunch of charmingly foul-mouthed kids.
75:28 07/06/2022
132: The Dark Tower Series with James Austin Johnson
We've done our spoiler-lite Dark Tower episodes... this is not one of those! Everything in the books is up for debate, including reading order, character deaths and, of course, that ending. So, beware of spoilers!
143:14 06/29/2022
131: 11/22/63 with Tim Heidecker
The time has come. A guest has finally chosen 11/22/63 to talk about on The Kingcast. This is King's 2011 novel about a modern day English teacher who is sent back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK, a difficult task in the best of circumstances and nearly impossible when time itself fights back.
73:27 06/22/2022
130: Carrie with Scott Derrickson
Carrie was the book that launched Stephen King's literary career and the movie that put Brian DePalma on the map, so it's only fitting that we get an expert cinephile and King fanatic in to break them both down.
97:03 06/15/2022
129: Finn with Andy Levy
Finn tells the story of a young man cursed with a lifetime of bad luck who ends up kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity and tortured by a faceless agency demanding answers he doesn't have.
93:07 06/08/2022
128: Sometimes They Come Back with Paul Rust
Sometimes They Come Back is an odd little old school King story originally published before the success of Carrie that was then adapted for TV during the early '90s Stephen King adaptation boom. The story centers on a school teacher whose students start dying and are replaced by transfers who just happen to look like the long dead greaser teens who killed his brother when he was a child.
112:11 06/01/2022
127: Graveyard Shift with Akela Cooper
Today's topic: Stephen King's Graveyard Shift, an early short story from the master that was made into a very fun, often overlooked B-movie of the same name.
92:57 05/25/2022
126: BONUS: Shelbyville Chapter 4 - The Ballad of Chutt Buggins
Shelbyville is a comedy/horror Actual Play podcast heavily inspired by the works of Stephen King that chronicles the adventures of a trio of tweens in early '90s Maine as they navigate changing bodies, hormones and the occasional reanimated pile of meat.  Previously only available on The Kingcast's Patreon (, the first four chapters are being released as bonus episodes on the main Kingcast feed in celebration of the show's 2nd anniversary.
174:08 05/19/2022
125: Night (Shift) of 100 Stars Anniversary Ceremony
Night Shift is Stephen King's first short story collection, compiling his earliest stories that he sold to various gentlemen's magazines in order keep the lights on before he hit it big with Carrie. The book contains 20 stories, many of them having been adapted into films big and small.
168:42 05/18/2022
124: BONUS: Shelbyville Chapter 3 - The Gang Makes Some New Friends
Previously only available on The Kingcast Patreon, this nerdy horror/comedy themed Actual Play podcast is finally available to the masses as The Kingcast celebrates its second birthday!
149:58 05/17/2022
123: Bonus: Shelbyville Chapter 2 - The Haunted Hotel
Previously only available on The Kingcast Patreon, this nerdy horror/comedy themed Actual Play podcast is finally available to the masses as The Kingcast celebrates its second birthday!
148:43 05/17/2022
122: BONUS: Shelbyville Chapter 1
Episode 1 starts off with the hosts building their characters, figuring out their skills and traits and learning the ropes on playing a tabletop RPG before the story begins in earnest as all of our characters find themselves in a Saturday detention even more hellish than normal.
165:34 05/16/2022
121: Crouch End with David Lowery
Take a trip, if you dare, into Stephen King's London-based Lovecraftian nightmare where you can run into rat-faced teenagers, children with claws for hands and unimaginable eldrich horrors.
85:17 05/11/2022
120: The Outsider with Dani Fernandez
Sometimes these episodes feature deep dives into King's writing and examine the  subtext of its cinematic adaptation and sometimes these episodes use the title at hand as a jumping off point for a chaotic conversation. This episode is the latter.
97:17 05/04/2022
119: The Tommyknockers with Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson
If we're talking about buried alien spaceships, metal plates in heads, killer soda machines, a protagonist who is both a drunk and a wife-killer... you know what that means! That's right! It's time to talk Tommyknockers.
103:55 04/27/2022
118: ???? with Bill Hader
This episode has everything: Bill Hader talking about working on It, a constantly shifting conversation that never stays on a single topic for more than 5 minutes, casual mentions of some really big name Stephen King fans, what reading King at a young age can mean to a creative kid and MTV's Dan Cortese.
88:55 04/20/2022
117: The Man in the Black Suit with Anthony Breznican
The Man in the Black Suit was something of a turning point for Stephen King. Published in The New Yorker in 1994, this short story went on to win many prestigious awards, including the O. Henry Award for short fiction and seemed to singlehandedly turn critical perception of the best selling author around.
108:05 04/13/2022
116: The Night Flier with Elan Gale
In the late '90s the great character actor Miguel Ferrer starred in an HBO Original Movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Night Flier as a sleazy tabloid reporter on the trail of a Cessna pilot who also happens to be a vampire and it has become a favorite of the Kingcast boys.
118:41 04/06/2022