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Hybrid Identity Protection Podcast

The HIP Podcast is the premier podcast for cybersecurity pros charged with defending hybrid identity environments. Hosted by 15-time Microsoft MVP and Active Directory security expert, Sean Deuby. Presented by Semperis: the pioneers of identity-driven cyber resilience for the hybrid enterprise.


The COBOL Challenge: Who Will Maintain Legacy Systems? With Orin Thomas 28:30 10/14/2021
Defending Against PrintNightmare and PetitPotam Vulnerabilities 18:40 09/30/2021
Managing Security in Active Directory vs Azure Active Directory with Doug Davis 30:51 09/16/2021
Breaking Down Microsoft Security Offerings with Alexander Benoit 34:50 09/02/2021
Emerging Trends in Securing Digital Identities with Julie Smith of IDSA 20:44 08/19/2021
What to Do Before, During, and After a Cyberattack with Ben Cauwel of Accenture 28:21 08/03/2021
The Future of Identity | LIVE Panel from HIP Europe 2021 56:28 07/22/2021
Is Cloud Security an Oxymoron? | LIVE Panel from HIP Europe 2021 33:05 07/08/2021
Goodbye Passwords: The Future of Identity with John Craddock 26:57 06/24/2021
Securing Active Directory vs. Securing Azure Active Directory with John Savill 23:15 06/10/2021
What to Expect at HIP Europe with Guido Grillenmeier 16:23 05/27/2021
The Power of Azure Sentinel with Rod Trent 30:22 05/13/2021
Evolving Security Teams in the Zero Trust Era with CISO Jim Doggett 18:01 04/29/2021
Battling Hafnium & Microsoft Exchange Exploits with Alan Sugano 30:04 04/15/2021
Identifying Gaps in Your AD Recovery Plan 28:38 04/01/2021
Breaking Down Identity Updates From Microsoft Ignite with Doug Davis 24:40 03/18/2021
Securing Your Legacy Apps with Roelf Zomerman 20:21 03/04/2021
Future Proofing Identity Security Panel with Julie Smith, Siddharth Bhai, and Gil Kirkpatrick 51:06 02/11/2021
Hacking Identity Panel with Chris Roberts, Wim van den Heijkant, and David Raviv 57:27 01/28/2021
Hybrid Identity Security Panel with Brian Desmond, Joe Kaplan, and Jorge de Almeida Pinto 55:15 01/14/2021
Crisis Management Panel with Jules Okafor, Kat Sweet, and Guido Grillenmeier 50:45 12/23/2020
Exploring the Future of Identity Standards with Pamela Dingle 25:35 12/10/2020
The Origin Story of the HIP Conference | Special HIP 2020 Edition 29:52 10/16/2020
Becoming Identity-Aware with Identity Defined Security Alliance 22:04 09/24/2020
Hope Is Not a Strategy: The Security Blueprint for Startups, SMBs, and Beyond 17:49 09/10/2020
The Expert Guide to Azure AD Connect 18:37 09/04/2020
Operating in the Age of Zero Trust and Machine Learning 24:03 08/20/2020
Choosing the Right Security Solution, Not the Temporary One 15:23 08/14/2020
Weaning Yourself Away From GUI-Based AD Administration 15:47 07/17/2020
Coping With User Demand 19:16 06/30/2020