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Will & Ali take a stroll through some of the most interesting, important and/or entertaining news stories from the week covered in the What Just Happened blog from their bases in the UK and USA.We read the news, because you can't be arsed.


Bonus: Who’s Getting Rich from PPE in the UK? (27th October)
In this bonus episode of the podcast, we take a deep dive into who exactly is making hundreds of millions of pounds from uncontested contracts for (often unusable) PPE in the UK, and why that should probably have us a little concerned.Get a $20 Amazon giftcard when you sign up to podcast hosting with Buzzsprout!Blog - - - - - - Let's get your podcast launched!Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
14:20 10/28/20
Bonus: The WJH take on Covid in the UK (16th October)
From the video version of our blog on 16th October, we bring you a full rundown of our take on what the state of Covid is in the UK. Check out the blog post for accompanying graphs and links to all our sources.Blog - - - - -
10:29 10/28/20
4th July - Change Places! Mount (Rush)more Culture War and The Encryption that Wasn't
Ali & Will take another weekly gander through some hand-picked news stories, straight from the vines of nonsense. This week we discuss the huge changes to coronavirus restrictions in the UK, Trump's Mt Rushmore, and weirdly, German Football amongst other things.Check out the blog at
30:35 7/4/20
27th June - Why We Can’t Have Nice Stuff, Recreational Sheep, and Pointless Planes
Will and Ali take their usual leisurely gander through the news. This week: CHAZiots of Fire, Ketty Sheep, Pandemic insurance and of course much much more.Check out the block at
39:43 6/28/20
13th June - Tearing Down Walls, Chickens without Borders, Trace Your Enthusiasm
Good news! This week’s good news should be a telling lesson to us all. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Israeli army commandeered a number of hotels in which to quarantine Covid-19 patients. The majority were reserved for the exclusive use of orthodox Jews. A few, however, took patients from across the spectrum of religion and atheism and housed them in close quarters, far from the usual government-designed segregation and division. The result was a resounding success which saw Israelis and Palestinians enjoying dining together, comedy performed simultaneously in Arabic and Hebrew, and a separating wall in the dining room of one hotel taken down so that all could enjoy the Passover Seder dinner together regardless of faith. We would probably all do well at the moment to remember what we share as the world begins to reopen.& then all of the other news... 
46:07 6/14/20
6th June - Police the Police, Review the Peer-Reviewers; Mole Rats and Tokamaks.
We take you on an audible tour of this week's blog, featuring stories involving: the terrifying descent into the Police State of America, the HCQ mess, Trump burrowing, and some good news from the French!Read the full blog post at
44:10 6/6/20
30th May - The Tail Flagging the Dog, Democracy Manifest, Who Built the United States?
As ever, it would be easy to become convinced that the entirety of 2020 is a faeces-filled pit of despair in which we’re all treading water trying to keep our heads above the shit. But, as the economy continues to collapse and US unemployment creeps towards 25%, we bring you: GOOD NEWS! Inspiring stories are emerging in the UK of the roles the furloughed or newly-unemployed are taking on, many of them voluntary. Take the example of Cornelius Wilson the BA pilot working as a volunteer ambulance driver, or Kayleigh Easton, the glamping site worker who’s started driving trucks delivering food. Now back to the doom...
47:54 5/31/20
23rd May – Basic Needs, Freedom & Opium, WTHCQ?!
We take you on an audible tour of this week's blog, featuring stories involving: the history of Hong Kong; why the hell people are buying HCQ; the history of a rental car company and it's unusual choice of brand ambassadors; and why the money is broken.Listen here and read here
45:25 5/23/20
16th May - Orwellian Distractions, The Dutch Connection and why Professionals > Politicians
Ali and Will take you on a leisurely gander through this weeks What Just Happened blog, a selection of this weeks most important (or weirdest) stories.Read the blog at whatjusthappened.newsGet in touch with us on Twitter.
38:02 5/16/20
May 10th: Florida Man Launches Coup, Giant F'ing Hornets, Justice shall be done?
William and Alistair take you on a tour of their semi-comedic weekly news round up: What Just Happened?! us on Twitter and Facebook @wjhblog
38:23 5/10/20