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Tiny Tales is a twice-monthly podcast of short stories spanning horror, fantasy, comedy, and everything in between.


78: Mortar
All of her life, Kaye has been building the dam.Cover art sourced from falco.Support the show
20:39 2/26/24
77: Mayfly Night
In a Michigan lake-side diner, on a night when the mayflies hatch...Mayfly Night was written by Warren Brown. Warren is a Canadian/American citizen of First Nations descent. Publications include OMNI, F & SF, Amazing, The Book of All Flesh, This Land, Nimrod, Dear Leader Tales, Speculative North, Smoke in theStars, Abyss & Apex, etc. His novel, What Happened in Fool the Eye is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Learn more at for today’s episode by R.E. Rule. Music, mixing, and production by Frank Nawrot.Cover art sourced from petraboekhoff.Support the show
13:39 1/1/24
76: Home is a Wandering Place
On the long drive home, Brianna finds an unexpected place to rest.Today's episode was written Catherine Yeates. Find out more about their work at  Cover Art sourced from jrico144.Support the show
12:56 11/13/23
40: Haunted [REPLAY]
A skeptical paranormal investigator enters an abandoned house, oblivious to the dark secret hidden within.Cover Art Sourced from darksouls1.Support the show
24:31 10/30/23
75: Cricket Dance
Additional production by Matthew Ferrandino. Cover art sourced from Prettysleepy.Support the show
14:26 9/25/23
74: Assorted Clippings from the Readers' News Column of the Bear Creek Gazette
This Readers' News column consists solely of submissions from Bear Creek residents just like you! Today's episode was written by Tarver Nova. Tarver is a speculative fiction writer and professional night owl in New York. His stories are found in Baffling Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, Kaleidotrope, and other fine places. He is an associate editor of PodCastle and CatsCast. Find him at or show him your cats on Twitter @tarvernova. Cover Art sourced from Becca H.Support the show
13:27 3/27/23
73: Another Port All the Same
While on his normal carrier route, Noah encounters someone unexpected.Voice Talent:Gretchen PilleJames Barnett from The Night's End Podcast.Cover Art sourced from Gerd Altmann.Support the show
25:16 3/6/23
72: Transported
Caught up in the story, a reader crosses the line between reality and fiction.Cover Art sourced from Mystic Art Design.Support the show
04:15 2/26/23
71: River Pearl
On a hot summer day, Wilem discovers one of the river's hidden secrets.Cover Art was sourced from oliver-eyth.Support the show
12:14 1/30/23
70: Forest Child
A child of the forest is never just a child.Support the show
05:17 1/2/23
69: Blood Roots
When Helene goes to harvest the tree that grows buttons, she finds something far more surprising and far more sinister than she ever expected. Support the show
41:53 12/19/22
NEW PODCAST: Don Henry - an Opera by Frank Nawrot
Introducing Don Henry - an Opera by Frank Nawrot Premiering August 23, 2022 wherever you listen to podcasts.Don Henry was a Dodge City native and University of Kansas student whose ideals led him to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. Don was a young man when Mussolini and Hitler established fascist governments in Western Europe. He and others from around the world traveled to Spain to help prevent a fascist government from taking hold there as it had in Italy and Germany. He became a member of the International Brigade that fortified the leftist Spanish Republicans (also referred to as the Loyalists). Don knew the dangers of his ambition and so hid his real intentions by telling his family he was taking a vacation in Europe. On his first day of battle, Don was mortally wounded by a gunshot to the chest as he tended to an injured comrade.  In this recording, the story of Don Henry is told from three asynchronous perspectives: 1) a 21st-century 24-hour news channel program, 2) a letter written by Don Henry to his family in Kansas, and 3) the frontlines of the war as told by Salaria Kea, a nurse from Akron, Ohio.  The words of this opera are taken from historical documents, poems written by British international brigaders, and original lyrics by Frank Nawrot. The historical documents are the University of Kansas Board of Regents press release commissioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee and Don Henry’s letter. Don Henry stars Neal Long, Gretchen Pille, Rachael Rule, and Frank Nawrot. Support the show
04:26 8/15/22
68: Toward Light
As long as the sun rises, we endure...As long as there is light to speak, we endure.Support the show
28:17 6/27/22
67: The Little Voice
S.J. is going to be a little voice, but nothing can prepare her for what she's about to undertake.Support the show
21:29 5/23/22
66: Diving into the Rift
The bathynaut's journey is long...will she find what she is seeking? "Diving into the Rift" was written by Dennis Mombauer. Dennis currently lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he works on climate change and as a writer of speculative fiction and textual experiments. He is co-publisher of a German magazine for experimental fiction, “Die Novelle – Magazine for Experimentalism,” and has published fiction and non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies. His first English novella, “The House of Drought,” (Stelliform Press) and first English novel, “The Fertile Clay,” (Nightscape Press) are both scheduled to be published in 2022.Learn more at Support the show
16:38 5/9/22
65: Rich Furrows with Tassels of Red
"She dreamed of fields wild and lush, but like every dream, love wasn’t enough..."Today's episode was written by Julie Reeser ( the show
14:46 4/11/22
36: What Happened That Night [REPLAY]
Today, we revisit one of our favorite episodes: "What Happened That Night"Find Tiny Tales on Instagram @tinytalespodcast, Facebook @thetinytalespodcast, & Twitter @TinyTalesShowNarration by James Barnett from The Night's End podcast. Visit or follow on Instagram @nightsendpodcast & Facebook @nightsendpodOther Voices in Order of Appearance:R. E. Rule ( Nawrot ( Snedeker ( Pille ( by Frank Nawrot and Amy Beachfeaturing James Alexander on celloProduction by Frank NawrotProduction Assistants:Matthew FerrandinoJohn C. L. Jansen ( Happened That Night was written by R. E. RuleCover Art sourced from Prettysleepy.Support the show
28:26 3/21/22
64: At a Local Inn
Nightlife at the local inn can get... interesting. Especially when the Magpie Mage is involved.Support the show
07:20 3/7/22
63: Aerie
To the clifftops where the eagles nest, Brin climbs.Support the show
11:30 2/21/22
62: Purnama
"The child who would be a god was tied by a tread to the moon..."Today's episode was written by Shih-Li Kow (Twitter: @shihlikow)Support the show
10:53 2/7/22
61: Lost Time
Moments seem infinite, but time gradually takes them until only a handful remain.This episode was performed live in the Tiny Tales studio. Visit to watch!Cover Art sourced from moritz320.Support the show
11:25 1/24/22
60: Foreign Correspondence
A mis-delivery sends Helen and Arthur on a quest for an elusive, and possibly non-existent, letter...✉️📬💌Check out the work of the amazing voice artists: the show
19:17 12/20/21
10: The Dance of the Gods [REMASTERED]
From the vaults, a remastered version of The Dance of the Gods. As sure as the sun will rise and set, the waves will dance on the shore.Support the show
15:23 12/6/21
59: Laughter on the Wind
We are made with laughter and bones.Today's episode was written by Emmie Christie.Emmie Christie’s work tends to hover around the topics of feminism, mental health, cats, and the speculative such as unicorns and affordable healthcare. She has been published in Zooscape Magazine and in Three-Lobed Burning Eye and she graduated from the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2013. Visit to learn more.Cover Art sourced from u_fsfcui5kui.Support the show
09:08 11/22/21
SCI-FI REPLAY: Grufta & Kierk
Today, we revisit two Sci-Fi episodes from our library. Enjoy!Support the show
27:06 11/15/21
58: Dragon's Gift
When a flood threatens to overtake the village, an unlikely visitor appears.Today's episode was written by Toshiya Kamei.Toshiya Kamei is a fiction writer whose short stories have appeared in such places as Bending Genres, New World Writing, and SmokeLong en Español, as well as the anthologies Daily Flights of Fantasy and Enchanted Entrapments.Visit to learn more.Cover Art sourced from pixundfertig.Support the show
10:54 11/1/21
57: Are We There Yet?
“Humans are strange creatures. Death is the only certain thing you have, yet you’re so terrified of it. I don’t think you like certainty as much as you say you do.” Cover Art sourced from Tayler Kopel Support the show
33:30 10/18/21
56: Purpose
The meaning of life woke one day and remembered her name.Cover Art sourced from Patrick László.Support the show
08:42 10/4/21
55: The Tempest
No one weeps for those lost at sea.Cover Art sourced from Myriams-Fotos.Support the show
09:17 9/20/21
54: Eat, Prey, Run
A normal night turns into a nightmare when the shadows come to life.Cover art sourced from FreeFunArt.Support the show
11:39 9/6/21